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Remembering Dr. Garcia

Dr. Garcia and I spent many wonderful days out hunting. I will never forget his amazing accuracy. We were driving one afternoon, and he noticed what looked like a tiny dark spot way down the sandero. He had me stop the truck, and BAM! We had all the pork we needed for a feast. It was quite the shot. I will miss these hunting trips, but more importantly, I’ll miss Dr. Garcia.

Dr. JM Garcia was one of my father’s best friends in dental school. They rode to class together, they studied together, and our families had dinners together and shared many adventures. Dr. Garcia was always on an adventure by land or sea. He loved to sail, fish, and fly. I grew up hearing about all the adventures and, of course, got to go on many fun trips with Dr. Garcia, as well. I have always looked up to Dr. Garcia. I remember him walking into our living room in the 1970s wearing a leather belt with his name on the back of it. I thought that was so cool and immediately had to have one just like him. I thought he was the coolest cowboy. My father and Dr. Garcia would talk about ranching just as much as they would talk about dentistry. There is no better friend than Dr. Garcia. Dr. Garcia loved being around family. He began practicing in my office in the Rio Grande Valley in 2008, helping out our practice and giving him a great excuse to be near family and friends in the Valley. This led to Dr. Garcia selling me his Rockport office in 2011, which allowed him to focus on what he loved most — taking care of patients.

His patients meant everything to him. He was happy to know that I was bringing on Dr. Valerie Sperry as a partner in the practice, as he loved her caring attitude and experience. I am proud that Dr. Valerie Sperry will continue with the care that Dr. Garcia gave to his patients.

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