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January 2018

Looking Forward to a Brand New Year

W ell, 2018 is here, and with it is a whole new set of things to look forward to. I have plenty of goals in store for the coming year, a bunch of fun planned for my family, and, of course, a lot of work to do. That said, I’m not really the type to set New Year’s resolutions. It’s always been my thinking that the day of the week, month, or year should never stop you from realizing your goals. If you’re waiting for the fabled perfect opportunity to get started changing your life for the better, there will always be a reason to continue putting it off. Don’t get me wrong, though. I’m not about to knock other people’s resolutions. The first of the year can feel like a clean slate and a great time to restructure your habits, achieving things you’ve kept on the back burner for too long. Still, I wish the success and failure of resolutions could be reframed. It’s so easy to stumble once along the path and give up, thinking progress is an all-or-nothing affair. Instead, it’s best to make steady, year-round changes. I think most people would find goal setting “I think most people would find goal setting gets pretty

field have seen costs skyrocket for patients, leaving many options too expensive for the average family. I’ve been scratching my head for months now, trying to figure out how we can provide our patients with avenues to get healthy in a safe way. Whether that means implementing a new, online personal training program or holding a movement education program at a local elementary school, I’m optimistic we’ll be able to teach people how to move and optimize their health before crisis strikes. Outside of work, I’m going to spend as much time as possible with my family. My kids are fast approaching the era where they’re going to be a lot busier, so I know I need to take advantage of every available moment. Pretty soon, my son will be in high school, my daughter will be in junior high, and neither of them will be in the co-op home- schooling program we’ve had for the past couple years. So it’s top priority to hang out with them. We’re hoping to check a few more national parks off our list, starting with Joshua Tree. Last year was one of growth, both personally and professionally, and so far, 2018 is shaping up to be even better. I welcome all the challenges and opportunities this coming year may bring.

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gets pretty addictive once you start taking meaningful steps forward. As for me, I’m excited to continue making some promising shifts at Focus Physical Therapy in 2018. One of our main initiatives in the coming few months will be to equip our patients with ways to help themselves more effectively. All of us in the healthcare

Happy New Year!

-Julian Manrique

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