Rural Lifestyle Options Australia Annual Report 2017 - 2018


Have you ever wondered what it’s like having to live in a hospital and being unable to go home because you don’t have the supports you need to live independently, like so many other people do, and take for granted? Well until the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) was rolled out this is exactly what happened to Steven, this is his story! Steven was a very active man working for the local council, he enjoyed surfing and was always commended by peers for his physical fitness. In 2008 Steven was diagnosed with Huntingtons. Until very recently he remained active in his community, however due to the progression of his condition he was hospitalized and unable to return home. Once Steven’s medical concerns were alleviated he remained unable to return home for a variety of reasons and found himself in limbo in the hospital ward with no way out and no one to turn to. The Hospital wanted to discharge Steven as he was no longer acute, however due to a lack of suitable accommodation for Steven, he was forced to remain in the hospital even after several months and numerous unsuccessful attempts from family and staff to find another place for him to live. Rural Lifestyle Options Australia was approached by Steven’s Supports Coordinator to see if the organisation could assist him in persuing his goal of once again living independently in a community of his choosing. After hearing Steven’s story, Rural Lifestyle Options Australia's Service Manager, Mr Shane Ferguson wanted to meet and work with Steven, his family and the Supports Coordinator to make his dreams come true. Steven chose the community he wanted to live in. A suitable dwelling was located, therapy assessments completed for both the dwelling and Steven, then the NDIS planner could be responsive and assess the situation with the urgency that it deserved to make his dreams come true. A team of very experienced support workers were assembled, and the Huntingtons society attended to do some specific training for the team.

Steven's Checklist

Goal #1

Locate a provider

Goal #2

Find a house

Goal #3

Find and train the right people to support me

Goal #4

Move in

We are proud to be supporting Steven to live a life of his choice.

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