Rural Lifestyle Options Australia Annual Report 2017 - 2018


Nat's Journey After 12 months of dedication, author and Rural Lifestyle Options Australia participant Nat completed writing his first book. ' Ravaged Earth' is a Science Fiction Thriller about a Scientist named Mat who finds himself on a wild adventure through the galaxy after an experiment goes haywire...

Goal #1

capturing nat’s vision

If one had asked Nat two years ago, if he ever thought he would write a book, the answer would have been “No!”. This is because up until 12 months ago, Nat couldn’t read or write. But that didn’t stop him from writing a book. At the beginning of 2017, Nat had a dream which inspired a video game idea. After discussing his idea with his Lifestyle Support Worker Helen, Nat came to the conclusion that in order to create a video game he would need to map out the storyline for it first. Hence, 'Ravaged Earth' was born. The first step involved Nat capturing his ideas on paper. Once a timeline for Nat’s book had been worked out, Helen and Nat began working on handwriting the story.

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