Woodson Family Brochure

Hot Food Displays - Square Glass

Just like the straight and curved glass hot food displays, the square profile display offers two to six sized modules. With the modern square design, these units are guaranteed to create a sleek line-up whether that be countertop, drop in or mobile applications. Constructed of double skin stainless steel, an air insulated tank, rear sliding doors on rollers as well as improved infra-red heat lamps providing optimum heat and light throughout the display. Operating at 70°C-80°C with a mechanical thermostat control and multiple elements, these units are designed for wet operation.

Available accessories include pan kits, tray race, cutting boards, sneeze guards, trolleys, trolley panel kits and drop in kits.




1030 x 600 x 696 2.4kW 10A plug & lead fitted 2 Rows, 3 Bays

1355 x 600 x 696 3.0kW 15A plug & lead fitted 2 Rows, 4 Bays

705 x 600 x 696 1.5kW 10A plug & lead fitted 2 Rows, 2 Bays



1680 x 600 x 696 3.3kW 15A plug & lead fitted 2 Rows, 5 Bays

2005 x 600 x 696 3.6kW 15A plug & lead fitted 2 Rows, 6 Bays



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