Ranges and New Products for 2021

Aerodynami cs

overv i ew of the ful l product range

The aerodynamics range is used for teaching a vast range of aerodynamic principles – from fundamentals through to advanced theories – with products to suit every space, budget and complexity requirement. The wind tunnels span a variety of sizes and experimentation capabilities, from benchtop models for learning the basics, to versions requiring large laboratories for a more detailed understanding of aerodynamics.

Pr i nc i p l es of Aerodynami cs TecQuipment’s subsonic wind tunnels teach students the basics of lift, drag and pitching moments, plus high-level topics such as boundary layer and pressure distribution around models. Students can

also perform wake investigations. Advanced Theory of Aerodynami cs

TecQuipment’s supersonic wind tunnels are for the more advanced teaching of aerodynamics engineering, with experiments that start with nozzle pressure distribution, on to analysis of Mach numbers, and the measurement and visualisation of pressure and shock waves using Schlieren apparatus. Automat i c data acqu i s i t i on A variety of the products in this range work with TecQuipment’s unique Versatile Data Acquisition System (VDAS ® ).

Range h i ghl i ght s : Modul ar A i r F low Bench A F 1 0 This is a small-scale wind tunnel with an electric fan and adjustable air flow control, with eight different experiment modules that demonstrate key principles and phenomena of air flow.

recommended ancillary (af10a)

Essential Base Unit (af10)

Experiment modules (af11–af18)

Ava i l ab l e exper iment Modul es : • Bernoulli’s Equation (AF11) • Drag Force (AF12) • Round Turbulent Jet (AF13) • Boundary Layer (AF14) • Flow Around a Bend (AF15) • Coandă Effect and Jet Flow (AF16)

A F 1 0 exper iment s pos t er

• Flow Visualisation (AF17) • Tapped Aerofoil (AF18)

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