Ranges and New Products for 2021

Subson i c Wi nd Tunne l 305 MM A F 1 300 A compact, free-standing, open-circuit suction subsonic wind tunnel with a working section of 305 mm by 305 mm and 600 mm long, allowing students to perform advanced study such as analysing boundary layers,

performing flow visualisation and observing velocity in the wake, offering extensive teaching and research functionality.

A F 1 300 Anc i l l ar i es pos t er

F lut t er Wi ng A F 1 300r An aerofoil suspended on springs within a frame, used to demonstrate wing flutter. The suspension positions of the wing can be altered, as can the angle of attack.

Cont i nuous Superson i c Wi nd Tunne l A F 302 A suction-type, continuous operation supersonic (up to Mach 1.8) wind tunnel for investigations into subsonic and supersonic air flow around two-dimensional models. Also for analysis of the profile of the tunnel working section.


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