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RANDOMACTS OF KINDNESS DAY An Opportunity to Spread Kindness to Those Around You


time or even just having a bad day, then my girls will spend a day making cookies for them.

Being kind to others is such an important part of life that a “golden rule” came of it. Whether you’re at home with your family or shopping at the grocery store, kindness goes a long way for people. Feb. 17 celebrates Random Acts of Kindness Day, reminding everyone how important a single act can be. I read once that kindness isn’t something we are taught; it’s something we learn. When my kids were growing up, I always made sure they knew the effect a kind word or gesture can have. My wife and I are kind not only to one another but also to other people. In turn, my kids started to do the same. It always fills me with pride when I see Brenna and Claire being nice to one another, and even more so when they show the same kindness to someone when we’re out and about. They often hold doors open for others, which is really sweet. My daughters are always excited to help others out. One year, they were particularly enthusiastic when we decided to participate in a charity for Christmas. They went a little wild picking out coats, socks, hats, gloves, and a bunch of other clothes that we could

Through their kind actions, Brenna and Claire inspire me to do better and share that kindness with other people as well, which is exactly what Random Acts of Kindness Day is meant to do. Sometimes, people are so busy that committing to even a small act of kindness can slip their mind. Thankfully, this holiday is a good reminder to be kind to others, which will inspire more acts of goodwill and positive effects down the line. Even though this holiday is celebrated on Feb. 17, we don’t have to confine our kindness to only one day of the year. Brenna and Claire know it only takes a few seconds to hold the door for someone behind you, but that small gesture can have a huge impact. We never know what other people are going through, and even something simple can mean the world to them. Our loved ones deserve as much, if not more, attention from us. If it’s been a while since you talked with a friend or family member, then now is the time to reach out to them. Whether you invite them out for a cup of coffee or simply ask how they’ve been doing, the gesture will not go unnoticed. The best part about celebrating Random Acts of Kindness Day is spreading good cheer. One act of kindness always sparks another, and this holiday is living proof of that. Spend this day and many afterward passing goodwill from one person to the next. -Dr. Steven Schulte


donate. I remember how they rushed around the store, trying to find the best of everything to give.


They also very much enjoy making cookies for people. If we hear about one of our neighbors going through a rough

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