Hot Runner & Control Systems

Valve Gate or Thermal Gate



Every plastic part is unique and requires a tailored solution. The successful molding of a plastic part relies on the optimal balance of temperature and pressure. The ideal process integrates each element of the system from plastic pellet, design analysis, through the molding process, to the final molded part. It is this holistic approach to mold design and processing that differentiates DME from other hot runner companies. THE BALANCED SOLUTION

We draw upon DME’s years of technical application experience and wide breadth of advanced technologies to build high performance and reliable systems that enable you to reliably produce the perfect plastic part at the lowest possible cost.

Cooling Solutions

HR Service


From pellet to part our designed system carefully balances thermal transfer and flow pressure, of even the most complex geometries, to generate high output quality parts.

The DME Molding Design Process

Reference for details to choose the optimal DME Hot RunnerTechnology Hot Runner Selection Guide (see page 10) or contact Hot Runner Service via email -

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