Woodson Family Brochure

Cold Food Displays - Straight Glass

The straight glass cold food displays by Woodson offer exceptional display with LED lighting for an illuminated interior. Available in three to six module variations, each unit is equipped with an adjustable digital controller designed to hold temperature between 2°C-5°C and operates in ambient temperatures up to 32°C. Constructed from double glazed toughened glass to both front and sides, insulated tank with double skin stainless steel to improve performance and efficiency. Each unit is refrigerated by a 90mm deep cold plate well with cross fin coil over.

Available accessories include pan kits, tray race, cutting boards, sneeze guards, trolleys, trolley panel kits and drop in kits.



1030 x 608 x 690 0.6kW 10A plug & lead fitted 2 Rows, 3 Bays

1355 x 608 x 690 0.72kW 10A plug & lead fitted 2 Rows, 4 Bays



2005 x 608 x 690 0.84kW 10A plug & lead fitted 2 Rows, 6 Bays

1680 x 608 x 690 0.84kW 10A plug & lead fitted 2 Rows, 5 Bays



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