Poptropica Level 2 Unit Overview

2 Me

Unit overview Unit objective

• I can describe people


Target vocabulary

Appearance: a black moustache, a short beard, blonde hair, blue eyes, small glasses, grey hair, neck, nose, red hair, teeth

I’ve got glasses. I haven’t got glasses. He’s/She’s got (blonde hair). He/She hasn’t got (a beard). Have you got (a long neck)? Yes, I have. / No, I haven’t. Phonics: /ʃ/ Values: Respecting differences in physical appearance Cross-curricular: Science: Australian animals

Target structures



• Can understand a simple story • Can understand details of a story


• Can make a poster about animals • Can complete simple sentences to describe people (Activity Book) • Can write simple sentences to describe people (Activity Book)


• Can identify things that describe people • Can understand a simple story


• Can describe people • Can ask and answer questions to describe people • Can role play a story • Can talk about good habits and keeping clean and healthy • Can describe Australian animals • Can pronounce words that include /ʃ/



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