Wrepair Catalog 2023

ESD information

ESD We all experience electrostatic discharge (ESD) on an almost daily basis. It can happen for example when you shake someone’s hand and receive a shock, or you might feel a shock when touching a metal door handle. ESD can severely damage electronics and it is therefore important to work ESD-safe when repairing sensitive electronics like Smartphones and Tablets. What causes ESD? Friction between two objects cause electric energy to build up in the form of a static charge. An example of this friction when the rubber sole of

Exampes of direct Faults 10-30%

Examples of Latent faults 70-90%

Device won’t charge Device won’t turn on Audio functions no longer work

Battery discharges faster/ device becomes warm

such as a mainboard, a spark occurs which can damage the electronics.

The consequences of ESD Components on electronic circuit boards are becoming increasingly small and therefore more sensitive to ESD. People are able to transmit unnoticed a spark of up to 3000 volts to electrostatic sensitive devices. If you consider, components can be damaged by a spark as small as 100 volts. Only 10 to 30% of the damage is immediately noticeable as direct faults, 70 to 90% are latent faults, these faults can not be detected when the devices or components are delivered since they still work. Only when operating, failures may arise. How do you prevent ESD during repairs? To prevent ESD, it is important to work at all time grounded, this can be easily achieved by wearing a wrist band and earth cords that are connected to your grounded work bench. An organized workplace also ensures that the risk of ESD damage can be limited. You can prevent damage by avoiding static sensitive objects near or on your work place. Using ESD bags and ESD Storage Boxes eliminates more the risk of ESD damage on electronic components.

By working ESD Safe you will improve your results and achieve: - Fewer returning orders - Fewer unnecessary costs, - Less irritation and wasted time.


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