Woodson Family Brochure

Mobile Ductless Filter Hoods Woodson Mobile ductless filter hoods are ideal for kiosk operations or where a ducted system is impractical or uneconomical. Engineered with a unique ductless design, using a three-way filtering system, this includes a stainless-steel baffle to remove larger oil particles, a polyester filter to remove finer oil particles and activated carbon filters to provide a clean, safe and odour-controlled environment. The easily removable filters are ideal for cleaning (except carbon filter). These units are designed for use with countertop electrical cooking appliances that do not exceed limits defined in the NCC (NCC- 2019 Part F4.12) ie: - The total maximum electrical power input of the cooking apparatus does not exceed 8kW; or - The total maximum power input of more than one apparatus does not exceed 0.5kW electrical power per m 2 of the floor area of the room or enclosure

Mobile units come supplied with a storage area below the cooking zone, adaptable rack slides and lockable swivel castors to front and fixed castors on the rear for extra mobility.



700 x 775 x 1200 0.48kW 10A plug & lead fitted 700mm wide unit

850 x 800 x 1200 0.48kW 10A plug & lead fitted 850mm wide unit



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