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RANDOMACTS OF KINDNESS DAY An Opportunity to Spread Kindness to Those Around You


time or even just having a bad day, then my girls will spend a day making cookies for them.

Being kind to others is such an important part of life that a “golden rule” came of it. Whether you’re at home with your family or shopping at the grocery store, kindness goes a long way for people. Feb. 17 celebrates Random Acts of Kindness Day, reminding everyone how important a single act can be. I read once that kindness isn’t something we are taught; it’s something we learn. When my kids were growing up, I always made sure they knew the effect a kind word or gesture can have. My wife and I are kind not only to one another but also to other people. In turn, my kids started to do the same. It always fills me with pride when I see Brenna and Claire being nice to one another, and even more so when they show the same kindness to someone when we’re out and about. They often hold doors open for others, which is really sweet. My daughters are always excited to help others out. One year, they were particularly enthusiastic when we decided to participate in a charity for Christmas. They went a little wild picking out coats, socks, hats, gloves, and a bunch of other clothes that we could

Through their kind actions, Brenna and Claire inspire me to do better and share that kindness with other people as well, which is exactly what Random Acts of Kindness Day is meant to do. Sometimes, people are so busy that committing to even a small act of kindness can slip their mind. Thankfully, this holiday is a good reminder to be kind to others, which will inspire more acts of goodwill and positive effects down the line. Even though this holiday is celebrated on Feb. 17, we don’t have to confine our kindness to only one day of the year. Brenna and Claire know it only takes a few seconds to hold the door for someone behind you, but that small gesture can have a huge impact. We never know what other people are going through, and even something simple can mean the world to them. Our loved ones deserve as much, if not more, attention from us. If it’s been a while since you talked with a friend or family member, then now is the time to reach out to them. Whether you invite them out for a cup of coffee or simply ask how they’ve been doing, the gesture will not go unnoticed. The best part about celebrating Random Acts of Kindness Day is spreading good cheer. One act of kindness always sparks another, and this holiday is living proof of that. Spend this day and many afterward passing goodwill from one person to the next. -Dr. Steven Schulte


donate. I remember how they rushed around the store, trying to find the best of everything to give.


They also very much enjoy making cookies for people. If we hear about one of our neighbors going through a rough

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The Dog Who Helped Take Down al-Baghdadi On Oct. 28 last year, President Donald Trump tweeted a photo that quickly went viral. It showed an adorable snapshot of a bright-eyed Belgian Malinois, tongue lolling, still wearing its camo military vest. In the caption, President Trump explained that the pup, Conan, was a national hero who was instrumental in taking down ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. With four years in special operations forces and roughly 50 missions under his collar, Conan was selected to be part of the team that pursued al-Baghdadi through a network of underground tunnels in northwest Syria, where the terrorist ultimately died. It’s unclear whether Conan was there to track al-Baghdadi or to spot improvised explosive devices that may have been planted on the route, but either way, he performed well. According to NBC News, Conan was injured by some live electrical cables during the mission, but he recovered quickly and was back on duty within the week. Meanwhile, President Trump invited the brave pup to the White House and tweeted out a doctored photo that showed him awarding Conan a Medal of Honor. President Trump captioned the photo “AMERICAN HERO!” and he’s not alone in his appreciation for the hardworking dogs that have been helping our military since World War II. “To me, they’re the first line of defense,” United States War Dogs Association President Ron Aiello told Vox after the news about Conan came out. “They’re such a great asset to our military today.” Military dogs are put up for adoption after 6–8 years in the service, which means a lucky civilian could take Conan in as early as 2022! Meanwhile, dozens of other smart canine heroes are looking for homes. To learn more about military and other working dog adoptions, visit

Thank You for Sharing Your Stories With Us “Dr. Schulte has helped me with my partial teeth and the baby teeth that I’ve had since I was 8. I now have a beautiful smile, and no one even knows that at 60 I still have healthy baby teeth. Lauren has the most gentle touch when cleaning my teeth. Courtney always makes sure I remember my appointment. You guys are the best!” Words cannot describe the transformations we’ve experienced over the years at Auburn Dental Center. Having been in the Auburn area for 30 years, we’ve seen many patients come to us in times of need. Many people come to us feeling self-conscious about their teeth, often too afraid to smile. After receiving our treatments, however, our patients leave grinning ear to ear. We are so thankful to have such a positive impact on so many lives. In return, our patients have given us the best gift of all. By simply referring family and friends to our office and telling them about the services we offer, we can help even more people. Our goal is to help people go through similar life- changing transformations to boost their self-confidence. Everyone should love their smile, and we have the skills and tools to ensure you have a smile you’re absolutely proud of. When Dr. Steve Schulte sees these transformations, talks to our patients, and reads positive reviews online, he is proud and humbled to be a part of the process that impacts lives so positively. When our patients share their experiences and stories with the people around them, they create more than just referrals. They give Dr. Schulte and the rest of the team here at Auburn Dental Center the determination and strength to help as many people as possible get the smile they’ve always wanted. –Peggy Mangnall

If you want to share your story with us, we encourage you to leave a review on Google or our Facebook page at We look forward to hearing from you!

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JACKIE GORACKE Providing Quality Service and Care

Providing quality service and care for our patients is essential to us, which is something Jackie feels strongly about. “The care we give our patients is really important,” she says. “When people first meet, it’s natural to smile, which means people often look at the other person’s teeth first. That’s why dentistry and what we do for our patients at Auburn Dental Center is so important.” When Jackie isn’t helping our patients or working diligently in the office, she is enjoying some relaxing time at home. She loves spending time with her family and friends and unwinding after a hard day’s work.

grew, so did her desire to actively pursue this field as a career. “I enjoyed everything about it and wanted to advance myself as far as I could.” It was around this time that she found Auburn Dental Center and Dr. Steven Schulte. Not long afterward, Jackie joined our team and became engrossed in her work. “I love it here. Dr. Schulte is a great employer, and the environment here is amazing. I love working with the rest of the team and our patients.” Jackie enjoys learning as much as she can in this field, and she also thrives with the many people she interacts with on a daily basis. “I love working with people,” she says, “and I love that the work we do here helps people regain confidence in their smiles.”

We love our community and its continued support! Thank you for your referrals to our practice and for trusting us with your care! Thank You! Jackie Goracke has been part of our Auburn Dental Center team for the past 11 years, and like all of our team members, she is cross-trained to help in many areas throughout our office. When needed, Jackie can serve as a dental assistant, ensuring our patients are taken care of and greeting every person who comes through our doors. When she was younger, Jackie never imagined herself working in the dentistry field later in life. “I only realized how much I loved dentistry when I started working as a dental assistant at a dental office.” As her interest in dentistry

Make date night simple with this easy shrimp scampi recipe. Easy SHRIMPSCAMPI



1. In a skillet over medium heat, melt 2 tbsp of butter with 2 tbsp of olive oil. Add garlic and cook for 2 minutes. 2. Add shrimp and oregano, stirring frequently until shrimp is pink. Remove shrimp from skillet. 3. Add wine and lemon juice to skillet and bring the mixture to a boil. 4. Stir in remaining butter and olive oil and cook until butter is melted. 5. Add cooked shrimp to skillet and cook for 1 minute, stirring occasionally. 6. In a serving bowl, top cooked linguine with shrimp mixture. Garnish with parsley and serve.

• 4 tbsp butter • 4 tbsp olive oil • 1 tbsp minced garlic • 1 lb shrimp, peeled and deveined • 1/2 tsp oregano • 1/2 cup dry white wine • 1/4 cup lemon juice • 8 oz cooked linguine • 1/4 cup parsley

Inspired by The Blond Cook

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The Cookies of Kindness Meet the Dog Who Helped Take Down al-Baghdadi Life-Changing Transformations Meet Your Team! Easy Shrimp Scampi A Cheesy Myth About the Moon




We’ve all heard the silly statement before: “The moon is made of cheese!” Although we may not fall for it as adults, when we were children, our eyes twinkled with possibility as we gazed up at the full moon and wondered if it really could be made of cheese. While science says no, it’s still an entertaining phrase that holds a valuable lesson for adults and children alike. The Story Behind the Myth

The simplest version of the phrase’s origin tells of a cunning fox that advised a starving wolf to search for food among humans. The wolf listened, and he was attacked by the humans. The wolf escaped, and in his fury, he attempted to kill the fox. To save himself, the fox promised the wolf that he’d show him the location of an abundant food supply. That night, under the light of a full moon, the fox led the wolf to a well and pointed to the reflection of the full moon on the water’s surface deep in the well, claiming it was cheese. The hungry wolf jumped into the well to eat the cheese, forever trapping himself. Thus, the fox successfully escaped the wolf’s wrath. As with any ancient proverb, variations of the story have developed over time, but its message has remained the same: Don’t believe everything you’re told. In today’s world of oversaturated information and advice, this is a valuable tip to follow, no matter what age you are.

The motif first appeared in folklore during the High Middle Ages as a proverb invented by a French rabbi. The full phrase is actually “The moon is

made of green cheese,” and serves to warn against the dangers of credulity, or the willingness to believe in things that aren’t based on reasonable proof or knowledge.

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