Crown Brands Smallwares Catalog

Induction-Ready Cookware


Choose from over fty dierrent items in the collection. From a one quart saucier up to a one-hundred quart stock pot. Our high-quality, induction-ready, stainless steel cookware combines great features and benets for performance with

Hollow handles on the fry pans, sauciers and sauce pots are designed with both form in mind. Not only do they help diuse heat, tey provide a comfortable grip for the user and feature a hang hole for optional storage.

Our best tools for your best work. TM

value-driven price points to provide reliable performance at a reasonable price.

The large ergonimic handles on the stock pots, double boilers and braziers are securely riveted to safely lift and transport. The handle on the cover also feature a higher arch that allows better clearance for larger hands.

Solid cast triple rivet handle attachment adds strength to all fry pans, sauciers and sauce pots.

Fry pans are available in both tri-play and impact base styles in natural or non-stick onishes (see page 135).

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