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I recently returned frommy mission trip to the Dominican Republic, and I have to say, it was a phenomenal experience. As I mentioned last month, this was my second trip to the island, but this one was a lot different than the first. On my maiden voyage, we traveled to rural areas and were really roughin’ it. The tools and facilities were rudimentary, and we did all we could to help people out. This time, on the other hand, we worked out of San Pedro at a nice, if not totally modern, clinic. A small group of 10 dentists from the States went to assist local dentists in providing care for residents who could not afford modern dentistry. It was a true collaborative effort. For certain parts of the day, one of us would lead and another would assist. Then, we’d switch roles. Now, I don’t speak a lick of Spanish, and a lot of the Dominican dentists were not fluent in English. They probably understood me a lot better than I could them, though. Even with the language barrier, I hope the local dentists enjoyed working with a guy fromEagle, Idaho. All in all, though, it was a complete joy to work alongside these dedicated doctors and their staff. We put in fillings and dental implants alongside some preventative work. It was a nice change of pace to do some more advanced dentistry, as my first trip was almost exclusively pulling teeth — and I mean that literally. The staff and patients in San Pedro welcomed us with open arms, and I boarded the plane back to the United States, having made many new friends. Additionally, I had the chance to catch up with an old one. I actually heard about the opportunity frommy friend Richie, who I went to dental school with. We hadn’t had a chance to spend time together for several years, and it was wonderful to catch up. Now that I’m back in Idaho, I have a trip of an entirely different order to look forward to. My family, along with my wife’s siblings and their kids, is heading off to Disneyland. When we told our kids, you would’ve thought they’d won the lottery. We’ve even started a countdown calendar so that every day feels just a little closer to the big day. Avy, Jett, andMax are 6, 4, and a newborn, respectively, so “My family, along with my wife’s siblings and their kids, is heading off to Disneyland. When we told our kids, you would’ve thought they’d won the lottery.”

The amazing team I had the privilege to work with.

they’re at the perfect ages to make this journey unforgettable. In a fun bit of irony, my son may be named Jett, but he’s a huge fan of the “Cars” series. When I found out that there were “Cars”-themed rides at Disneyland, I knew he’d be elated. Aside from that huge event on the horizon, we’ll be looking forward to spending Thanksgiving in Rexburg with my in-laws. I always enjoy piling my plate with

sweet potatoes. Maybe it’s just my family, but nobody seems to love them as much as I do. Oh well, all the more for me. I want to wish everyone reading this a happy Thanksgiving. I hope

First Hand Clinic in the Dominican Rebuplic

you have the chance to unwind and enjoy the holiday with your loved ones. As we go around the table, I have a feeling I know what my kids will be bringing up. As for me, I’m so thankful for our incredible team and wonderful community of patients. You’ve made me feel more than welcome in my first full year at the practice, and it fills me with gratitude every day.

–Dr. Chris Thomason

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