Woodson Family Brochure

Countertop Ductless Filter Hoods Woodson countertop ductless filter hoods are ideal for kiosk operations or where a ducted system is impractical or uneconomical. Engineered with a unique ductless design, using a three-way filtering system, this includes a stainless-steel baffle to remove larger oil particles, a polyester filter to remove finer oil particles and activated carbon filters to provide a clean, safe and odour-controlled environment. The easily removable filters are ideal for cleaning (except carbon filter). Supplied with LED lighting and a variable speed fan for added efficiency and ease of use. Important information for Filter Hoods: • From revision E onwards, all Woodson countertop filtration systems (W.CHD750 and W.CHD1000) are certified to meet the performance requirements 1 of NCC-2022 through deemed to satisfy and performance solution provisions • Tested and certified for Australia & New Zealand • Certified as a recirculating performance solution without connection to ductwork and with a reduced cooking surface to filter separation • Certified for use with electrical cooking equipment including fryers • Certified for a total equipment power rating of up to 10kW • The unit MUST NOT be used with gas or solid-fuel fired equipment • The multi-stage filtration reduces contaminants effectively to comply with the indoor air quality limits as per NCC-2022: F6V1 in an environment with adequate background ventilation • Smoke emissions are reduced by the multi-stage filters 2 • Adequate mechanical or natural ventilation must be provided to remove the heat and humidity from the room as per NCC-2022: F6P4 & F6D6 • Check with local authorities for any regulations in addition to the ventilation requirements of the NCC*

W.CHD1000 1000 x 660 x 1150 1.0kW 10A plug & lead fitted 1000 wide unit


750 x 660 x 1150 0.5kW 10A plug & lead fitted 750mm wide unit

*A-weighted sound pressure level at 0.5m distance from the air discharge grille at 125 l/s (W.CHD750) and at 220 l/s (W.CHD1000). 1 The NCC-2022 requires an environment with sufficient outdoor air supply provision (F6P3), mechanical ventilation to control odours and contaminants (F6P4) and adequate disposal of contaminated air (F6P5) 2 Reduction of visible smoke > 80% (E2) via the multi-stage filtration



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