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JUNE 2019

Renting out a Refurbished Lease on Life MAKING THE CHOICE: GOOD VS. GREAT flections on Busine s and Life From a Family Conversation Game

A friend of mine from business school created a conversation game for families called Poobah. I bought the game for my family as soon as it launched, and we have a really good time playing it after dinner about once a week. Look to the right for a picture of James, age 4, one of the game’s most ardent fans. One person (the Poobah) draws a card, reads what it says, and the rest of the players have to answer the question or do the activity. The Poobah judges whose response is best. Cards fall into categories such as“what would you do,”“debate,”and“role-play.” For example, a recent card that Evelyn pulled was: “Pretend you are a popcorn kernel in a frying pan.” Everyone did a great rendition, with David’s being especially memorable. Everyone was in tears from laughter. After Evelyn proclaimed she would rather “be great at everything,” and we got a good laugh, we went around the room talking about it. Interestingly, the kids all wanted to be good at lots of things, and both the parents decided we’d rather be great at one thing. For me, while I think I am good at a lot of things, I understand the importance of being great at one thing and the benefits that has. At McKinsey, they called it your “spike.” I have heard others in business talk about it as your superpower. Whatever you call it, greatness in something is a prerequisite for accomplishing important things in life. A “jack-of-all-trades” is useful but not the go-to person when things really matter. Interestingly, if you look at what we are building with Robert C. White & Company, we are taking the “great at one” versus the “good at many” road. We are property managers, not real estate agents. We are residential property managers. We say “no” to all office, commercial, and HOA management opportunities that cross our desk. We specialize in single family homes, townhouses, and select small multi-families. We rarely even consider a multi-family home, but when we do, it is usually a family Last week, James pulled a debate card. It read: “Would you rather be good at many things or great at one thing?”

home that operates much more like a townhouse. Why is that important? Because the gap between good and great in property management is in

focus and intention. And the difference in results

that clients get between good and great is dramatic. We aspire to be the best property manager for single family homes, townhouses, and select small multi-family homes in all of Connecticut. And we want that because it actually matters for our clients.

We hope you feel the results of our focus and our decision to be great in one thing in a positive way.

Yours in the quest for “great at one thing,”

P.S. If you are interested, you can learnmore or purchase the game at

P.P.S. “Would you rather have a short, extraordinary life or a long, ordinary life?” Another card from the game. Interesting question. How would you answer it?


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