Ranges and New Products for 2021

Thermodynami cs

overv i ew of the ful l product range

The Thermodynamics range offers teaching equipment for the illustration of the basic principles of thermodynamics through to complex theories. Students can learn using practical experiments about the behaviour of gases, heat transfer and thermal conductivity, conduction, convection and heat exchange. They can get hands-on to prove theories such as the Antoine equation, Seebeck effect, Lenz and Thomson effects, Carnot cycle and reversible Carnot cycle, Stefan Boltzmann law, Kirchhoff’s law and Lambert’s direction law. Sa f e , pract i ca l and rea l i s t i c As thermodynamics experiments can often take many hours, the range has been designed to reduce the experiment time to a practical and realistic level, with safety as the key aspect.

sa f e and pract i ca l des i gn : Reduced experiment times. broad range of product s : From basic principles to gas turbines. automat i c data acqu i s i t i on : Thermodynamics experiments require settling time and constant monitoring to achieve thermal equilibrium, making automatic data acquisition a useful tool.

Range h i ghl i ght s : Benchtop Heat Exchangers TD360

A modular system made up of a benchtop base unit (TD360) and four optional experiment modules, for examining and comparing small-scale heat exchangers to help students understand how they work. • Concentric Tube Heat Exchanger (TD360a) • Plate Heat Exchanger (TD360b) • Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger (TD360c) • Jacketed Vessel with Coil and Stirrer (TD360d)

Heat Trans f er Exper iment s TD 1 002 Four optional experiment modules and a benchtop base unit (TD1002) form a modular system, for demonstrating different methods of heat transfer. • Linear Heat Conduction Experiment (TD1002a MkII) • Radial Heat Conduction Experiment (TD1002b) • Extended Surface Heat Transfer Experiment (TD1002c) • Conductivity of Liquids and Gases Experiment (TD1002d)


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