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Plus Plenty More Fun This Month

The best thing you can do is keep all the sweets out of reach of your pets. Even if you think it’s far away, they can probably smell it, so if it’s within their reach, they’ll find it. Remind the kiddos that as much as they enjoy candy, and as much as Max might beg for it, it’s very bad for pets and makes them sick. Keeping your pets safe and away from foods that harm them will ensure that it’s is a fun holiday for everyone. With the Dog Jog, Halloween, AppleFest, and more, it’s a pretty festive time of year around here. We sure do love fall in Cedaredge. It’s beautiful, isn’t it? Several years ago, we wanted to start a fun tradition for our Surface Creek Vet Center community, and we couldn’t think of a better season for it. That’s how our Dog Jog all started, and it’s pretty amazing to think it’s going into its eighth year. It’s going to be an awesome time, so don’t forget to join us and dress up! We’ll be awarding prizes for a bunch of different categories, including cutest costume, best pet- owner duo, and many more. Register at the clinic or on our website.

a one-mile and a two-mile option for the Dog Jog, and jogging is not required. You and your furry friends can go at your own speed and enjoy the beautiful day.

Around our house, we’re pretty traditional when it comes to costumes. Our dog wears the same

costume every year: the giant pumpkin. Since we live outside of town, we usually head to a neighborhood close by for trick-or- treating. Dr. Susie and the kids love to dress up, and Dr. Susie makes the kids’ costumes herself. She starts working on them weeks ahead of time to put everything together. It used to be that everyone made their own costumes out of whatever materials they had on hand. Nowadays, you see a lot more people getting them from the store. While our pets enjoy dressing up, they can’t take part in the “treat” of the holiday. Candy is a big no-no for pets. We always worry about dark chocolate this time of year because it contains a compound that causes heart disease and, in some cases, cardiac failure in dogs. All candy can cause pancreatitis in pets, a life-threatening disease. Something else to watch out for is foods that contain xylitol. Often found in sugar-free gum, this ingredient can kill a dog within hours. It’s okay for us humans, but it’s lethal for dogs.

W e are so excited to announce our eighth (yes, you read that right!) annual Dog Jog happening on Nov. 2! Come join the fun at Aspen Trails campground that first Saturday in November. Check-in will be at 10:30 a.m. with the jog starting at 11 a.m., followed by the costume contest and then lunch. You can register for the Dog Jog at our clinic or on our website, and registration includes lunch and a T-shirt (Dr. Jeff is designing them this year!). We’re continuing this fun tradition because you and your pets seem to really enjoy it, and we do too! Remember all the fun we had last year? The jog, the treats, the costume contest — you all really impressed us with your costumes! If walking is more your style, take heart. We have

We can’t wait to see you there.

Dr. Susie and Dr. Jeff


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