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Integrally Heated Sprue Bushings The DME Integrally Heated Sprue Bushing is an exclusive medium volume bushing with the ability to process a wide range of resins. Its streamlined flow channel terminates in a reverse taper gate, providing minimal pressure loss and allowing for rapid gate freeze. The formation of a small gate stub on the part or runner results in a machine hold-time reduction, with no increase in sink marks on the part. The Sprue Bushing’s superior heat transfer capacity is attributed to its integrally heated design. To optimize processing conditions for all thermoplastics, a replaceable thermocouple is strategically located near the flow channel. The Integrally Heated Sprue Bushing has a .187" flow diameter, and is offered in two head styles and two gate styles to suit a broad range of applications.

Gating Options for Sprue Bushings SPRUE GATE

Suitable for most applications, the Sprue Gate is provided as standard on the Heated Sprue Bushing. (Please note that this gate style is not intended for machining.) The press fit areas are held to ± .0005". EXTRA STOCK SPRUE GATE The Extra Stock Sprue Gate is available for applications requiring machining of the gate area for runner profiles, part contours, or adjustment of the bushing height. The .750" diameter bushing has .500” of extra stock. The press fit areas are held to ± .0005”. Head Options for Sprue Bushings .500" Radius* Provided with a 0.500" radius to mate with 0.500" radius machine nozzles. Reinforced contact area for improved strength and heat transfer. .750" Radius* Provided with a 0.750" radius to mate with 0.750" radius machine nozzles. Reinforced contact area for improved strength and heat transfer. *Other radii are available by special request.

Gating Options

Gate Diameters


.080" to .125"* max. (2mm to 3.2mm* max.) .080" to .125"* max. (2mm to 3.2mm* max.)

Extra Stock Sprue

* Re-machine gate diameter, if necessary, for larger shot weights. Maintain gate angle and remove all machine marks.

.750" Series Resin Compatibility

.750" Series Maximum Shot Weights (0.080" Gate)

Gating Options

Commodity Resin

Resin Viscosity

Gating Options



Low 300g 300g

Sprue Extra Stock Sprue = Recommended


50g 50g

150g 150g

Extra Stock Sprue

Contact DME when exceeding minimum shot weight and process heat temperature at 600ºF.

Reference: High Viscosity = Melt Flow (0.02 – 6); Medium Viscosity = Melt Flow (7 – 15); Low Viscosity = Melt Flow (16 – up). The values expressed in grams are for reference purposes only. Part dimensions, wall thickness, mold condition, and molding parameters must also be considered.

U.S. 800-626-6653 n Canada 800-387-6600 n n

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