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HOW TO PROTECT YOUR CELL PHONE From Hackers and Prying Eyes

These days, your phone stores a lot more than contact lists. From banking information and personal accounts to family photos and even your location at any given moment, your phone is a massive warehouse of personal information. With so much sensitive data stored in one place, you might be surprised to learn that most phones don’t come preloaded with antivirus and security software. That said, there are a number of measures you can take to ensure the data on your phone stays safe from prying eyes.

more robust your password is, the better. Even if you have a biometric password like a thumbprint or facial recognition, you should create a six-digit backup code. That way, if somebody finds your phone on the ground, they’ll have no way to get in. Adjusting your settings will also help limit access to your sensitive information. You can adjust when certain apps have access to details like your location, camera, and login information. At the very least, you should only allow these apps to access information when in use. The more information being shared between apps, the more opportunities there are for that information to be compromised. Network settings can also be adjusted so that you don’t access unprotected networks automatically. Turn Bluetooth off while you’re traveling, and don’t access any private information on public Wi-Fi. Starbucks is not the place to be inputting credit card information. Finally, you can always download third-party security software. If you go this route, do some research. Each operating system has different apps available, and there’s no use in downloading substandard security software. For Android users, Avast is a proven, free tool that lets you know what your apps are accessing in addition to providing antivirus protection. NEED NETWORKING OR COMPUTER HELP?

The first step to creating a hack-proof phone is to take advantage of the security features it comes with. The easiest way to combat hackers seeking remote access is to update your system software at every opportunity. These updates may come with new features, but they also contain the latest fixes for the vulnerabilities that hackers exploit. Another important step is to set your phone to auto-lock. The


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