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Zap That Stubborn Belly Fat Fast! JointCare can help you lose weight and keep it off safely.

That means that if you weigh 200 pounds, your knees are feeling 300. During running, the stress can be as high as 3-4 times our body weight! Now think about that extra holiday weight- if you have stepped on a scale on January 1st and you are up 5 pounds, you might be putting 20 extra pounds of stress into your knees when you try to jog it off. And that’s only one joint. When you go into a deep squat your patellofemoral joint (your knee cap) experiences 8 pounds of stress for every pound of body weight. For a 200 pound person, that’s 1600lbs of stress on the knee!! When you think about it, that’s like a rhinoceros in a full-on charge each time you do a jumping squat during your fitness group classes.

As we jump into the New Year, we mark the end of the “holiday season”- a big season of eating. Beginning on Thanksgiving and through to New Year’s Eve, we celebrate many different holidays and always with delicious food and drinks at the center. Consequently we generally start our year feeling just a bit heavier. In fact, even though we typically lose most of the immediate weight gain, we tend to keep an extra pound. Year after year, that weight starts to accumulate and we get heavier. After 20 years, we have typically put on an extra 20 lbs of belly fat.

and most importantly, pain free. We will ensure that any extra holiday weight does not end up as unnecessary and dangerous stress on your joints while you reach all of your fitness goals. If you are having pain or discomfort with any exercise or would just like tomake sure you are exercising safelymake an appointment with one of our therapists today! We are also proud to announce a new partnership with Wellwright nutrition and health coaching. At Wellwright you will have access to one-on-one counseling to meet your weight loss and healthy lifestyle needs. Wellwright offers everything from basic healthy eating advice to custommeal plans. If you made a Resolution to change you dietary habits this year, book an session at:

This is where the role of the Physical Therapist comes in. A physical therapist is a total body EXPERT, with education and skills to properly assess everymovement and exercise. At JointCare Physical Therapy, we have a full gym in house and can take you through your exercise regimen and teach you safemovement patterns to prevent injury. Did your knees start to hurt when you began your New Year’s Resolution running regimen? Make an appointment with one of our therapists, who will take you through a comprehensive gait and running analysis to ensure you are running safely, effectively,

So it makes sense that if our bodies are changing, so does the type and amount of stress on our joints. When we walk, the stress on our weight bearing joints averages about 1.5 times our body weight. 973-366-1600 •

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