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Hot One Components Nozzle Heaters for Injection Molds



Features • Square coil design for improved heat transfer • High watt density on nozzle … up to 106 watts/in 2 • Heat is conducted from entire heater circumference … 360˚ heat • Unheated tail section reduces temperature at adapter • Moisture-resistant seal • Low profile • 1200°F maximum operating temperature • Available for same-day shipping

This nozzle heater features a five-inch long unheated tail section, and the adapter is provided with a moisture- resistant seal. These two design advantages practically eliminate failures in the adapter area due to overheating and moisture contamination. As with all DME heaters, these new nozzle heaters are designed to give long life even when operated at 1200°F. These are very low profile heaters to facilitate easy installation in the tight environment of multiple gate molds. All units have a resistance tolerance of ±5% to provide consistent operation and reduced adjustment time when it is necessary to replace a heater or bushing.

430 SS Band Rolled Over to Retain Coil

3/16" Dia.

5.00" No-Heat Section

A stainless steel clamping band is installed on all units.

2F Style Lead Orientation

Coil Width

Identication Data on Heat Shrink

All units are stock coiled per the dimensions listed below. All units have Teflon ® covered power leads and fiberglass thermocouple leads as indicated.


Reinforcing Clamp Tab Retainers

Brazed Connection

.094" Dia. 304 SS Sheath

Coil I.D.

PVC Heat Shrink with FEP Melt Liner

22 Ga. Type “E” Teon Leads

#6-32 Stainless Steel Socket Head Cap Screws

Nozzle Heaters (240 VAC)








125 125 250 250 125 250 125 250

.750 .980 .750 .980 .750 .980 .750 .980 .750 .980 .750 .980 .875 1.10 .875 1.10

1.0" 1.0" 1.0" 1.0" 1.0" 1.0" 1.0" 1.0"

36" 72" 36" 72" 36" 36" 36" 36"

NO SCH0103 NO SCH0104 NO SCH0105 NO SCH0106


SCH0107 SCH0108

NO SCH0109 NO SCH0110

This installation illustrates DME’s square coil design fit over a nozzle. This heater was designed to fit any industry nozzle as a replacement for runnerless molding.

*A thermocouple is externally spotwelded to the sheath.

U.S. 800-626-6653 • Canada 800-387-6600 • •

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