Wrepair Catalog 2023

Wrepair Station MODEL 45 Plus

Innovative Swivel Arm

Turning swivel arm: adjustable visual angle.

Pull towards or push away swivel arm: adjustable work distance.

Universal Plier Holder For up to 2 pliers. Mountable on both sides. Ergonomic cascaded design. Full Metal lasercut.

Weller Tin Dispenser

Mountable on both sides. Including mounting adapter. Solder spool 13mm diameter.

Universal Heatgun Holder Mountable on both sides. Diameter Opening 66mm. Full Metal lasercut.

Model 45 Plus Weight: 3,9 kg.

Dimension: 395x200x125mm. Max. height swivelarm: 335mm. Art. No. CFT-60167.

3X ANKER USB Cable Set Set contains: 1X Lightning USB, 1X Micro-USB, 1X USB-C cable. (90cm) 1X Twist-In Self Closing Sleeve. 1X Cable Guide. Mountable on both sides.

ANKER 4X USB 3.0 DATA HUB Connect with your PC or NUC. Which allows you to sync, update and restore mobile devices through the station.

ANKER Powerport Speed 5 3X USB 2.4A. 2X USB 3.0A Quick Charge. PowerIQ Technology.

Voltageboost Technology. Advanced Safety Features.


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