Ranges and New Products for 2021

Mult i - pump T es t Se t H85

A versatile, self-contained mobile unit designed to investigate and demonstrate the performance characteristics of a range of different pump types, including positive displacement gear and piston pumps, rotodynamic centrifugal, axial and channel impeller pumps and a positive displacement pump.

The unit consists of a water tank, pipework, suction and delivery throttle valves, AC dynamometer and quick-release couplings to support a wide range of pump types. An onboard PC provides control and data acquisition including: • Pump speed • Suction and delivery pressure • Flow rate • Dynamometer torque and speed

L earn i ng Outcomes : • Understanding the performance of the six different pump types: – Positive displacement gear pump – Positive displacement piston pump – Rotodynamic centrifugal pump – Rotodynamic axial pump – Positive displacement vane pump – Rotodynamic channel impeller pump • Connecting pumps in a hydraulic circuit using quick-release couplings • Creating characteristic curves for each pump type from experimental data • Investigating, analysing and comparing the characteristics of the six pump types

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