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Did you know that the first week of May is National Pet Week? For those of us with pets, every week might as well be National Pet Week, but I thought I’d take this opportunity to introduce you to two of my favorite guys on planet Earth: my Shetland sheepdogs (aka shelties), Blu and Bosworth! Gina and I call Blu and Bos “The Supervisors” because they watch over the house and pretty much run the show. Blu is Supervisor No. 1 because he’s two years older than Bos and acts like the responsible big brother, while Bos is Supervisor No. 2 and loves to wreak havoc. Both of them are the same breed (we actually got them from the same breeder), but their looks and personalities couldn’t be more different. Blu is on the small side for a sheltie, weighing in at about 20 pounds, while Bos is a whopping 55 pounds and looks more like an Australian shepherd than the Shetland sheepdog he is. Of course, it’s just our luck that the bigger dog is the one constantly getting into trouble! And I don’t mean small-fry trouble — I mean the kind of trouble that makes it necessary to double-secure and baby proof the house. Just last night, for example, I was typing away at my computer in the living room when I heard a rustling, rattling noise coming from the kitchen. At first, I thought it was my son in the kitchen making a snack, but when the noise didn’t stop, I went in to check it out. Instead of my son, I found Bos. He’d somehow managed to get into our pantry and tip over the wastebasket and was busy eating everything he could get his paws on. The kitchen floor was covered in paper plates, chicken wing bones, and a turkey carcass. Bos was having a great time chowing down! That was the second time in two days that Bos gave me his guilty “uh-oh!” look. The time before, he’d decided to go after a goose in the pond near our house. We live on a golf course, and in the off season, the pond is covered in algae, scum, and all sorts of other gross stuff. Still, instead of just standing on the store barking at the goose, Bos decided to launch himself into the pond and try to take a bite out of it. Not surprisingly, he came out of the pond a smelly mess with no goose.

During each of these incidents, Blu did his best to be as far out of the vicinity as he could. He’s the typical older brother — very well behaved, always eats all of his dog food, never gets into mischief — so every time he realizes Bos is about to do something stupid, he hightails it out of there so he won’t be blamed! Gina and I have had dogs for years, but this is the first time we’ve had two at once, and I’ve really loved watching them interact and grow up together. If I’ve learned anything from Blu and Bos, it’s that I shouldn’t take myself too seriously. Every day with the two of them is an adventure, not only because of their shenanigans but also because they’re quite a handful. They’re always hungry, they shed constantly, and they inevitably make messes, so Gina and I have to shrug off a lot of things to stay sane. At the end of the day, I think that lesson has helped us become better people — thanks to our dogs, we’re more relaxed, happier humans! If you have any fun pet stories or photos to share, I’d love to hear them! Next time you touch base with me about an investment opportunity, don’t hesitate to send over some cute puppy pictures, too.

–Darin Garman

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