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Moldflow Services — Optimize Part and Mold Design

Warp Analysis Using the results from the Fill and Cool analyses, the Warp Analysis module enables prediction of plastic part shrinkage and warpage. Warp Analysis diagnoses the cause(s) of warping and recommends the appropriate solution, such as gate location changes, design parameter changes, and reduction of wall thickness variations. MPI 3D MPI 3D addresses a class of problems previously unsolvable using traditional Finite Element Analysis techniques. In thick-walled parts, molten plastic can flow in all directions. Using a proven methodology based on a solid tetrahedral, finite element volume mesh, MPI 3D enables true, three-dimensional simulations on thick-walled parts. Where Do I Start? Contact your DME representative for more information regarding Moldflow Services. The DME Applications Engineering Department is available to provide a customized Moldflow analysis and assist you in maximizing the results of your next application.

Mold Pack Analysis Building on the results of a Mold Fill analysis, the Mold Pack module optimizes the packing phase to ensure a uniform packing condition. As an indication of part warpage, volumetric shrinkage is evaluated and the pack pressure profile is optimized. The result is minimized warpage with an improved surface appearance. Mold Cool Analysis The Cool Analysis module assesses an existing cooling layout to determine potential molding problems. Steel types, cooling channel sizes, bubblers, baffles, coolant temperatures, and flow rates are all evaluated. Using this analysis, the Mold Cool module recommends practical tooling design changes to ensure uniform cooling. Mold Cool takes into account: • Number, location, depth, and pitch of cooling channels • Steel types • Cooling circuit layouts • Coolant temperatures and flow rates • Cycle times

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