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Integrally Heated Hot Sprue Bushings


Integrally Heated Sprue Bushings .750" SERIES

Operating & Servicing Instructions The Integrally Heated Sprue Bushing bodies are identical in design, but differ in length and head style. All Sprue Bushings feature an integrated heater; Type “J” thermocouple; 60” wrapped - 600 volt leads; right angle lead exit; and 6” stainless

steel, square-lock armored cable. Start-Up/Operating Procedures

If the temperature controller does not utilize “soft start” technology, set the controller to 200°F (93.3°C) in automatic mode or 10% in manual mode. Allow bushing to “soak” for 15 minutes before increasing to processing temperature. This step will allow the unit to dissipate potential moisture and prolong heater life. Power Requirements • 240 Volts AC – 15 amp fuse • Grounding – Integrally Heated Bushings utilize the direct contact of the bushing, mold plates, and machine platens to establish a path for grounding.

*WARNING* There must be a ground

present between the mold “hot half” and the temperature control system or damage may occur to the bushing, thermocouple

and/or temperature control system.

Maximum heat 600ºF

1.135 (28.8mm) 1.135 (28.8 )

Locating Ring Dimensions

5/16 - 18 THD Jack Screw location (2 places) 5/16 - 18 THD Jack Scre location (2 places)



3.990” (101.3mm)


5.490 dia. (139.4mm) 5.490 dia. (139.4 )

3.990" dia (101.3mm) 3.9 0" dia (101.3 )

For 5/16 - 18 SHCS (2 places) For 5/16 - 18 SHCS (2 places)

1.625 R (41.3mm) 1.625 R (41.3 )

.510 (12.9mm) .510 (12.9 )

Customer to machine counterbore. Custo er to machine counterbore.

Machining Options for Keying

.83 R min.* (21.1mm) .83 R min.* (21.1 )

.75 R min. (19.1mm) .75 R min. (19.1 )

Dowel Pin o el Pin

Socket Head Cap Screw Socket Head Cap Scre

*Centerline for #10 Screw Dimensions are in inches; millimeters are in parentheses.

U.S. 800-626-6653 n Canada 800-387-6600 n n

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