Ranges and New Products for 2021

• VDAS ® Onboard • Digital flight controls • Fly-by-wire control

• Includes VDAS ® Onboard for data acquisition, including the tracing of altitude and attitude, and provides the ability to export and chart data • Gives students a safe, realistic introduction to the controls of a light aircraft • Aircraft able to move vertically and pitch about the quarter chord point independently • Simulates take off, level flight, cruise and landing with digital flight controls • Demonstrations include aerofoil lift, stall, longitudinal stability and transient motion • Includes electronic display of air speed, attitude, altitude, pressure and lift • Tufts on the wing clearly demonstrate the phenomenons of separation and stall • Bright LED-illuminated working section • Model centre of gravity adjustable • Removable yoke and silencer for shipping and storage • Optional smoke generator L earn i ng Outcomes : A variety of practical demonstrations, ‘hands-on’ flight simulations, and student investigations into the behaviour of fixed-wing aircraft and wing performance, including: • Practical investigation of longitudinal stability and control of the aircraft to demonstrate behaviour during take-off, level flight and landing • Determination of the effect of speed on attitude for level flight and stall • Measurement of the lift curve for the wing up to and beyond stall • Students can adjust the centre of gravity of the model to alter its trim. They can then plot trim curves and determine the neutral point • Demonstration of phugoid motion in terms of altitude via high-speed VDAS ® • Short period oscillation due to sudden disturbance can be shown by the change of incidence via high-speed VDAS ® Onboard With Smoke Generator and Probe (AFA10, available separately): • Visualisation of flow patterns past the aircraft’s aerofoil and tail-plane


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