Ranges and New Products for 2021

A lt ernat i v e Energy

overv i ew of the ful l product range

The Alternative Energy range offers teaching equipment for the core principles of solar and wind energy. Students can learn about the efficiencies and limitations of methods of harnessing and converting solar and wind energy for use in the real world.

Photovolta i c , focus i ng and f l at p l at e energy col l ect i on : Demonstrates three key methods used in harnessing solar energy. automat i c data acqu i s i t i on : VDAS ® is particularly useful when monitoring longer duration experiments. sa f e and easy se t- up : Low temperatures, safe connections and simple, hand-operated controls allow the safe and quick set up of experiments.

Range h i ghl i ght s : Photovolta i c Ce l l s T E4

This self-contained, floor-standing mobile unit allows students to investigate and demonstrate the performance characteristics of a typical photovoltaic system, including conversion of light to energy, managing the flow of electricity and battery storage, behaviour of different load units and the use of a solar pyranmometer.


L earn i ng Outcomes : • Understanding the characteristics and performance of photovoltaic panels including open circuit voltage, peak power voltage, current-voltage relationship and panel efficiency • The effects of environment on photovoltaic panel performance including temperature, inclination angle, level of solar radiation • Understanding the components and function of components within a standard PV system including the charge controller, batteries and DC-AC converter • The different modes of battery charging and battery management including “float-mode” charging

• Light bank (TE4a) that allows you to carry out experiments within the laboratory under controlled conditions.

Focus i ng Sol ar Energy Col l ector T E 38 Floor-standing mobile apparatus that illustrates the workings of a focusing solar energy collector and allows students to study its performance. Supplied with four sizes of absorber.

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