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Vice President Hal Payne and Provost Gary Marotta help lead the Homcomming parade.

Dr. Sanla Maria slrums a lillle ragtime music.


Ahow~: Ashm Americ.an Organization memhers present their finf' ha nner art.

Left: The Caribbean Students Organization's winning banner for Homecoming 2000. This year's theme was Buffalo State: Then & Now.


Students from the SocialWork department real issues to the forefront with their banner.

~QJLJ.lL•UUVU StrUt their banner down Grant St. despite the strong winds.

Who's Les Dugan anyway? Nice car though.

The BSC cheerleaders take it easy in the back of a pickup.

Commuter Council members march the parade route without the assistance of their famous free coffee. It was cold enough though for lots of it!


Homecoming 2000

Sigma Lambda Beta representitives show their school spirt with a fine example ofwhat Now and Then means to them.

NSBE members not only display a nice looking banner but also demonstrate that some of us may have chosen the wrong major.

This is why CSO won for the best banner presentation- their members really put on a party as they cruise down Grant St.


BTOC (BigTiger On Campus)



We followed the Bengal Mascot around campus for a day just to see who and what we'd run into.

Opposite page- Top: The Bengal checks out the new construction at Moot Hall and catches up on campus news in the Record. Middle left: Getting advised by English Mascot can't cut in line at the registrar. Bottom: A visit to the USG Office turns up Business Manager Mary Kirkwood (left) and Rules Chair Todd Hillman (right). This page- Top left: The Rflngfll drops in on fl clflss in Ketchum Hall. Top right: Tanya Krista! working the Union Info Desk. Middle left: The Mascot catches BSC President Muriel Howard between meetings in Grover Cleveland Hall. Middle right: President Howard's next meeting - with Fred Floss, E.O. Smith, Janet Ramsay... and our ubiquitous Bengal. Bottom left: A little cat-nap by the Butler Fountain. Bottom right: The Mascot is revealed as Vicky Vullo of the USG Resume Service. professor Nancy Deal. Middle right: Even the


Honor Society Induction

The Alpha Sigma Lambda National Honor Society for non-traditional students held their inaugural induction. Fifteen inductees were chosen from among the top students over the age of 24. Those in attendance were greeted by BSC Provost Gary Marotta (above) and enjoyed a buffet meal.

Million Fantily March -


- - .....

._. ...,__.

On the March above: Lawrence House, Joe Monz, Marke Shelton, Joe Bradley, Gowan Marshall,Jamie Brunson.

Members of the African American Students Organization and BlackActive Minds traveled to Washington, D.C. in October for the Million Family March.

Camp Gazebo Dedication On October 14th a boardwalk and gazebo were dedicatedat theWhisperingPinesCamp in Franklinville. Constructed with funds donated by the Faculty Student Association, the structures lead to and sit next to a pond across the road from the camp lodges. Money raised in 1990 byfriends ofToddFlanderswas also added to the project and his name was added to the dedication plaque.

Top left: Katheryn Blersch,john Christopher, juan Luciano and friend were among the people who attended the dedication. Top right: The Dedication sign at the top of the trail. Bottom: The gazebo at the pond.


Hillary Clint:on Rally

U.S. Senate candidate (and First Lady) Hillary Clinton visited the Sports Arena on the day before election day. Among those who shared the stage with her were comedian Bill Cosby, Buffalo Bills' quarterbackDougFlutie, rockband10,000 Maniacs, and a couple ofdozen local and state politicians.The next dayClintonwas elected Senator from NewYork State.

Clockwise from top left: Hillary Clinton addresses her supporters; Bill Cosby urges everyone to take acynical friend to the polling place; Mary Ramsey of 10,000 Maniacs; Clinton, Doug Flutie, and Cosby. 27

''Snovv S-torm 2000''

At first glance it might seem that there are some very over-exposed photos on these pages. Actually the overall whiteness is snow. Amajor storm hit Buffalo on the Monday before Thanksgiving and buried the campus under some two feet of snow. Classes weren't cancelled until well into the afternoon and quite a few students and staff members spent an unexpected night on campus. Most of the snow had melted by the time everyone came back from Thanksgiving break.

Everyone bundled up for the trek between

the nearly obliterated buildings.

\1\TBNY~s ~~Glorified Rehearsal'' In the fall of 2000WBNY, the campus radio station, began

hosting and broadcasting bands from a restaurant in the Student Union that had been set up with a stage and lights. Among the acts that performed were Maple Systems Drive (seen at right top and in the middle being introduced byWBNY's Marissa), Skronk (below), and the Disappointments (bottom).


CastingHall's 11 Fools"

In October Casting Hall staged Neil Simon's ~~Fools," a comic fable with colorful costumes. Top: the cast gathers around Rob Tarry at a crucial moment in the play. At left: Fernando Bentencourt lifts Justin Teil.


A Grab-Bag ofActivities

Just a small example ofthe diverse activities and opportunities for BuffState students... Opposite page: Jakob Dylan (son of Bob Dylan) brought is band The Wallflowers to the Sports Arena on early December. At left; a group of students took a Spanish Department sponsored trip to Spain in June. Shown in a Madrid park are Jodi Januga, Renee, Michelle Moore, Sue Pittas, Andrea Letcher, and Anitra Bolt. Middle left: Members of the 60's rock band The Lovin Spoonful sign autographs after their Alumni Association sponsored concert in the Sports Arena during Homecoming Weekend. Middle right: Changes to the City of Buffalo were illustrated at a reception for the Undergraduate Research Program/ Lansing Foundation.

A group of African drummers and dancers performed in the Student Union Lobby in November.


Wallflowers photo counesy of the Record. Mockael Ma)CWSki

In-ternational Fies-tas

Every year the International Students Organization presents a series of Cultural Fiesta Nights featuring costumes, food, music, and crafts from various regions of the world represented by students attending Buffalo State. In September Latin America was featured and members of the Caribbean Students Organization were enthusiastic participants.


Asian and European countries were featured in the second Cultural night in October. The AsianAmerican Students Organization helped make this one memorable. Later, in December, a third Cultural Night (not shown) featured Africa and the Middle East.

Asia & Europe


Campus Ar-t Exhibitions

BSC boasts several generous art exhibition spaces - including the Burchfield-PenneyArt Center, Butler Library, and a pair of galleries in Upton Hall which usually feature student art work. At various times his year these spaces showed AfricanAmerican Art and the works ofArt Education students.



ulOO Years ofMovement"

In March a host of campus entities sponsored a discussion and performance at the Burchfield-PenneyArt Center titled, ulOO Years ofMovement: Poetry and Politics in the Post Pan– American Exposition." The event featured Native American storytellers, lecturers, and a group of Latin American musical performers, The Welfare Poets.

Above: Jose Barreiro. Top: Sherrill Katsi Cook Barreiro. Left: Bobby Gonzales.


Wint:er Crunpus Life

Coats, hats, boots, and gloves are important winter accoutrements - the students at right have added silly glasses.

Below: joining a sorority means never being un-color coordinated.

Parking in snow covered lots is a part ofwinter atBSC-ashovelin the trunk is ahandythingto have.


Contrary to popular belief, the sun does shine inBuffaloduringthewinter-andwesometimes getquitenicesunsets (top) .The StudentUnion provides plenty of services for those who don't want to leave campus inbadweather, including pizza and wings (above) and cash (right).

It:'s All About: Fanilly

Since the Moore Complex's Family College Grand Opening in 1998 the residents have now grown into a bigger family with children and studies side-by-side.

Kaylah Victoria - As I Grow

Joseph -Just Sittin Around

Theresa and Jada - Grandma and Me

Tahjmiir- Ready-for-School


Aniyah Jade - First Years


lshanna and Jalen (left), Shannon and Isaiah (right) - Outside Play

Reynelda and Nilija - Mommy and Me

Daquan, Shauna, Dashawn - We are Family

Paul, Vanessa & Anchelle - Our Family

Patrese and Kaylah - Little Friends

Yolanda and Rashard - Me and My Mom

Emma (left), Kaylah (right) are Too Cool


Buffalo is not just snow, the Bills, and "close to Niagara Falls"...

The Erie Basin Marina in downtown Buffalo offers a great view ofLake Erie and the City. The art deco City Hall can be seen in the center of the top photo here. The Albright Knox Art Gallery (above), home of one of the finest 20th century art collections in the world, is right across the street from BSC - here we see the other side which faces Delaware Park Lake (lower left). Also shown here is the H. H. Richardson designed twin towers of the Buffalo Psychiatric Center - another BSC neighbor.


BSC students who live on-campus or alongElmwoodAvenue will never forget these businesses: Spot Coffee andMister Goodbar for stimulants ofvarious sorts, Pano's for great quickmeals, and the 24 HourStore for anything, anytime. 43

Ne"' on t:he Can1pus When Moot Hall was shut down for remodeling (see opposite page) The Undergrounds Cafe was moved to the Student Union TV lounge. The initial version wasn't very popular so the Cafe was done over with cool green walls, more comfortable furniture, an expanded menu, and a small bank of computers. The result was a more highly patronized venue.


Major construction took place on campus with the addition of a new bookstore to the Student Union (below) and the gutting and remodeling ofMoot Hall (bottom). The bookstore opened in April2001. Moot, with its dramatic entrance and shiny (for now) copper roof, will become a student services center with the registrar, bursar, financial aid, and other similar offices all conveniently located together. At right: Perry Quad is re-paved and landscaped after the completion of the bookstore construction.


Extra Special Even-ts

In March the Chinese Consul General to the United States, Zhang Hongxi (third from left) paid a visit to BSC and spoke on China's Economy. Afterward he visited with Elanor Blackburn (host to many international students, second from left) and some of BSC's Chinese students: Qiu HuaWei, Jing Lin, Fei Yan Xue, Feng Xia He, and Quang Nguyen. The annual International Cultural Fiesta sponsored by the International Students Organization always features lots of colorful performances. Seen here are dance numbers from Taiwan and Africa.


Asian Culture Nigh-t

The Asian American Students Organization hosted an Asian Culture Night with dances and songs. At left Kazuki introduces an act and Dr. Jean Gounard addresses those attending the event.


Spring Break in Georgia

While some studentswere seekingsun and sand during the spring break, nearly two dozen BSC students made a Wilderness Adventures sponsored trip to the Chattahoochee National Forest in Georgia. The group hiked and camped along the Appalachian Trail.

John, Amanda, Gretchen, Lori, Maria, and Brian crowd in the van on the way to Georgia.


A lateApril afternoon found the Student Union Lobby a little busier than usual. It was the middle of student government elections (this page) and candidates and their supporters were out in force to campaign for office. Scores of students stood in line and cast their votes in the voting machines. Meanwhile, a Wellness Fair was in progress (opposite top) with health resources and tips being dispensed as well as the ultimate hands-on experience - a free massage. moment between classes or check e– mails at the lobby's computer bank. University Police officer Sam Lunetta and basketball head coach Dick Bihr (opposite lower right) took a moment to look for familiar faces in old yearbooks on sale in the lobby. Other students simply used the Union to relax a



USG Awards Banquet:

On Sunday, April 29th the United Students' Government held their annual Awards Banquet in the Pan-Am Room of the Delaware Park Casino. The event was attended bymembers ofvarious student organizations, and some representatives from the college faculty and staff. Recognition was given to outstanding student leaders, organizations, and faculty as well as the USG support staff. Among the guests were BSC President Muriel Howard andVice President for StudentAffairs Hal Payne (opposite page, top left).

At right: Out-going USG President juan Luciano and President-elect Fred Cabrera visit Cindy Sciolino and Mary Kirkwood at one of the USG Staff tables.



uSunshine 2001"

The old saying "Buffalo has two seasons - winter and the 4th of July" is always good for a laugh whenever winter seems to be hanging on far too long. But this city does have four seasons and some pretty nice weather. Compare theseApril pictures with pages 28 and 29 ( 1 Snow Storm 2000") and you'll see that no matter how nasty the weather gets, it will be nice again. .. eventually.



Books-tore Ribbon Cutting

On a cold late winter day in 2000 a group of campus and local dignitaries gathered in Perry Quad to break ground for a new addition to the Campbell Student Union to house the new college bookstore. Not much more than a year later a similar group gathered to cut the ribbon officially opening the new facility. Among those on hand were state legislator Robin Schimminger and assemblyman SamHoyt (seen flanking BSC president Howard in the photo at right) and Buffalo Mayor AnthonyMasiello. The new store, managed by Barnes & Noble, includes a Java Cafe and some very comfortable seating.

Buffalo Mayor Masiello, who lives a short stone's throw from the campus, promises to be one of the hoped-for neighborhood patrons of the new store.

Anthony Neal, David Milberg and Gail Wells wait under the new lobby skylight for the festivities to begin.




students at BSC live on– campus in the seven residence halls. There are several different styles of "dorm life"- suites, halls, even multi-room apartments, and one dormitory, South Wing, that houses students from all over the world.

The Residence Halls: Opposite page - The Moore Complex and Perry Hall. This page, clockwise from top - Porter Hall, Neumann Hall, North Wing, and one of the four Scajaquada Towers.

Buffalo State has a feeling of serenity all over. I enjoy studying in the library after classes. My favorite place in the library is on the first floor by the corner. Studying is not all I do. I love to go to the gym to keep my body in shape. Sometimes I jog for 15 minutes straight. Racquetball relaxes me and relieves me of my everyday stress. My friends are across the hall just waiting to lend a hand when I need them. Life is wonderful. -YukiLau

It is definitely a fun experience for me staying in North Wing. Dorm life here is like living in a small world village . I've met people from many different areas of the world - Asia, Europe, Africa, and South America. It certainly opened my eyes and mind, not only to different people but different cultures and life styles. Language is another inleresling part of living in North Wing. I've learned some simple greetings in several languages. The suite dorm room style helps people who share a suite build good relationships and flleHLlSliliJ::.. Nutlll Wlug Jue:, l1dve ~umc of the typical dorm problems, but in general you can have fun living here. -KuanLin I am a sophomore at BSC who has had the advantage of living in North Wing. In two years of college I've hau a gra11d PYpPriPnrP My minrl ;:mrl pyp,.:; hnVA hr.r.n opened to a variety ot cultures and ethnic groups. I've always wanted to live in a diverse community. Living here has bridged the gap separating our cultures- everyone here is willing to get to know you personally. -Paul R. Everett

Hanging out, studying, napping, checlcingmessages, eating"wild" pizza, shoppingat the boolcstore and breakfast in the room are all part

ofliving in the residence halls.

Jacqueline Martin and Shante Brinson:

Sean Madden: 11 I feel that living in the dorm is a great learning experience and the friends are really close."

"It's a good life."

ChelseaThompson: "Dorm life is fun. I can chill with my friends and do whatever."

Franklin Quito: uTo live on campus is the best experience I ever had. It's really nice and I would encourage anyone to do the same."

Jamie Laitenberger: ul love Perry Hall ... it's so much fun."

Sarah Bluestein: "Dorm life ... not bad!"

Moore Complex TheMoore complexwas openedseveralyears ago as living space for older students and students with children (see pages 40-41). Insteadofjust dormrooms and suites, Moore features apartments with kitchens, bedrooms and living rooms.

Kneeling: Carlos (V.P.) and Fred (President). Standing front: Alex, Marinnel, Skarly, Chris (Secretary), Chiqui, Angie, Christina. Standing rear: Jerry, Jesus, Luis, Danny, Aisha, Ritchie, Ron, Paco (Treasurer), Julio. At left they're building a human pyramid in the Barnyard Olympics competition and below the group gathers at the college camp.


MSO meetings are very well attended.

Back: Keith, Shanieree, GailWells (advisor), Chasity, Unidentified. Front: Lashwanda, Charita, Zakia, Unidentified, Iesha.


Asian American Students Org.

Front row: CindyWu, Trang , Linh, Qiu HuaWei, Champa Kong, Champey Kong, Faye Xue, Hien Ho, Jessica He, Unknown. In front to banner: Robert, Yuki Lau, Dan (Sammi) Hong Kuang. Top: Quang (Timmy) Nguyen, Leong (Ben) Bun Cho.


Caribbean Students Organization

CSO members: Alicia G., Christina, Ambina, Kerrian, Reina, T'Keymah, Alicia, Renee, Triola, Jennifer, Unika, Pablo.


The Student Council for Exceptional Children adopts a local school every year and centers a majority of its activity at that site. This year the future teachers delivered Halloween pumpkins to School 84 in Buffalo.

Members of CHAI celebrate Sukkot in the Union Quad.


Standing left to right: Theresa Shepard, Ragina Clark, Mary Colvin, Susan Loeser, OtillieWoodruff. Seated: Champa Kong, Champey Kong.

- Left to right: Ryan Sherpe, Susanne Conrad, Beta Lucas, Natasha Fleming, Gary Grahm.


Front row left to right: JoAnna Lamprecht, Troy Rose, Marcia Reed, Sara Chamura, Erin .Klauk. Statnding front: Kristen Howlett, Jenn Bostaph, Nikki Whitmeyer, Hillary Pattereson, Rene Cook, TracyWidmer, Megan Woods, Karen Wehn, Bob Brockman. Standing rear: GmySolar, Somer McDemott, Michael Donohue, John Moorhouse, Karl Kurz, August Privatera John Bestine, Adam Yara, Donald Griffiths, Joel Dahlberg, Jeremy Majewski, Stephen Vermette.

Octoberfest is the perennial favorite German Club activity.

Left to right: German Club President Thomas Weber andVice President Mark Rollwagen.


Association http: 1pa.buffalostate.edu

Buffalo State College


Left to right: Michael Arent (President), Brad Shipson, Scott Kruszka (Treasurer).

The IPA offers Computer Information Systems majors opportunities to learn about current state-of-the-industry technologies and employment possibilities through a monthly lecture series. IPA also offers workshops on computer related topics and administers the BSC student server.

Left to right: Ajay Rai (Vice President), Hang Lin (Systems Administrator).

Left to right: Greg Heine, Hang Lin, Robert Rowley.


Nat Soc. of Minorities in Hospitality

Left to right seated: Ebony Fairwell, David Rankin, Ronanisha Lumpkin. Standing: Dyanne Roberts, Kristina Manning, Jerrylyn Bowman, Renita Mingo, Angela Lewis.


Maya and Antoine at the Fall Regional in New Jersey.

The women of NSBE: Cora, Gaisha, Yonite, Leza, Hana, Vierge, Tanya, Ciena.


Front left to right: Robin Logan, Ryan King, Lana Kota. Standing front: Maria Maybee, Penny Kota, Cheryl John, Barbara General Standing rear: Colleen Logan, Tara.

NASO members and guests perform a traditional Iroquois dance with horn rattles.


Front: Luke Quinn (holding shirt), Amanda McAnn, Carl Burke (Editor in Chief), JessicaWright, John Litwin. Back row: Bill Oliver, Tunde Affinah, Ray Farrell, SaraWoodworth, Bret Feinblatt, Stacey Shepard, Bill Whiting-Mahoney, Jason Mendola, Paul Olczak, Gabe Luci, DougTuhro.

Seated left to right: Ellen Kennedy (advisor), Amy Corbin (secretary), Wayne Lipczynski (president). Standing front: Diane Martin, Erin Kowalski, Melissa DeGregorio, Lurie Anne Hammond. Standing rear: Hilary Purks, Aisha Iturralde, Nehzat Goshtasb, Yolanda Blogett, MicheleWojnowicz.


The Students Performing In Rhythm & In Truth assemble on stage at Rockwell Hall. Below: rehearsal in the Fireside Lounge.


Floor front: Dr. James Mabry Emily Pietraszek, Aaron Zgoda, Laura Taber, Gina Dormer, Mike Espinosa, Erin Mills, Lance Boos. Back rows: Audry Schafer, Gregory Reisch, Amanda Kulik, Melissa Fricano, Chris Sniezak, Patty Welch, Sabrina Wagnwer, Brent Minet, Lisa Gangloff, Iftach Rearlman, Patty Baker, Lucy Drabezyk, Brian Schoeman Ivan Docenko, Dr. Crystal Reinoso, Sarah Frank, Dr. Thomas Witakowski.

Left to right: Sandy Lewis (peer advisor), Michael Dollard (President), Rita Kramer (Treasurer), Amy Zielkiewicz (Secretary), Carol Szalach (Vice President).


TheWoodwinds (top) : Patty Baker, Lisa Gangloff, Jennifer Helenbrook, Bill Murphy, Kelley Pattison, Katherine Volpe, Cori Pieczynski, Jeanmarie Verruso, Jamie Althen, Sarah Frank, Brian Schoemann, Mindy Mendrysa, Christine Klee, Audrey Klee, Morgan Calhoon, Karen Fish, Rebecca Wischerath, Maria Andrews, Lance Boos. The Brasses (middle): David Sullivan, Peter Kalenik, Jonathan Kindron, Ryan Sharpe Brent Minet, Emily Pietraszek, William Bochanowicz, Patricia Welch, Melissa Fricano, Laura Taber, Chris Sniezak. Percussion (right) : Dr James Mabry (director), Anthony Gorney, Eric Deutschlander, Aaron Stewart.


Hanging in the Checkerboard Lounge: Sam Lunetta (advisor), Josh Lidsky (program director), Lisa Polizzi (general manager), Marisa Sutton (music director), Mike Kirwan (public affairs director).


Alpha Epsilon Phi

Alpha Omega Zeta

Lambda Upsilon Lambda The Eternal Epsilon Brothers: Anthony, Chichi, Richie, Julio, Carlos, Robert, Andy, Lenny, Jason, Manny.


Phi Kappa Tau Mike Shebadi, Steve Turner, Uval Klein, Leo Baft, Mike Brewer, Alex Devito, Jessey Gaddis, Timothy Cunningham, Levi White, Keyong Choi, Gus Kun, J.C. Shebadi, Thomas Shamp, Brent Lee.

Phi Sigma Kappa & Alpha Sigma Tau Nicole, Michelle, Destiny, Allison, Jessica, Libby, Kelly, Eric, Warren, Callahan, Brendan.

Phi Sigma Sigma Samantha Milazzo, Audra D'Angelo, Elizabeth Lucadamo, Christina Betts, Angela Volk-Matawaran, Emily Skelton, Kristin Ellis, Jeanette Hoinski, Jamie Foos, Sophia Labriclis, Sara Kneeskern, Jennifer Ehrig.


Sigma Delta Phi Epsilon

Top: Alexter Griffith, Nadine Salfarlie, Wilkenson Fervilus. Front: Clarissa Pascual, Vanita Motielall, Faith Hyatt.

Sigma Delta Tau Standing: Sarah Campbell, Shauna Rinck, Danielle Heim, Annie O'Rourke, Lindsay Arnold. Front: Allison Setzer, Adrienne Schlegel.

Sigma Lambda Beta Top: Louis Ovalle, Victor Martinez, Mike DiBattista, Chris Nardoni. Bottom: Luis Guzman, Gus Castrillo, Fred Cabrera.


Sigma Lambda Upsilon Bernarda, Lizette, Eva.

Sigma Iota Sigma Tiwa, Veronica, Eva, Jamie, Adeline, Aimiamia, Synta, Daisy, Ericka.

Sigma Phi Epsilon Top: Tony Lewis, Sonny Tomasula, Rodney Brown, Rob Mertel, Kevin Roff, Paul Garnerrett. Bottom: Jason Cairlin, Dana Murphy, Pete Taft, Kevin Rugnetta.


Tau Kappa Epsilon Derek, Leno, Nate, Brian, Tedo, Ilan, Andy, Gabney.

Zeta Phi Beta At their Youth Party.


Campus Crusade for Christ

Big Brother Big Sister Seated: Camille Sinatra. Standing: KimberlyAlheim, Mike Mason, Christina Stanton, Colleen Kieser, Kathleen Mcintyre, Kristine St. John.

Upward Bound BSC has a Math Science Upward Bound program that brings high school students from around the country to Western New York for educational recreational summer activities. BSC staff and students work with the visitors to make their visit as productive and enjoyable as possible.


2000 Bengal Football Team (listed by jersey number): 2- John Lesure, 3- FelixJoyner, 4- Bill Edwards, 5- Shawn Starks, 6 -Jerome Ward, 7 - Derek Baker, 8 - David Battaglia, 9 - Ryan Henry, 10 - Nick Stepien, 11 -Timothy Hammer, 12 -Ryan Cox, 13 - Patrick Penaherrera, 14 - Bob Kosinski, 5 - Israel Cuyler, 16 - Christopher Henry, 17 - Luis Ovalle, 18 -John Williams, 19 -Jamie Casullo, 20- Tony Favata, 21 -Marc Hoppy, 22- Tom Lawniczak, 24- Mike Potter, 25-John Carter, 26- Richard O'Neil, 27- Derrell Hicks, 28- Michael Pawlikowski, 29- Raphael Williams, 30- JoeClouden, 31 -Jeff Mackey, 32- Salvatore Palermo, 33- Lamar Wilson, 34- Richard Todd, 35- NicholasWarren, 36- B.J. Henry, 37- David Chelus, 38 -John Mullen, 39- Brandon Janesz, 40- Eric Knox, 41 -DougScanlon, 43-John Williams, 44- Marcellis Baxter, 45- Ted Bucierka, 46- Mike Fox, 47- David Davidzik, 49 -Justin Wekenmann, 50 - Tim Seifert, 51 - Erik Kraft, 52 -John Galvin, 53 - Kyle Leggio, 54 -JermaineJennings, 55- Joshua Thomson, 56- Omar Rimlawi, 57- Corey Reichard, 58- James Landon, 60- Mike Stachewicz, 61 -Nick Colombo, 64- ThomasJakubaszek, 66- Tardus Taylor, 67- Greg Clabeaux, 68- Keith Karoglanian, 69- Pat Louis, 71 -Hans Mann, 72 -TimFitzgibbons, 73-MattRhodes, 74-DavidReilly, 75-NickVilla, 76-JeffHutchison, 77 -Richard Swygert, 78-ZekeTookes, 80- Matt O'Malley, 81 -Eric Lunser, 82- Tom Shamp, 83- Melvin Parris, 84- Gary Gonzales, 85- T.J. Cottrell, 86 -Jeff Pascucci, 87 - Nathan Van Husen, 89 - Bo Sireika, 90 -Josh Floyd, 91 - Kevin Moyer, 92 -Jon Girard, 99- Star Handley.

Shown on the opposite page- Top left: Derek Baker finished the season as the Bengals all-time leading receiver. Top right: Quarterback Chris Henry finished his BSC career as the school record holder in nearly every major passing category. Bottom right: Omar Rimlawi broke the record for tackles in a single season by a Buff State defender.


Despite a few disappointing losses during the season, the

2000 Bengal Football Team won the East CoastAthletic Conference Championship game over Hartwick College by a convincing 43 to 20 margin.

Football 2000 Final Results: Won 7- Lost 4 Date Opponent Results Sept. 2 at Robert Ivlorris 20-30 - L Sept. 9 MANSFIELD 39-29 -W Sept.16 at Albion 41-17- W Sept. 23 CORTLAND 26-10- W Sept. 30 at Brockport 0-30 - L Oct. 7 ROWAN 20-17 - W Oct. 14 at St. John Fisher 34-21 - W Oct. 21 MONTCLAIR ST. 40-34 (20T) -W Nov. 4 at Ithaca 20-27 - L Nov. 11 WASH. &JEFF. 21-42- L Nov. 18- ECAC Northwest Championship vs. HARTWICK 43-20- W


2000 Lady Bengals Soccer Team (listed by uniform number): 2 -Kim Nogle, 3- Katie Zuber, 4- Penny Burg, 5- Jaclyn Bolognese, 6- Amy Drozen, 8- Amelie McKendry, 9 - Cindy Williams, 10- Tracy Weimer, 11 - Marissa Wexler, 12 - Gabriel Dunn, 13 - Courtney Dunstan, 14 - Kimberly Foster, 15 - Dawn Merle, 16 - Karen Voght, 17 - Chrissy Castellana, 19 - laura Williams, 20 - Andrea Floriano, 21 - Terra Matthews, 22 - Heather Sargis. Coach: Courtney longua. The Women's Soccer season was highlighted by an early October 13 - 0win over D'Youville College. Jaclyn Bolognese (left) led the team in scoringwith 11 goals and 8 assists. The teams final record was 5wins and 14 losses.


2000 Men's Bengals Soccer Team (listed by uniform number): 2 -Richard Kirmss, 3 -Pedro Gonzales, 5 -David Sugg, 6 - lan Milne, 7 - Mike Abrams, 8 - Eric Galipeau, 9 - Jimy Rosemberg, 10 - Erick Hansen, 11 - Christopher Kullman, 12 - Pablo Zambrano, 13 -Jelari Mohammed, 14 - Mike Schermerhorn, 15 - Mike Rudney, 16 - Kevin Muranyi, 17 - Stephen Strauss, 18 - Philip Nederlk, 19 - Scott Martin, 20 - Don Ousterout, 21 -jake Palmerton, 24 - Mike Raychel, 25 - George Rishmawi. Coach: Rudy Pompert. Finishingwith only 3 wins in 18 matches, the Men's Soccer Team did beat Utica Rome by an 11-2 score. Forward Mike Rudney (right) led the team in scoring with 9 goals and 2 assists.



2000 Bengal Tennis Team: Nicole Becker, Carrie Bourque, Amanda Coats, Erin Harvey, Melissa Kulju, Alexis Shoemaker, Christina Wilson. Coach: Kevin Dennis.



Left: Monica Polka; right: Vicky Ramos.

2000 Bengal Volleyball Team {listed by uniform number): 1 - Kelly Kochems, 2 - Krista Wierzbicki, 3 - Jessie Miller, 4 - Denise Jedynak, 5 - Vicky Ramos, 6 - Katie Sansone, 7- Angela Volk-Matawaran, 8- Lisa Herrscher, 9 - laura Cyman, 11 -Jessica Nelson, 12 - Sarah McDowell, 14 - Heather Campbell, 16 - Monica Polka. Coach: David McClary.

The Bengals Volleyball Team finished with a record of 15 wins and 19 losses.



Women's Cross-Country Team- 1st row: Natalie Snowberger, Traci Maxwell, MichelleMackowiak, Christine Fina, Colleen Scantlin. 2nd row: Asst. Coach Lynn Lambright, Danielle Hensel, Nicole Dziedzic, Autumn Hensel, Head Coach Jim Ramos.


Men's Cross-Country Team - 1st row: Stephen Sciandra, Paul Drexler, Dan Smasniak, Andrew Hurd, Tom Robilotto. 2nd row: Asst. Coach Lynn Lambright, Stephen Harnisch, Joe Halter, Chris Lape,Joe Niezgoda Ill, Steve Cahoon, Matthew Kubiak, Head Coach Jim Ramos.



2000-2001 Men's Hockey Team: 1st row (left to right): Harley Pottratz, Jason deGuehery, Brian Turner, Stephen Troup, Jeff Lacapruccia, Head Coach Jim Fowler, Rocky Reeves, Mike Katz, Trever Harrington, Eric Bavisotto, Nick Berti. Second Row: Assistant Coach Scott Kirsch, Trainer Sean Roberts, Josh Bluman, Todd Nowicki, Jad Ramsay, Rick Steen, Sean Mask, Joe Urbanik, Vince Gernat, Assistant Coachs Brent Ford and David Dee. Third Row: Ricardo Hernandez, Chris DiFrancisco, Cyle McCorkle, HenryJurek, Guy Duquette, Pat McDevitt,Jason Comardo,Jeff Davis, Mark Yoder, Kevin Badura.


2000-2001 Women's Hockey Team - 1st row: Leah Delormier, Sara Zogby, Mary Keddie, Head Coach Bob Filighera, Melissa Spry, Renee Hamm, Kim Costanzo. 2nd row: Asst. Coach Michelle Luba, Katie Heerdt, Missy Dispenza, Jessica DeCarlo, Jennifer Downey, Emma Wadsworth, Dyanne Roberts, Janelle Schmitt, Meri Mooers, Ast. Coach Sal Tornabene.



Chris Miller shows his diving form (below) and Meghan Woods cuts through the pool (right).

Swimming & Diving Team - 1st row: NatalieBrown, Kristen Snyder, Meghan Woods, Julie Burgess, Alicia Tutwiler, Renee llamm, Kim Costanzo. 2nd row: Chris Miller, Mike Schweitzer, Mike Wachowitz, Tom Schilke, Matt Ellman. 3rd row: Asst CoachJill Andreeff, Asst. Coach Ryan Harder, Matt Helming, Jamie Scott, Paul Glieco, Scott Kruszka, Mark Beyer, Head Coach Bob Wood.



Katie Cleary runs the bases (left) and Robyn Levisy puts one over the plate (right).

2000 Softball Team - 1st row: Michelle Hay, Katie Sansone,Jen Brosius, Tami Thuman, Tina Williams, Jessica Becker, Katie Cleary, Starr Rae Wooden. 2nd row: Ast Coach Jim Ramos, Head Coach Sandra Hollander, Stephanie Menth, Melissa Eriksson, Tracy Urban, Robyn Levisy, Lindsay Escher, Jill Blasi, Sarah Lauazero, Trainer Sean Roberts, Asst. Coach Aaron Vanderlip.



Women's Basketball Season 2000-2001 ABGOTT INVITATIONAL First Round vs. CAZENOVIA W 60-46 Championship vs. MANCHESTER W 62-51 BROCKPORT W 61-48 OSWEGO W 64-44 at Utica/ Rome W 50-40

2000-2001 Women's Bengal Basketall Team - First row (left to right): Delrease Tota, Chrissy Milleville, Cora Humphreys, Tiffany Jackson, Michelle Milleville, Julie Jackson, Monique Hanks. Second Row: Assistant Coach Kim Koon, Student Manager Kaluwa Dobusu, Korin Krossber, Melissa Eriksson, Monica Polka, Head Coach Fred Batchelor, Jill Blasi, Amelie McKendry, Anansa Sims, StudentManagerCourtney Drisdom, Assistant Coach Yashica Martin.

GENESEO L 56-58 at Oneonta L 45-61 at New Paltz W 64-51 D'YOUVILLE W 73-49 at Oswego W 77-59 at Cortland L 28-55 POTSDAM W 58-48 PLATTSBURGH W 78-64 At Medaille W 71-46 CORTLAND L 43-62 at Brockport W 61-47 at Geneseo L 63-67 NEW PALTZ W 52-43

ONEONTA L 56-66 at Fredonia L 57-63

at Plattsburgh W 61-57 at Potsdam L 63-66 OT FREDONIA L 54-59 UTICA/ROME W 58-48 SUNYAC CHAMPIONSHIPS -Utica, NY vs. Fredonia L 48-61 Final Record: 15-10 SUNYAC Season Record: 11 -9



Men's Basketball Season 2000-2001 Sheridan (ONT) College 73-57 EXHIB COLES CLASSIC First Round vs. NAZARETH W 75-67 Championship vs. HILBERT W 66-63 BROCKPORT L 78-95 OSWEGO W 78-59 at Utica/Rome L 62-68

2000-2001 Men's Bengal Basketball Team- First Row (left to right) : Lance Covington, Willie Sanders, Biron Stuckey, Steven Becker, Will Mann, Aaron McFollins, Andrew Mclaren, Drew Olczak. SecondRow: AssistantCoach Rashiem Young, Assistant CoachJoePiscopo,Aaron Staples, AnthonyPiccolo,JeffRussell, Johnny Helton, Shawn Haseley, Pat Adams, Brandon Jones, Chris LoTempio, DevonJohnson, Ed Jenkins, Assistant Coach Kenneth Ferguson, Head Coach Dick Bihr.

GENESEO L 58-66 at Oneonta L 58-61 at New Paltz L 67-69 HOLIDAY INN CLASSIC

First Round vs. MEDAILLE W 83-58 Championship vs. HILBERT W 69-56

at Oswego W 58-53 at Cortland L 60-70 POTSDAM W 78-51 PLATTSBURGH W 69-68 (OT) CORTLAND L 52-56 at Brockport L 74-82 at Geneseo W 64-41 NEWPALTZ W58-42 ONEONTA W 78-59 at Fredonia L 49-64 at Plattsburgh W 75-73 (OT)

at Potsdam W 69 -63 FREDONIA L 52-68 UTICA/ROME W 65-53 SUNYAC CHAMPIONSHIPS - Utica, NY vs. Fredonia L 62-63 (20T) Final Record: 14-11

SUNYAC Season Record: 10-10



2001 Indoor Track & Field Team- First row (left to right): Autumn Haensel, Natalie Snowberger, Colleen Scantlin, Nicole Dziedzic, Traci Maxwell. Second row: Jason Walsh, Matthew Kubiak, Andy Hurd, Joe Niezgoda, Markus Allen, Hansen Padmore,Jamil Windbush, Charles Bagley, Tom Robilotto. Third row: Jason Hy, Rashiem O'Connor, Mike Schemerhorn, Assistant Coach Ryan Handley, Head Coach Don Herlan, Assistant Coach Rudy Pompert, Eric Lunser, Tom Proctor, Curtis Bachek.



2000 Womem's Lacroees Team - First row (left to right): Colleen Easterby, Meri Mooers, TiffanyJackson, Erika Kuper, Stefani Mitchell, Danielle DeJames. Standing: Head Coach Rudy Pompert, Christina Buergel, Tracey Schutz, Cristin Meadows, Kathleen Plis, Katie Richlet. Assistant Coach Eileen Schubert.

All photos and information on pages 96 to 111 is courtesy of the BSCIntercollegiate Athletic Department.



In addition to the intercollegiate sports

sponsored by the Athletic Department, BSC students compete in club sports including rugby, bowling, volleyball, and waterpolo. These pictures are from a match played by the Women's Rugby Team.


0 . •

The last year of college is a pretty hectic onefor most students. In addition to classes, studios, term papers, research projects, etc., there might be an internship or student teachingassignments. Add in a part– time job andfamily commitments and there's not much timefor thefun– and-games ofthe underclass years. Nevertheless, some BSCSeniors were able to shake offthe stress and look ahead (or back) long enough to smilefor a photo.



~Ve askui a few graduating Seniors: {(What will you remember most about Buff State?" Their answers appear on some of the following pagr7

Mohammed Adams Bronx Computer Information Systems

Sayuri Abiko Japan Art

Scott Adolf Alden Health & Wellness

Maria LeeAndrews Buffalo Speech Language Pathology

RaulAlcerro Bronx Hospitality Management

Michael C. Arent Buffalo Computer Information Systems

Richard Bagley NewYork City Political Science

NoemiAyala Buffalo Business Administration

Jose Baez Buffalo Spanish



Paulette Bates Rochester Business Studies

Francis Bernardez NewYork City Computer Information Systems

Jennifer E. Brader Cheektowaga Public Communication

Shanee M. Brown Rochester Psychology

Sheryl Brown Queens Health & Wellness

Paul M. Bynum NewYork City Student Personnel Administration

Darcy Caldwell Grand Island Business

Jori Carlo Buffalo Elementary Education


''E ven though I feel as ifI have overstayed my welcome, I believe that as an individual I will truly remember my experiences such as the positive and negative energy that I gained from people. I will also remember the long days and nights of planning events, such as Homecoming, that have made CSO [Caribbean Students Organization] the organization it is today. From all this I have become a stronger person on all levels, and this makes me proud to call myselfa graduate of Buffalo State." -Troy Clarke

DaisyYvette Castro NewYork City English Education

Susan M. Carter Buffalo Human Services

Elaine Castro NewYork City Health & Wellness

Kamilla Claiborne Manhattan Criminal Justice

Latesha Chandler Rochester Sociology

Troy C. R. Clarke Grenada Political Science

Danielle Collier Buffalo Exception Education

Samantha Clement Brooklyn Sociology

Jennifer G. Clouden Brooklyn Business Studies



Telisha Cooks Syracuse Psychology

Patricia Crowley Cheektowaga Business

Tahisha C. Cuevas Peekskill Sociology

Kevin Dixon Bronx Broadcasting

Latisha Dixon Buffalo Business



Jotwo Edwards Brooklyn Broadcasting

Radiah Drayton Rochester

Max Eugene SpringValley French

Clara Findley Belize City, Belize Sociology

Orlando Ferri Buffalo Humanities

Ursula Fuery Cedarhurst Elementary Education

Glenisha Gunnings Brooklyn Psychology

Jennifer Giblin Bath Art Education

HeidyGalan NewYork City Health & Wellness



James Hamilton Queens Communications

Michelle Hellams Buffalo Social Work

Lisa Herdzik Lancaster Mathematics

OmarHill Rochester Broadcasting

Terrell D. Hicks Rochester Secondary Education

Marvin Hill Wilson Social Education

Mary Ann Hobar Orchard Park Criminal Justice

Todd Hillman Endicott Political Science

Earnest Hobbs, Jr. Buffalo Fine Arts



Leah Hosie Alden Sociology

Francis Honrado NewYork City Computer Information Systems

Taheerh R. Hulett Buffalo Psychology

Debbie Iorfida Niagara Falls Student Personnel Administration

Cora Humphreys NewYork City Business Studies

Daniel Jackson Niagara Falls Business Studies

Ciandre M. Jelks Buffalo Communications

Tiffany Jackson Utica Elementary Education

Nicole Altionette Jackson Rochester Social Work




uffalo State College is the college where you want to start. I made so manyfriends; faculty are easy to reach, you can even catch them at the Student Union buyingfood or coffee. I personally enjoy the atmosphere; I don't see any tension between different groups and the administration which is good for our study in


Ritamarie Jimenez Brooklyn Humanities

Quwane Johnson Bronx Communication

Stive E. Joseph SpringValley Criminal Justice

general." -Simeon Konan

Kazuki Kinjo Okinawa, Japan Hospitality

John Calvin Kennedy Buffalo Social Work

Mahogany Kirby Rochester Broadcasting

Simeon Konan Bouake, Ivory Coast Economics

Tara R. Knight Buffalo Business

LynnM.Korn Cheektowaga Public Communication



Nicholas Kreamer East Patchogue Art Education

Scott Kruszka Derby Computer Information Systems

Tamara Langaine St. George's, Grenada Elementary Education

Bienvenida Tiny Laureano Brooklyn Public Relations

Hang Lin Lyons Computer Information Systems

Wayne T. Lipczynski Buffalo Social Work

Juan Luciano Bronx Criminal Justice



Eric Marciano Rochester Graphic Design

Doreen Marcus Bronx Business

Victor D. Martinez Bronx Industrial Technology

TomMichals Cheektowaga Mathematics

Rose McLeod Waterloo, Canada Graduate Studies

Jelani Miller Brooklyn Criminal Justice

Susan Moloney Buffalo SocialWork




Heidi Mundt Buffalo Sociology

Christina A.T. Muhammad Rochester Health & Wellness

Larry E. Morrow Niagara Falls Social Work

Laura D. Nieves Blasdell Social Work

Chris Nardoni Bronx Health & Wellness

RonaldWilliam Nichols Rochester Elementmy Education

Alphonsus 0. Oviasogie Benin City, Nigeria Student Personnel Administration

Joseph Nyandusi Nyache Kenya Educational Computing

Melvin Parris, Jr. White Plains Health & Wellness



"I' llremember my interaction with students,

faculty, and staff- in and out ofthe

classroom - and beinggiven the opportunity to do what made me happy." -Vincentia Paul

Deborah A. Pasternack Buffalo Biology

Gina Paul NewYork City Economics

Vincentia Paul St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands Student Personnel Administration

Matsa Phanthavong Utica Economics & Finance

Moshe Penceal Bronx Communication

Lisa Polizzi Buffalo Broadcasting

August Privitera Buffalo Earth Science

Johnny Ramsey Brooklyn Business

Marcia J. Reed Queensbury Earth Science



"I 'll remember all ofthe friends that! have made. I hope to keep in touch with them for the rest ofmy life."

-Matsa Phanthavong

Vickie Schlanger Rubin Williamsville ;Exceptional Education

TaishaReid Queens Business Studies

Kelley C. Russell Buffalo Sociology

Kinberly M. Russert Buffalo Business Studies

Jamie Sangiacomo Utica Sociology

MaryA. Santilla Trenton, New Jersey Business

David Joel Shapiro Lewiston English Literature

DeQuincey Saunders NewYork City Sociology

Hasan Scott Ithaca English



Jenine Sikora Buffalo Interior Design

AnansaSims Los Angeles, California Business

Catherine Smith Oxford Computer Information Systems

Elizabeth Smith Kenmore Hospitality Administration

Ruthie Smith Chicago, Illinois Philosophy

Tondrea Spivey Lockport Secondary Education

Aaron Stewart Bronx Business Studies

Patrick James Swan Cheektowaga Secondcuy Education

Carol M. Thaler Niagara Falls Hospitality Administration




Victor M. Torres, Jr. Brooklyn Industrial Technology

Valerie Thomas NewYork City Health & Wellness

Seth C. Triggs Buffalo Geography

NicoleVargas NewYork City Health & Wellness

Douglas R. Tuhro Webster History

TeashaVaughan New York City Elementary Education

VictoriaVullo Buffalo Secondary Education




lisa BanksWashington Gary, Indiana Business Studies

EdwardWalsh Bronx Computer Information Systems

ShanteeWebb Rochester Computer Information Systems

KellyWhite Angola Exceptional Education

Tera "Peaches"White NewYork City Communication

AntoineWilliams Syracuse Business Studies




DavidWilson Buffalo Communications

LillieWilliams Buffalo Multidisciplinary

Starr RaeWooden Utica Electrical Engineering

AliceWong Zabaldo Grand Island Computer Information Systems

Paul JosephYanez NewYork City Business Administration

Amy M. Zielkiewicz Derby Social Work



Jennifer Gray Rochester Hospitality

Andrea Letcher Wheatfield Exceptional Education

Owen D. Gale Niagara Falls Criminal Justice

Hillary Patterson Kenmore Geology


Graduating seniors gatheredwith their families and friends outside the BSCSportsArena on an overcast but pleasant spring day. They paused for greetings and photos before entering the i\rcnufor the Commencement Ceremony.

Flowers, balloons, caps, gowns - and lots ofsmiles- were all easily found at graduation.

Once inside the sports complex, the graduates assembled in the ice rink (without ice for the day) while their guests found seats in the Arena. As they gathered, the candidates signed-in and helped each other with those pesky mortarboards.

Finally the waiting is over and everyone is lined-up and ready to march.

The Ceremony Two Academy Award winners- Rita Moreno, who won a 1962 Oscar for her portrayal ofAnita in West Side Story, and 1975 alumna Deborah Oppenheimer, a 2001 Oscar winner for her film Into the Arms of Strangers: Stories of the Kindertransport- were on hand for this year's commencement ceremonies. There were two baccalaureate ceremonies- one at 10 a.m., the other at 2 p.m.- to award degrees to the 1,643 graduates who completed their studies in December 2000, May 2001 or August 2001. The college's master's hooding ceremony was held at 6 p .m. to award degrees and certificates of advanced study to 528 students. Business major Antoine Des'War Williams delivered the student address and Starr Rae Wooden received the President's Medal for Outstanding Undergraduate Student. SUNYChancellor's Awards for Student Excellence were given to student journalist and history major Jonathan Litwin and education major Carol Szalach. Moreno, after an introduction by BSC grad and TV producer Tom Fontana, delivered the keynote address at both baccalaureate ceremonies. She also received a State University of New York Honorary Doctorate of Fine Arts at the afternoon ceremony. Moreno is the only female performer to have won all four of the most prestigious show business awards: the Oscar, the Emmy, the Tony and the Grammy. Distinguished Alumnus Awards were given to Oppenheimer and Scott Baxter, a 1984 graduate and founder and chief executive officer ofVesta Technologies. Oppenheimer is the executive producer of the hit ABC television comedy series The Drew Carey Show, now in its sixth season, as well as ABC's Norm, and WB's Nikki and The Oblongs. The documentary Into the Arms ofStrangers marked her feature film debut. Prior to forming Vesta, Baxter served as founder, chairman and chief executive officer of Hawk Holdings and executive vice president and chief strategy officer for the Internet telecommunications company, Qwest Communications. Monroe Fordham, professor emeritus of History and Social Studies Education, received a SUNY Honorary Doctorate ofHumane Letters. Lauded for his contributions to the location, reclamation and rescue of New York State's African American history, Fordham is co-founder of the Afro-American Historical Association of the Niagara Frontier.

Rita Moreno - CommencementAddress and Honorary Degree


Monroe Fordham receives his Honorary Doctorate

Tom Fontana introduced Moreno

Moreno addresses the gathering

Starr RaeWooden receives the President's Medal from President Howard, as softball coach Sandy Hollander looks on.


Scott Baxter - DistinguishedAlumnus

Jonathan Litwin acknowledges applause for his SUNYChancellor's Award


Time-to uWalk!" As proud families and friends watched, the graduates walked up onto the stage and received c l i plUHlaS aUU congratulations.

Some graduates expressed themselves on their mortarboards - usually reliefor gratitude (though sometimes only they knew what it meant).

A reception tent in the Union Quad topped offthe day's events.

Remember the Good 01' Days ...

The BSC Alumni Association Staff: Director KateWard (front) with Bea Mackin, Natalie Wilson, PatriciaWarner and LeonardWalker.

Buffalo State Alumni Association (716) 878-6001 I 1-800-672-2722 www.buffalostatealumni.org

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