The passport looks at 25 different experiences the North Coast 500 offers you. As you will appreciate, there are many more possibilities than the passport has – all it can do is give you a flavour. Every side road can become an adventure! Enjoy! So, let’s start off with …

Inverness Floral Hall and Botanical Gardens 1

These are located by Whin Park, on the eastern side of Inverness, and right next door to the Leisure centre and pool. Opened in 1993 by Prince Edward, Inverness Botanic Gardens, formerly known as the Floral Hall and Gardens, are an oasis of calm and beauty within walking distance of the bustling city centre.

With each new season the gardens are an explosion of colour and texture with borders planted to demonstrate a wide variety of plants and growing conditions. The impressive glasshouses reveal the drama of plant diversity ranging from the tropical rainforests to arid, heat scorched desert. In the Tropical House which


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