Hot Runner & Control Systems



Standard Global Manifold Hot Runner Systems

DME Global Manifolds and Components are standardized worldwide to ensure that even the smallest detail provides operational excellence regardless of where DME hot runner products are used. Whether you’re relying on a quick-delivery manifold or an applications-engineered, custom manifold, the DME Global Manifold Standard ensures optimal hot runner performance no matter where in the world it was built. Key Features of the DME Global Manifold Include: • Flexible tubular heaters • Locating rings that fit virtually any injection press platen hole diameters • Heated Manifold Extension Nozzles available • High-tolerance, press-fit heaters • Upper and center Manifold supports constructed of high-strength, low-heat conductive titanium that minimizes heat loss and maintains an even heat profile • J-type thermocouples are black-and-white, coinciding with the IEC 584-3 International Standard • Flow channel sizes range from 6mm to 16mm DME customers are assured that DME Manifold Systems are designed and built with a global standard that ensures efficient molding anywhere in the world. And, since replacement parts are identical worldwide, they are readily available wherever your mold is operating, not just where it was built. All DME nozzles, including, Stellar and the Hot One, perform flawlessly with the DME Global Manifold Standard.

Heated “MEN“ From Machine Nozzle to Manifold

U.S. 800-626-6653 • Canada 800-387-6600 • • Available in all balanced design layout patterns up to 24 nozzle drops*, including inline, X, Y, H, Double H & Multiple Level Systems. *Contact DME for Higher Cavitation MANIFOLD DESIGN, SPECIFICATION & TOLERANCE STANDARDS HARMONIZED FOR GLOBAL PRODUCT OFFERING AMERICAS – EUROPE – ASIA – AUSTRALIA / NEW ZEALAND – INDIA – AFRICA

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