The Wellness Studio - October 2019


Why Water Is the Best Nutrient for You!

We have all heard the lecture about drinking eight glasses of water each day and how drinking enough H2O can help us stave off the weight, but do we really understand just how beneficial this nutrient is? Below are just a few of the reasons why water is so vital to life. Maintain balanced hydration. Your skin is a protective layer that keeps the necessary components of your body locked in and invaders locked out. So, taking care of your skin isn’t something we recommend solely for vanity; it’s a necessity for your body’s well-being! When your body is dehydrated, your skin can be dry and look wrinkled. But excess water will be filtered out through your kidneys. Find the perfect balance based on your weight, and use a moisturizer to maintain hydration and keep skin glowing and healthy. Keep it clean. Remember how excessive amounts of water are flushed out by your kidneys? Well, water and your kidneys actually get along great. Your kidneys use water to flush out the toxins trying to invade your body and cause diseases that lead to the degeneration of your muscles, joints, and organ function. Water becomes vital in making sure this doesn’t happen, and without water, your kidneys would struggle to push the gunk out of our body. As a result, water will also help regulate your digestive system! Get stronger. Your cells thrive on hydration. Without it, you will experience muscle fatigue and joint strain. Living an active lifestyle is a vital component to being healthy, but, when you work out, run, lift weights, or even walk without proper hydration, your body becomes tired faster and your muscles and joints become more prone to injury. Curb the pain and fill up on your water! Here’s what you can do! There are plenty of tricks to staying hydrated. Carry a reusable water bottle everywhere you go, and set reminders on your phone to check your water intake. Choose a diet rich in vegetables and fruits, which will inevitably be full of water and keep you hydrated. The best part? Our wellness experts can create a nutrition plan that makes water a priority!

Chocolate- Dipped Fruit

Inspired by Food Network

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This super easy and fun way to create homemade treats provides your kids with a healthier and more delicious alternative to packaged industrial candy. As a bonus, making it is an awesome Halloween activity for your family to enjoy.


There seems to be new information about the latest health trend every day, and it can be nearly impossible to nail down what’s myth and what’s fact. Consider this little corner of our newsletter the opportunity for you to learn some cold hard facts about wellness! Each month, The Wellness Studio will feature trivia questions to help you learn more about your health and wellness! Be sure to check back with the next edition to see if you got the answer correct and email us with your answers for a chance to be featured in the newsletter. (Send us any suggestions for trivia questions, too!) Here’s this month’s question: How much of your brain tissue is made up of water? Hint: It’s the same percentage as the amount of water found in living trees!


1 package melting chocolate

• Assorted dried fruit, including apricots and mangoes


1. In a large saucepan, bring 1 inch of water to a boil. 2. Place a large, heatproof mixing bowl on top of saucepan so that no steam can escape. Place melting chocolate in mixing bowl and double boil until melted. 3. Dip half of each piece of fruit in chocolate before transferring to a parchment-lined baking sheet to rest. 4. Let cool for 10 minutes until chocolate solidifies. 5. Place in school lunches, serve at parties, and indulge in a few for yourself.

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