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P eople on the M ove

A Volence, PE, CEM & Bierwerth, PE names principals PrecisEngineeringpromotes new principals & managers

Exec. sets strategy for multiple facilities Crystal COOShashlo to streamline ops.

ever-changing local pandemic situations during the past year, plus our need to keep up with demand for new and existing products, Crystal adapted very quickly to shift production, deliveries, and materials between facilities,” said Shashlo. “We are incorpo- rating many of these adapta- tions going forward to better control costs, reduce lead times, speed deliveries, and maintain high quality.” Since joining Crystal in 2019, Shashlo has taken on responsibility for all pro- duction operations. He has extensive expertise and expe- rience in manufacturing and managing profitability for multiple facilities in several industries. MAREJ and Core Enterprises’ senior leadership team to ensure cost-effective planning and delivery of projects. Valdo will deliver a full range of estimat- ing services including resource and asset management, P&L and budget analysis, bid- ding, quotes and proposal assistance, procurement and cost reductions, and risk as- sessments. Throughout his career, Valdo’s organizational and communications skills have been trusted by notable construction firms such as Noble Construction Group, DPR Construction, Phelps Construction Group, Merritt Construction Services, and Turner Construction Com- pany. MAREJ nicians. He will also focus on building the company’s client base, managing construction projects, and mentoring team- mates for continued growth within the company. Harris joined Control Temp in May 2015 prior to its merger with C-KAir in 2018. He served as project manager for the past five years, overseeing a wide variety of BMS and HVAC con- struction projects that included servicing customer needs, es- tablishing project schedules, providing deliverables such as high security mission critical sites, developing project scopes/ objectives, and ensuring tech- nical feasibility for the flawless execution of projects. MAREJ

QUEENS, NY — Led by chief operating officer An- drew Shashlo , national

of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) and its In- dustry Applications Society. He resides with his family in Malvern, PA. In additional promotions, Precis elevated Todd Rohn, PE, and Vince McGilloway, PE , to mechanical engineering managers. Rohn joined Precis in 2015 as a Senior Mechanical Engineer. He has 18+ years of professional experience and expertise in the design and application of complex HVAC systems for cGMP facilities and clean rooms. He is a member of ISPE, the American Society for Mechanical Engineers (ASME), and the Pennsylvania Soci- ety of Professional Engineers (PSPE) for which he previously served as Philadelphia Chapter board secretary. McGilloway joined Precis in 2012 as a Mechanical Engineer. He is a member of ASHRAE. Both hold B.S. in Mechanical Engi- neering degrees from Drexel University. As mechanical engineering managers, both Rohn andMcGil- loway will expand their efforts to the technical development, personnel management, project direction, and quality control of the firm’s Mechanical Engineer - ing Department. MAREJ

MBLER, PA | CARY, NC | SAN DIEGO, CA — Precis Engi- neering, Inc. , an MEP engi- neering firm headquartered in Ambler, PA, with offices in Cary, NC, and San Diego, CA, announces two additions to its leadership team. John Volence, PE, CEM , and Scott Bierwerth, PE , have been named principals. Volence retains his concurrent title of senior director, mechanical engineering; Bierwerth re- mains senior director, electri- cal engineering. In addition, Todd Rohn, PE , and Vince McGilloway, PE , have been promoted to mechanical engi- neering managers. John Volence, PE, CEM | principal and senior director, mechanical engineering Volence joined Precis in 2007 and has risen to lead the com- pany’s 35-person mechanical engineering department. He holds a B.S. inMechanical Engineering from the Penn- sylvania State University and membership in the Interna- tional Society of Pharmaceuti- cal Engineering (ISPE) and the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating, and Air-Condi- tioning Engineers (ASHRAE). He resides with his family in

manufactur- er Crystal Window & Door Sys- tems will be fine tuning produc t i on p r o c e s s e s in the com- ing year to

John Volence

Scott Bierwerth

Andrew Shashlo

streamline operations at its multiple facilities across the country. These broad changes will result in a more integrat- ed approach between plants to optimize materials, personnel, and scheduling. “In the past, Crystal tended to treat each plant indepen- dently, but in dealing with the

Vince McGilloway

Todd Rohn

Horsham, PA. Scott Bierwerth, PE | princi- pal and senior director, electri- cal engineering Bierwerth joined Precis in 2014 and has risen to lead the company’s 20-person electrical engineering department. He has spent 12+ years design- ing complex electrical power distribution systems for phar- maceutical, healthcare, data centers, higher education, and corporate projects. He holds a B.S. in Architectural and Electrical Engineering from the University of Kansas and membership in the Institute

LarkenAssociates hires Valdo as sr. estimator

BRANCHBURG, NJ — Larken Associates an- nounced the hiring of Emilio

V a l d o a s senior esti- mator. Valdo joins Core Enterpris- es , Larken Associates ’ i n - h o u s e , full-service construction

Becker Morgan Group announces 2021 promotions

Emilio Valdo

team, and will assist with the company’s rapidly growing de- velopment pipeline and third- party construction projects. Bringing nearly 25 years of construction estimating expe- rience to his role with Larken Associates, Valdo will work closely with Larken Associates

SALISBURY, MD — Beck- erMorganGroup announced the following employee promo- tions: Jonathan Richard, P.E. , was promoted to senior associ- ate. Richard is a civil engineer and has been with the firm for 16 years. He has completed numerous successful projects ranging across commercial, healthcare, and institutional sectors. Josh Bennett, P.E. is a structural engineer with Beck- er Morgan Group and was promoted to associate. Bennett joined the firm in 2013 and has stepped into a leadership role within the firm’s structural department. EmilyMcMullen, AIA , has been promoted to associate. Since joining the firm, McMul - len has taken an active role in the education and public safety sectors. Jonathon Street is a civil designer with Becker Morgan Group and was promoted to associate. Street joined the firm in 2011. He sits on the Parking and Safety Commit-

C-KControl Temp promotes Harris to director of HVAC building solutions

BRIDGEWATER, NJ — C-K Control Temp, Inc. (CKCT ), one of the leading

mechanical installation and service c omp a n i e s i n t he r e - gion and a di v i s i on o f B R A V O ! Group Ser- vi ces , has

tee and serves as chairman of the Economic Development Committee for the Downtown Dover Partnership. Kevin Utz, AIA , was pro- moted to associate. Utz started with Becker Morgan Group in 2015 and quickly found a niche within the firm’s healthcare studio. He is an active member of the American Institute of Architects (AIA), advocating for the profession. He cur- rently serves as Board Presi- dent for the AIA Chespapek Bay Chapter and sits on AIA Maryland board.

Chris Weeks , was promot- ed to associate. Weeks joined Becker Morgan Group in 2007 and leads the firm’s business development efforts across its four offices. Weeks serves on the Beebe Board of Directors and is actively involved in the Rehoboth Beach – Dewey Beach Chamber of Commerce. Daniel Wenzel, AIA has been with the firm since 2017 and has been promoted to as- sociate. Wenzel serves as a project manager in the firm’s educational studio with a focus on higher education. MAREJ

Drew Harris

promoted Andrew (Drew) Harris to director of HVAC building solutions. Harris will be responsible for overseeing and nurturing the growth of the BMS Division as well as facilitating BMS training and certifications for CKCT tech -

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