... More H mecoming Festivities

The Hottub!!!

Derrick Baker and his mom. Derrick broke the school record for a ll time rushing yards.

Mr. Hill and Dr. Santa Maria.

Liz Bertucci displaying fashion of the year 2000.

Aglimpse of the tailgate party.

... the Homecoming Pagent

A. C. Adornetto (the editor-in-chief of the Record)

Sorry lisa!... lisa Smith during the talent portion of the pagent.

Carl Burke, the author of "Chuck's Column."

Unfortunately, most of the pictures of the Homecoming Pagent did not turn out well. We decided to put some of them in anyway so that everyone is represented in this years book.

The Queen Candidates...

... And the winners are...

Introducing the King and Queen for Homecoming '99

Natalie Kay Zagara and Shomari James


Fall Candids

. Marv Hill and his father.




~·> ~ instructiOn ·ncluded

Another shot at the tailgate party.

The line- up of inductees into the Cheerleading Squad 1999- 2000.




Can you guess where these Buffalo State locations are?

The following pages feature pictures taken around campus. See if you can identify where and what they are.

1) Some call it a wishing well, some call it a misty summer relief, but in the winter all call it beautiful. .. especially at night.

2)This remote location contains food from years past.

3) For those who can identify this, can you determine it the photographer was facing north, south , east, or west?

4) Centrally located, this little nook is an excellent place to catch up on reading ... weather permitting.

The answers are on the next page.

1) Butler Ice Fountain 2) Moore Complex Dining Hall 3) Resident Towers, facing west 4) Picinic table behind Chase Hall

Ketchum Hall

5) Perfect place for a rest between classes.

6) This building contains architecture popular in the day it was built.

7) "Everything coming up roses ..."

8) Buffalo State or Buffalo Psych .?

The answers are on the next page.

9) This historic building was originally New York State College for Teachers in 1928.

5) Benches outside Rockwell Hall 6) Decoration outside door of Bacon Hall 7) Rose garden beside Theater Arts building 8) Window base on Ketchum Hall

10) This can be found on the east side of campus

11) If you can identify this, where is it located?

The answers are on the next page.

12) Name the location of this piece of work.

9) Rockwell Hall 10) Sculpture outside Rockwell Hall 11) Antique fire hydrant beside Rockwell Hall

13) Both of these sculptures can be found on the eastern side of campus.

The answers are on the next page.

14) What and where is this mysterious object?

15) Fall '99 students will recall this remodeling job.

12) This large sculpture is between the library and the Theater and Broadcasting Building. 13) These are found next to the rose garden on the south side of the Theater and Broadcasting Building .

16) Can you identify this object? Where is it?

17) Towering high above in the sky, th is object is located where?

The answers are on the next page.

Into the mouth of madness!!!

14) A bucket of water located in the front of Rockwell Hall 15) The construction of the new Information booth 16) Rockwell Hall 17) Building south of Central Receiving

Student Challenge:

Since you came this far, see if you can meet this challenge. The Elms Yearbook offers a free yearbook to the first student who can identify where this picture was taken.

ElmsYearbook: 878-4534

" Where old growth is gone, new growth will prevail."


1999Football Bengals: 7 wins, 3 losses; NCAA Playoffparticipants

1999Men's Soccer Team: 9 wins, 10 losses. 1999 Women's Soccer Team: 6 wins, 11 losses, 1 tie.

1999-2000Men's Hockey Team: 7 wins, 13/osses, 4 ties. 1999-2000 Women~ Hockey Team: 6 wins, 10 losses.

1999- 2000Men's Basketball Team: 10 wins, 15/osses. 1999- 2000 Women~ Basketball Team: 21 wins, 5/osses; SUNYACsemifinals.

The Winter of2000 was peaceful and relaxing.

What would the First Winter of the New Millemium at BSC be without the sight of the "frosted over" Butler Fountain, which assumes one of its many forms.

Two deranged BSC students celebrate the fact that they are still alive after surviving the impending doom surrounding the arrival of the New Millenium.Weeee, Now we can go back to attending classes and having deadlines to meet weekly and having to study for exams and losing sleep, not eating properly...

Fall2000 classes begin and thoughts loom of potentially trudging to classes through Buffalo's snow.

The climb to the top of academic success at BSC begins and the winter semester of the year 2000 turns out to be one havingwarmer than normal temperatures and a rather modest snow accumulation. This is in Feburary. Who knows Ozone?

In the Spring term of the year 2000 friends, inspired by the passing of a member ofour Buffalo State College Community, erected a modest tribute to his memory. Peace Kolawole "Tommy" Glover.


Members of CSO demonstrate a Haitan dance routine during a segment of the Cluture Splash extravaganza.

CSO members enjoying Camp Weekend at Wispering Pines. Below Left: The Lovely Ladies of the Caribbean Aerobic Dance Club. Below Right: Slater Joseph Kathy and Damien Arnold participatipants in the Cultural Splash Show.

Left: Sloteur Joseph, Rudy Volce, Melvin Paris,Mike Antonie and Damien Arnold there to represent CSO for their Cultural Splash festivites. Middle Left: The Ambassador of Trinidad & Tobago poses with members of CSO.

Middle Right: Award time for Ashlene Regis.

Multicultural Jeopardywinners.

Members of CSOdemonstrating some of the traditional clothing of the Islands in the Parade ofWraps. ,


Ivan Limbal, Joselynn Torres, Elizabeth Canas and Zobrida Almonte, members of AEL, show you how to really throw a party. Middle Left: Wendy Guzman, Raimona Neal, Zobeida,JulioAbad, Veronica Hernandez and Angie Bonet take the time to prepare a great meal for everyone to enjoy. Middle Right: the very friendly Anige Bonet greets folks as they arrive.

The AEL organization had a packed house for a great night of food, music and entertainment celebrating Latin culture and heritage.

The beautfulladies ofAEL display their fantastic dance steps when performing a native dance during one of the several enterinment portions of the evening.

Middle Right: La Presidenta de AEL,Veronica Hernandez inspects the delicious foods offered at their 30th annual Latin Evening.

The Culture of Latin America was well represented and the atmosphere was terrific.

Agood time was had by all at AEL's Latin Culture Evening as the house was packed and there wasn't a bit of food left.


The year 2000 introduced the opening of the new Underground Coffee Shop where students quitely drink java while studing. There was a time in the 90's when the Underground sold beer. Now there is no beer sold on campus. My, the times they are achangin!

The mild weather of the Spring 2000 term brings the bands out early. Here a BSC band "Molotov Cocktail" plays to a Bengal Pause crowd.

Roots-rock band The Outlyers performs in the Fireside Lounge for the BSC audience. Yes, that,s right it's our very own Dave Meinzer from Press Services.

Look close I think Dave is lip- syncing.

The BSC Gospel Choir gets together to practice some of their songs.


The college President Muriel Howard attempts to inspire the troops to begin the renovation of Moot Hall into a new adminstrative building.Acoupleof individuals hear the call to duty, but appear not to be up to the task, so President Howard decides to take matters into her own hands and show them how it's done.So the NewMillennium brings BSC students anew registration building. Hey, wouldn't registration by phone be easier and cheaper? Oh well, some things, like bureaucracy, never change!

Presented by Casting Hall

1 .:,.

Spring 2000 production of Britannicus. The cast and production staff; Back row; Donn Youngstrom, director, Rolando Gomez, James Fueterer, Dena Harrison, David Kraft, Stacey Muller, Layla DaVias and Marilyn Patti. Front row; Renee Stanczyk, Carlton Franklin, Mike Kon, Mike Young, Emory Marks, Kristen Humbert and Abigail Naan.

Rolando Gomez as Britannicus and Abigail Naan as Junia in a tender scene from the play.

Stage Manager Susan Dickerson demonstrates why she never got one of the leading roles in the 2000 production of Britannicus, as she takes on character. She does give me a pretty good evil eye though.


Members of BSC went to Alfred State College to compete in the 2000 College Bowl Regionals. As you can see, we were proudly represented and the spirit and competitive nature of the BSC Bengals was proudly upheld. And what, you may wonder, was the winning question? Barley, malt, hops and water are the main ingredients in what beverage?

At times, the competetion was extremely tough and BSC student representitives had all they could handle trying to keep their wits and their shorts.

Here College Bowl nffirfl111 'Wflrrh fnr cheat sheets.

Masters student and President of NTSO, Marvin Hill did so well in the competition that Alfred State named a street after him, or did the locals merely attempt to crucify him?

Jane Nyugen enjoying the festivities.

Chow Down Folks!!!

You'll always have someone to talk to... with a mouth full.


More from the Non-Trad Luncheon

What the table looked like before the raid...

Get that camera out of here!!!

Can you believe it? All I got was this ...

President Howard along with other college administrators and representitives of Barnes & Noble break ground for the construction of a new book store to replace the existing facilities.

.. _,' ... ·._ !

A rendition of how the final 3+ million dollar construction project will look.

This area between the Union and the Weigel Health Center will look very different by the begining of the Fall 2000 semester.


Upper left: Tedros Teklzghi and Nhome Ghirmatzion display traditional Eritrian clothing worn on special occasions

Upper right: Tedros Teklzghi, Nhome Ghirmatzion, Minia Berhe, Mehret Yegzaw, Eden and Zenash preforming an Eritriean

dance routine during this International Culture bash.

Somalian heritage was also celebrated with this spirited routine.

Above: AChinese fan dance was performed by these girls who came to BSC just for the event.

Upper left: Flora and Francis show how its done in Honduras.

lowe r l eft: Some of the Cambodian girls from BSC danced a beautiful number that everyone loved.


The band "GEL" with Ricco Lopez, Brenden Ahern, William Lee, Jeremy Wells, Dennis Carpenter and Raymond Smith performed several numbers for their Buffalo State home crowd. The International Fiesta was not one of your ordinary cultural events. Like the great country we live in, different nationalities united on this night to demonstrate the best we have to offer is not achieved individually but rather together as one, and this is demonstrated by the students of BSC to start the new millennium as different cultures unite to put on a fantasic evening for all to enjoy.

Pooja Tivary, Preety Kanwal and Ani Susan Jacob intergrate traditional dance from India with Jamaican Reggae.

The multi-cultural composition of Buffalo State College was proudly displayed and celebrated at the International Fiesta 2000, with d ance, music, native dress and traditional foods that are just some contributio ns offered by the many diverse cultures that are represented here as part of our student population.


G National SocietyofBlack Engineers A N I z

A T I 0 N s

0 R

Arts Center R Buffalo State College Center for the Performing Arts

G A N I z A T I 0 N s


0 The Greeks 2000 R Fraternites and Sororities

G A N I z A T I 0 N s


0 The Greeks 2000 R Fraternites and Sororities

G A N I z A T I 0 N s


2000Organizations Chai Jewish Students Organization

2000 Organizations The German Club

WBNY 91.3FM Buffalo's Original Alternative

WildernessAdventures Hiking and Boating Excursions

ISO International Students Organization

AASO African American Students Organization

AASO Asian American Students Organization

AEL Adelante Estudiantes Latinos

cso Caribbean Students Organization

2000 Organizations Casting Hall Theater Productions and CCC

UCF University Christian Fellowship

NTSO Non-Traditional Students Organization

2000 -~~ anizations Big Brothers andBig Sisters ofErie Co.


Communication Department Janet E. Ramsey - Chair Charles Y. Adair Susan Banks Brady Laura H. Brown Timothy J. Brown Bruce G. Bryski Timothy C. Busch Marian T. Deutschman Paul J. DeWald Madonna M. Figura Janet A. Kaye Thomas R. McCray Ronald L. Rabin William E. Raffel Sallie G. Randolph Ronald D. Smith Elizabeth Urbanski-Ferrell Bradford R. Watts RichardWWhitaker

Jill Nash ~~!s~~~e?logy Department Simeon W. Chilungu William E. Engelbrecht Lydia M. Fish Dennis L. Gaffin

Chemistry Department Gregory W. Ebert - Chair

Donald D. Mitchell Elizabeth S. Pena ArtConservation Department Christopher F. Tahk- Chair

Kelly A. Aures

Surjit Singh

KimberlyA. Bagley Thomas A. Donovan WilliamS.Durfee Scott M. Goodman Robert L. Rominger

Richard C. Sobers Jr. AnneMarie Sokol

Irene Brueckle James F. Hamm Dan A. Kushel Jennifer L. Mass Jonathan L. Thornton ArtEducation Department Michael E. Parks - Chair Lucy Andrus Cheryl M. Hamilton Katherine B. Hartman

Ruth A. Steward

Computer Information Systems Department Lawrence W. Scott - Chair Charles G. Arbutina Robert A. Clark John T. Favata William Lin Raymond Lonsdale Carl H. Maeher

Layman H. Jones Jr. Carrie A. Marcotte Joseph R. Piccillo

Anthony J. Nowakowski BarbaraAnn Sherman Charles J. Wertz

John F. Siskar John P. Truax

Carole Woodlock Mary L. Wyrick


BiologyDepartment Randal J. Snyder- Chair Beverly D. Dow

Douglas P. Easton Cheryl M.Fellows James D. Haynes Karen S. Huffman-Kelly

Hadar Isseroff Javier Penalosa 1 Gary W. Pettibone

Howard P. Riessen Edward A. Standora Gregory J. Wadsworth Thomas D. White

Criminal justice Department John H.L. Song - Interim Chair Catherine F. Collins Joanne Dubuque James G. Fox

James R.Gillham Scott L. Johnson Sam Maislin Caroline Patchel Robert D. Pursley Debra E. Ross Matthew J. Starr


Business Department Michael J. Littman - Chair Solochidi oL Ahiarah

Marjorie Kolbmann Thomas J. Morrisey Kevin F. Mulcahy Daniel S. Ricigliano Benjamin D. Sackmary Lynne M. Scalia Howard R. Stanger

CarolS.Bradley John L. DeNisco Leonard R. Graziplene

Dale W. Janowsky Andrew J. Joniak Joseph M. Kelly

Design Department Stephen F. Saracino - Chair James P. Astrella Lori M. Christmastree Suzann P. Denny

Sharon R. Mendola James F. Morris Terry A. Postero Richard J. Ross Rand L. Schuster Gregory Stewart Marianne N.Vallet-Sandre

Robert J. Dray John J. Jauquet Sally R.Kilmer Arlette J. Klaric Jane Lily MaryVirginia Lohr

Robert L. Wood Barry R. Yavener

PerformingArts Department Donna E. McCarthy - Chair

English Department Kevin J. Railey - Chair Ana M.Acosta Charles R.Bachman Geraldine E. Bard Barbara T. Bontempo Ann C. Colley Edward P. Comentale Nancy B. Deal Chris Devenney

Robert A. Patterson Crystal H. Reinoso Gretchen Rowe Audry M. Shafer Gerry Trentham Tracey A. Trietley Thomas E. Witakowski Donn M. Youngstrom

Carol Y. Beckley Ivan Docenko Jr. Eileen F. Dugan Gregory E. Faust James F. Mabry III John K. Maguda Charles Mancuso Terence R. McDonald Myron H. Nadel

James M. Keech Jr. Carole E. Knuth Marvin J. LaHood David E. Lampe David W. Landrey Susan M. Leist Anthony J. Lewis Jonathan Pitts Tamara A. Rabe Thomas J. Reigstad Joan WRoberts Karen Sands Aimable Twagilimana Ralph L. Wahlstrom Craig G. Werner

Linda Drajem John F. Dwyer Gary Ernst Bernhard Frank MarciaGliszczynski June I. Hesch Melvin J. Hoffman David L. Karnath

Philosophy & Religious Studies George T. Hole - Chair Marianne C. Ferguson James 0. Grunebaum David A. Hunter Allen H. Podet Lansing R. Pollock Lee R. Snyder Paul W. Steller


Economics & Finance Department Douglas G. Koritz- Chair Theodore F. Byrley Susan M. Davis

Nancy L. Herrmann YungM.Kim Stephen M. Pendleton Alex J. Ratkowski

Frederick G.Floss William T. Ganley Curtis Haynes Jr.

Dr. A. Ratkowski

Dr. C. Haynes

Mathematics Department Tom M.Giambrone- Chair

Exceptional Education Department Sarita C. Samora - Interim Chair Bruce R. Baum Judith A. Bondurant-Utz Sheila Chizuk Maria D. Cruz-Torres Warren L. Gleckel Carmen J. Iannaccone Carol A. Julian Laurie L. McCarty Donna M. Manuele Michaelene M. Meger Dennis G. Mike David J. Pomerantz Mark P. Posluszny Sharon L. Raimondi Katherine C. Sacca Racquel J. Schmidt Marueen A.Smith Kathleen N. Steinwachs

Educational Nutrition, Foundations Hospitality & Department Fashion

Joseph Barback

Suk Y. Oh - Chair Liza K. Abraham David Brinson Tina Colaizzo-Anas Vincent Dragone

Betty Cappella - Chair Barbara J. Bardak Donald E. Carter David T. Converse Noreen N. Cronin Wanda Davis Frank P. Diulus Timothy L. Gallineau

Dennis P. Brzezinski Joaquin 0. Carbonara

Scott W. Crass

Daniel W. Cunningham

Kelly A. Gaddis James Guyker Luella H. Johnson Karen S. Koehler

Colleen H. Frey

Ramratti Goolsarran

Donna M. Hayes

Kathleen M. O'Brien Elaine M. Polvinen

James A.Gold Albert Grande

Betty J. Krist

Tejaswini Rao

Peter R. Mercer

Frederick C. Howe

Cherry M. Searle

Robin Sue Sanders

Nancy J. Kraus

Lori L. Till

Paul J. Schillo

James Patrick Lalley

Dasna Turnbull

Eileen M.Schoaff

Robert Macey

John J. Slivka

Speech Language

Rudolph P. Mattai Joseph J.Moran James L. Palermo John N. Popovich James D.Rotella Kathlyn Wiggins- Walter Polka

Julius M. Tepedino

Sarah Thule Lubienski

Pathology Gary W. Jones- Chair


SallyA. Arnold


Karen E. Bailey-Jones Deborah M. Insalaco

John T. Thompson Phillip A. Weaver Idajean Windell Rene E. Wroblewski Charmayne Zieziula

Gerard J. Puccio - Chair

Roger L. Firestien Jon Michael Fox Mary C. Murdock Catherine Schultz

BernadetteAnn Kurzawski


Nancy J. Lund

Sara H. Mann Kahris Helen Thielke JaniceA.Weinstein Barbara Weitzner-Lin


FineArts Department Sylvia D. Bakos - Chair Harriet Blitzer Robert W. Brock Lm 1\.1ll Jwng Francis R. Kowsky

Amy Schwartzott Peter J. Sowiski jllmc~ L. t.;ylv1a

Leslie R. Krims Paul D.Martin Joseph A. Miller Constance L. Payne Kenneth V. Payne


Elementary Education & Reading Department Maria Cepranu- Chair Beverly A. Bartel Angela F. Bumbalo Leslie E. Chambers Leslie K. Day HenryS. Dowski Lois T. Frazita Richard F. Frazita David R. Henry Julie J.Henry Kay Johnson-Gentile John F. Beaver Elfreda V. Blue

Jill E. Kinney Lenore). Levy Peter W. Loehr Rosemary P. Lonberger Kathleen A.Miller

Vera A.Monroe Kathryn Moran Rosemary K. Murray Wendy A. Paterson Stephen F. Phelps

Coralee S. Smith Carol A. Stevens Diane M. Truscott Sarah D. Weidler

History and Social Studies Education Department Edward 0. Smith Jr. - Chair David A.Carson

Mark G. Jaede Henry J. Lang

Jean E. Richardson Julius P. Slavenas Lester J. Szabo

Nicholas P. Cushner Nuala M. Drescher Richard Filipink Linda E.Fusco Donald R. Hetzner Richard W. Hill Sr.

Michael C. Lazich Kenneth S.Mernitz William I. Mitchell Andrew D. Nicholls Ralph J. Raico

Dr. D. Carson

Foreign Language Department LucyM. Schwartz - Chair Maria L. Assad Heidi E. Dietz Faletti Maria I. Garrett Andrea Guiati Deborah L. Hovland Michael Johnson Carol B. Kirby Maria M. Leyte Mark G. Littlefield Jaime Martinez-Tolentino Elaine McKee Rafika Merin i Joseph V. Nardiello Raul F. Neira

J. Javier Ortiz-Calderon Karen M, Pott Neil H. Rudin Phillip Santiago


Geography and Planning Departntent Raymond W. Waxmonsky - Chair Reginald Oliver Carroll

Cheryl L. Burns Marsha L. Moses Lisa Cote Mullen Jennie J. Silverman

Physics Department Dewayne A. Beery- Chair Michael J. DeMarco David J. Ettestad Edward S. Gleason Om P. Rustgi

Political Science Department Anthony T. Neal - Chair Ram Desai Abdul H. Raoof

Earth Sciences and Science Education Department Stephen J. Vermette - Chair Richard J. Batt Donald L. Birdd Robin Lee Harris Freedman

SimonPeter Gomez Keith M.Henderson

Sarah Slavin

Health & Wellness Department Stephen E. Schwartz - Interim Chair Catherine G. Ansuini Richard D.Heller Christopher Hubert

John A.Grant III Robert E. Horvat WilliamW. Korth John E. Mack John G. Murtaugh Jill K. Singer Dennis M. Torok

Linda O'Donnell Scott W. Roberts


Psychology Department Jerry F. Cataldo - Chair Robert P. Delprino

Howard M. Reid Pamela Schuetze-Pizarro Michael J. Scozzaro MaryV.Wyly Michael J. Zborowski

Gary W. Heiman Jurgis Karuza Jr. Sam LoGiudice Bradley A. Lawn Michael G. MacLean

John B. Morganti Jill M. Norvilitis

Social Work Department Patrick J. Dexter - Chair Christopher B. Aviles David R. Chudy Louis A. Colca Eddie Davis Jesse P. Grossman Ellen Thomson Kennedy Shirley A. Lord

Ronnie E. Mahler Barbara A. Mattai Phyllis B. Pomerantz Deborah K. Renzi Linda Schlichting-Ray David P. Wegenast Joseph Yogtiba

Sociology Department Virginia E. Grabiner - Chair Cheryl Marie Albers

Carl B. Backman Anne S.Borden Gerhard J.Falk Eric J. Krieg M. Bahati Kuumba Erin E. Robinson Allen C. Shelton Ron Stewart


Technology Department PeterS. Pawlik- Chair Stephen N. Andre

Anthony J. Hotchkiss David J. Kukulka Ronald C. Matusiak Kelly A. McNeight John S. Montague Johnathan R. Nash Susan A. Niescier James M. Shea Richard A. Stempniak Robert J. H. Zuercher

David J. Andruczyk Proves R. Banks Jr. ~tcvcn U.lJarktr Richard A.Butz Mohan S. Devgun John J. Earshen

Deborah Rindfuss Ellis Stephanie R. Goldbert Ilya Y. Grinberg

Buffalo State Bookstore The Bookstore is scheduled to move into a new space for the first time in decades. By the fall of 2001 the newconstruction behind the student union will be open offering more services, such as a modern bookstore-coffee bar, for the students of the future .


Dr. Phil Santa Maria Dr. Santa Maria is the Dean ofStudents, and often the best friend a student could have on campus.While all sorts of trouble shooting, organizing and advocating keeps him busy, Phil still finds time to play guitar with his jazz combo (called "Santa Maria" naturally).

.l.~ ,,,, -i:U "§!!· ~


. .; Faculty & Staffofthe Year- 2000



Honors Convocation

The Buffalo State Honors Convocation is a very special event designed to pay tribute to students who have achieved academic excellence, while reinforcing the real meaning of the college experience - learning about truth through higher education. Selected faculty are also honored because they are chosen for thei r "excellence in teaching" and success in "connecting" with their students - the ultimate professional dream of all great teachers.

Philosophy professor Jill

Nash (left) and College Provost Gary Marotta

(right) were among the speakers.

The event was held in the Rockwell Hall auditorium in late April.














Commencement Graduation is such a grand moment that students usually try to get as many of their parents, grandparents, siblings, husbands, wives, children, boyfriends, girlfriends, and best friends to come and celebrate with them. So it wasn't surprising to see lots of happy people gathering outside the BSC Sports Arena on Saturday, May 13, 2000 for the 128th Baccalaureate Ceremony.








I - -

Commencement 2000



The graduates assembled in the ice rink to sing-in and line up ... and to check themselves in the mirror, greet professors and make sure their custom-decorated mortar boards were in order.


The Ceremony The students filed into the Sports Arena along with the speakers and the college faculty. "The Star Spangled Banner" was sung by the Buffalo State College Chamber Choir and then various awards, addresses and honorary degrees were part of the program. Finally, as they walked across the stage, the graduates received their degrees .


The main commencement address was delivered byOscar Arias Sanchez (below right), former president ofCosta Rica and 1987 Nobel Peace laureate. Sanchezwas also given an HonoraryDoctorate of Humane Letters.

BSC PresidentMuriel Howard addressed the assembly and presented awards and degrees.


A. C. Adornetto, class of2000 and Editor in Chief of the Record student newspaper gave the student address at both the morning and afternoon ceremonies.

Ayanna Shohi Perrin received the Chancellor's Award and the President's Medal.

Distinguished AlumnusChristine N. Thrun (1981) is an accomplished business executive.

Clare M. Cavanaugh was given a SUNY Chancellor's Award for Student Excellence.

An HonoraryDoctorateofHwnane Letters was also awarded to preservationistRobert J. Kresse. 179

ShawFestival Director ChristopherNewton received anHonorruyDoctorateofHwnane Letters

Community Leader Ernestine R. Green ( 1959) was named a Distinguished Alumnus.

,..,... 1. J

Buffalo State \'II ( j' ' I 1 r j t !If 't' ,, t II T {•




... it's on to "real life''.



Kimberly A. Schierer Sara E. Schumacher Stephen L. Siler Tammy L. Smith· Vivian A. Smith Rhonda E. Smolokoff· Daniel E. Sonntag rlrian ). Stachowski

Brian IV. Dlugoz

jeiTrer /\1. Matthews"'

Spring A. Usborne

Michael P. Majewski Angela E. Mosseau

jere L. Dolan

Elena V. Mauro

Kersis Velez jenny Velo7

DECEMBER 1999 Annamarie Abbott Timothy P. Aguglia' Mindy M. Banfield''' Mary M. Barone joshua L. Bauer' ' Nicole G. Bibaut Robert A. Bohnstadt Dominique Bouillon jennifer L. Brown Andrew F. Browne" Marc C. Bruno Miriam I. Bustos Anthony Camacho Charles j. CappeUino Jr. Shawn D. Cassidy Alison V. Churchill Catherine E. Clayton jennifer N. Comisso Robert M. Coolidge Jasmin S. Cullins Rebekah N. Davis Thomas A. Deitrick Denise M. Domagala Benton j. Fazzolari Shannon M. Ferguson lleather M. Fisher Leeann N. Flewellyn· •• William C. Glassner Timothy). Gourlay Michael j. Greenwald Shannon K. Gukich Richard A. llaU IV jesse j. Cooke )ennyLee j. Janish· •'t Christian M. johnson Sloteur J. Joseph Wendi S. Kana john M. Keesler'" Michael T. Kimball Susan F. Kirkland Stephanie Kozacki Mary K. Kubanet Robert E. Kupczyk• Michael A. Leon Heather L. Leumer Assunta Liberale lvtichele A. March Heather A. McDonnell julje A. Arlotta Antonino Carlino Amy Casey TerraL. lnvin Andria A. ~lontro~e Charles F. Morlock Karen K. I>! osier Allene\'. ~loskal Maureen A. Murphy Sara M.l\adolny Michael A. Nanni Atsuko Nishida Sarah M. Nowak Melissa A. Peterson Maryjanc Pinzone Arya Nasier Alicia 1>1. Mowry Keith E. ~lesmer Daniel E. Meyer Kinga J\1. ~lierzcjewski Daniel H. Moles

Elizabeth A. Donnelly- Daniel P. Dore Kristy A. Dulak Djenane Durosier jonathan ). Duval' Michael G. Engleman Renee A. Faulhaber Brandon P. Fazzolari

William). Mayville Jr. jennifer L. McCluskey Shawn E. McDonnell Cherita R. McDuffie

I\! ark G. :\aylon

jason 11. Voisine! DwayneT. Waithe Michael C. Walck A lease T. Watson Christine L. Wcigel jeffrey S. Welton" • Mary). Westlake Maeghan L. Whelan Auria I. White' Lori A. Wienke AmyL. Williams jeremai D. Williams Kimberly /\1. Williams·

Leigh A. Ostrander· john M. Paananen•

Sara M. Pitt'*'

Robert P. Menter

jennifer A.Quagliata'

Sherry D.Middleton

Todd j. RusseW

John F. Stanton

Neil P. Miller

Bridget M. Shannon Stacey L. Simons Doreen E. Stillwell"' Catherine II. Ward Scott R. Watterson

Sandra A. Miller"

Christopher M. Szczepanski

Shiori Toyoda Adam P. Troidl

Sarah M. fedde Anne C. Feldman 1\lichael T. Ferrara

Tina M. Miller

Rashid D. Minott Daniel j. Mitchell Erin M. Mitrus john M. Monetti jennifer L. Moore Abigail L. Naan•• Daniel B. Nagurney john j. Nimmo•.. ~1aureen T. O'Brien•» Danelle L. O'Connell jason M. O'Toole Dawn V. Ogden John B. Oropallo Shawn A. Pace john P. Paluszynski Lisa ~I. Xoetzel

Kenneth II. Vanterpool Jr.

jeffrey A. Fink

Jamal A. Waldron Rashon C. \l'aUace

jessica M. Fitzpatrick


joseph A. Wawrzyniak jacqueline M. Weaver jennifer L. Whitson Tammy L. Wolfgang Victor ~I. Wright• Kari ann Zwicslcr William L. Zylinski Maria A. Wishart Musa IJ. Abdul-Alim Mona M. Abdulla james M. Adamy Amy C. Adornetto Darryl D. Andrzejewski Anthony C. Antonacci Christen D. Archer' A'don Allen Ill Arnie R. Beckmann Craig L. Benjamin Patricia K. Bernard Arthur D. llernhard Elizabeth A. Bertucci Kathleen A. Betts' jeanne L. Blenker Kevin M. Bliss Melinda S. Block ChrisM. Callari Anna Campagnale jennifer B. Carlson Michelle A. Carlson Nicole M. Carter Brian D. Cassick" - Marquest V. Castillo Roderick j. Castle III MAY2000 Noel T. Abboud Erin E. Arrigo )o S. Austin Brian Bailey Erica L. Bailey Paula A. Baker jessica A. Ball julia L. Beck judith K. Clonan-Smith Tara N. Colangelo· Kimberley I.. Connors Daniela A. Cosmano Astrid A. Cowen JeffreyS. Crawford Shawn j. Conrad Donia M. Clark james A. Clemons

jennifer L. Foster Deette A. Frary

Michael A. DiBattista

:.latalie L. Wilson Sandy D. Wilson·'

Marla Fuhon


Lellendro R. Gadson

Jill M. Wojcik

~lark D. Wolfe'· Kevin C. Wrona Lyubov Yclinson· ••

Phyllis K. Gervan


Kenneth C. Giangreco Frank W. Gillespie Melody A. Gonez Carlton L. Gordon Christopher W. Gordon januaryM. Gordon MarkW. Gordon Max D. Grabowski•··

Colleen F. Agen

Cdward W. Ahrens'" Tracy L. Aliquo Rafael Amarante Tiffany D. Anderson Kate E. Applegate jacquelyn R. Atkinson Katie R. Augustine Philomena A. Bakowski Toni M. Behrano Kathryn E. Benfanti Craig L. Benjamin jessica M. Bennett jonathan C. Berg·• julie-ann Asmus Eugene L. Batt Jr. Glenn L. Bauernfeind Brandy A. Blanchard Urian R. Blaszak Ronald C. Bloom II Philip A. Blum April D. Boling Vanessa Boodhoo Nathan R. Boorman Danielle M. Bouquin' Mary A. Boyles" ' David K. IJraun Amy M. Brewer Michael Broderick Stacey M. Brol'" Denise R. Buehler" • Margaret A. Burkard' AmyM. Burke ~Iegan A. Burns Brian E. Burton Paul D. Caban )oelle ~1. Calandra Philip L. Campanella Staci K. Carter•· • David). Casterline't Sarah M. Castonguay judith P. Catalano Kristen Catalano Caron F.Cavalieri Nicole M. Cefaratti David T. Celano Gail F. Chapin"' Linda A. Chilson··' Mirnali Cintron Eleanor S. Coffey Courtney S. Cogar Xicole Caputi jason R. Bieniek Zoe ~I. Brown Sean C. Bruno••

AUGUST2000 Tracy A. Agnello

jerry Alexis

joyce E. Brunson Rebecca R. Carroll Crystal M. Emser PaulS. Giampaolo Carrie A. Grant"' Marsha A. Greaves

William W. Pick jeannine C. Piper Sara M. Pitt" ' Tasha Y. Pratcher joseph G. Puleo )arosbw K. Pulit

Aaron D. Grandin

Michael j. Habitzruther

Ethel R. Hackett

Debra A. Haley-Weyer

Ryan A. Harder Isaac A. llawley

Stacey T.llunt Kari L. Kramer Stacy E. Lewis Rheba j. Logan

llenjamin L. Randle Ill"

Shannon R. Hermansen Deborah A. Hersee"·

Tamara T. Ray

Elizabeth A. Ra)'bon Diana L. Raymond

Alex Hilario Kristen j. Hill

Russell). Marche~~

Tolley C. Reeves

Lisa M is~ico

Sherry L. Hubbard· ' · l>leghan V. Hycner

Christopher M. Regan

Lea M. Mitchell Kara V. ~lusall Brent P. 1-:yland

K~isha R. Reid Daniel A. Rinelli

james A. Jacka Keith T. jackson

Katharine L. Robert David 13. Rubin'" Danielle L. Russell William A. Ryder Suzanne M. Schuler Tara R. Seiler Brian R. Shaffer Daniel). Shanahan jane C. Shanahan Natalie Shipman Adelle A. Shutts Alison M. Skalski Sheri L. Small Debra A. Smith Joshua M. Smith Scott R. Smolarek" Sarah K. Rusin Stacer :\.Spinelli Terence M. Stanton Gregory R. Stepien judith R. Stewart Gregory A. Stone Kevin A. Strade Derrick j. Swartz' David Szczepanek Andrea j. Szymanski Evelyn j. Thompson Christopher R. Tkach Alison M. Tollncr· •· Naoyuki Takeda April M. Solecki Christian D. Solecki Rebecca Soto

Kathleen A. O'Brien

Elizabeth D. jahreis• Jeanine R. johnson Timothy P. johnson joyce A. Kaminski Anne L. Kasrnier Shannon M. Keck

Yasuo Oi lloon Paik

Michael Paluch

Akilah K. Robinson

Michael A. Robinson jr.

Deborah A. Schwagler-Hengel jose A. Rodiiguez


Eric M. Schmidt jaime L. Slavetskas Susan L. Tibbetts Shawn M. Tierney Renard j. Vickerie Jodi L. Wagstaff Calvina M. Wilkins

jacquelyn P. Kenney

Fdiks Kiliski David j. Kisker

Stephanie K. Kokinos lnthadeth Komany ~lark E. Koncikowski Timothy E. Konieczny Keith R. Kowalewski


Brian S. Krol

Mauhew T. Krueger J\lichael j. Kwarciany

DECEMBER1999 Faye M. Colosi•

Roy D. Lalleur

Angelo J. Gallea

Gwen A. Lagoda• • Michael). Lazzaro

Katrina D. Lindstrom joelle M. Scoville Elizabeth E. Speyer Gabriela Zegarra

john R. Leathcrbarrow' Bridgette A. Legge Daniel E. Lindell Kimberly M. Lisosky Kiersten L. Locrzel


Farola T. Creft

Teri-lynn Burke Markenzy Cesar

Brian E. Lucas' ·

Kimberly A. Cunningham Linda A. [)'Amore-O'Grady

F. j. Lucca

Wai Cheung

Scoll j. MacDuffee Sianne N. 1\lahoney Elizabeth C. Mahood Kristy M. Mangel'

jessica L. Ernst Paul A. Feraldi' Michael T. ~crrara Kristin C. Graham Kohei Hirota •· Donna E. Keesser

Shanna A. Damptey

Aaron C. Danney-Brooks

Tanya M. Riley

Austin Davoren

Cynthia L. Dempsey Craig A. Diederich

Christopher M. Rinc" •t

Shea C. Marohn :\ancr 0. ~lasse

Lisa ~I. Risio

Kevin C. Dinino

Curt M. Rotterdam

Roberto Torres

Erin E. Collier


• cum laude •• magna cum laude •· • summa cum laude t dual degree

Kelly M. McElhinny Shannon D. McFee Daniel]. McGrath ]ill M. McNamara·· Robert J. McNulty lleather L. Miles Daniclle L. Militello james W. Miller Diana M. Miranda Thomas E. Mohring Jr. Anthony]. Monelli

Sharon A. Badach Corey F. Baehre Tamatha S. Baker Michelle L. Baldwin Alan]. Balsdon Carrie E. Barden Gary C. Barleue Lomax L. Barnes Danny]. Barretor Lori A. Bartlemus Shamiah L. Barton"

Amy L.lmiola Vanessa Irizarry A. Isaacson Eric T. Ivancic

Mandy Carvalho Santos I. Cayetano

Alfred M. Colucci Brent]. Conner Kevin J. Conrad' Michael J. Conway Darren M. Coon Jason T. Cooper Stacey M. Cristiano• · Gabriel M. Cuddahee Stephen D. Currier Karen A. Craig

Daniel Sonnenreich Coleman Spate Jr. Thomas W. Spence Gaylon ]. Speth Daryl]. Springer Dana M. Stanley Carrie L. Stewart jennifer D. Sturtz

jason D. Cefaly

Marietta A. Celeste' Bianca A. Ceneviva Heather N. Cerrie Faith B. Chambers

Jonathan L. jackson Kristin M. Jaeger

]amia L. james Steven H. Jeffery

Yu Y. Changn

jonathan C. Jennings Kathleen A. Jensen Carson C. Johnson Jody C. Johnson• julie A. Johnson· Molly R. johnson Nakia D. johnson Cleo A. jones Brent F. jordan Victoria L. juda Lisa]. justin•· Thomas J. Karpe Bryan K. Kelley Kristin G. Kelly Stephen P. Kern Shannon M. Keyes Garfield R. Knott Jill E. Koelemeyer Vicki L. Koeppen Erin J. Kabel Glen M. Kern

Allyson E. Chauncey Brenda K. Chavers Cynthia R. Cheatham SimoneT. Christian Andrew]. Church Christopher E. Ciamaga


Bradley K. Swiech•• Yvonne R. Tabon Kenneth P. Tangelder II jessica P. Taranto Warren]. Thomas Dawn M. Thompson Linda J. Tredinnick Sandra M. Tresino· · • ~1ichael P. Trzybinski Auguste 0. Tunon Aaron M. Vanderlip Robert R. Triscari

Michael J. Curtis Erik J. Daniels

james L. Basham

TammyA.Mott james K. Myers Michael A. Nanni Lisa M. :-.lapierala

Oscar Batista

Gretchen V. Daugherty'·

Dianne M. Day Naomi D. Deas A lisa J. Dejoseph Nicole K. Del Prince Kristen E. Delano·· jennifer L. Demarsh

jeanine R. Battaglia Eden]. Baumgardt Susan F. Baumgartner

janice L. Ciesielski

Michelle L. Napierala Dimitria M. Naskos Stephen]. Na,~otniak· Nicholas]. Newman

Beth J. Cirbus

Betty J. Becker

Katherine A. Clark Dina M. Claroni Colleen P. Oearyl Kathleen A. Cleary

Chad A. Becker·· Steven A. Seeley Nancy J. Beenau

Ryan A. Dick

Kan V. Nguyen Abigail Nieves

Lisa J. Bencic

Jeffrey N. Clift

Julian S. Dickman Michael R. Dodge

Danielle A. Nixon•

Conique C. Benjamin

Jennifer G. Clouden jessica A. Coccionitti •

MariaN. Vannelli

Gary D. Benker Minia Berhe

jeffrey]. Dole

John P. Nuuy

Christopher M. Varkonda

Emily-Kate Donnery Valerie M. Draper jennifer L. Drewniak Loretta A. Driskel Walter]. Dudek" Cory A. Dikat" Erik J. Dzikowski jason M. Eastman

Timothy P. O'Rourke Carrie A. Oliver· ' Elizabeth M. Oliver

Cecilia I. Cole Mary L. Colvin

Kimberly V. Vogel Rhonda M. Wagner jennifer M. Watters

Eric J. Beris

Jason N. Bernhard

William T. Connelly"· Kelly J. Connors•••

Jillian K. Oswald Peter]. Padilla Anjali Pannu'' •

john D. Belli Robin L. Bicl

Sarah]. Weis Susan M. Weis

Jamie L. Cook Jeffrey F. Cook•• Sheneva A. Cooper Terrance L. Cooper Denise A. Coppola Andrew]. Corby

Anne M. Bielinski

Michael A. Weishaar

AmyL. Komm

Richard A. Parker Jr. Aakta A. Patel• James C. Persons Erik A. Petersen joshua D. Peterson Kimberly R. Pettigrew

Laura Ann Wells, posthumous Brian]. Bingeman•

Kathleen A. Kosman'

Richard E. Bishop Rhonda C. Bivins

joan M. Wheeler' Paul D. Whissei• George W. White jeffrey T. Willardt Aaron E. Williams Kenneth Williams Jr. Michael Wisniewski Amy C. Womick'" Reagan A. Worling Edward K. Wormuth Daniel]. Wick J.Winhlll

David J. Ehrle

Todd E. Kramer Laura L. Krantz Shawn E. Krasa

Torrey]. Black

Bonnie L. Eschborn Jeffrey /II. Eshelman

Kimberly M. Blanding

Iris A. Costner

Jeffrey M. Krautheimer•

Brenda K. Bloom

Pamela A. Cournyea

Dale 0. Falck

Kelly]. Boaz•

Elizabeth M. Kreavy

Kristen M. Pfeil GraceT. Phillips Patrick II. Phillips David /11. Picone judith A. Pirela· · Karen A. Prezyna Mary K. Probst

Kelly M. Coyle

Michael V. Fazio

Marisa L. Crane.. Sara J. Crean· Amber E. Cress Paul M. Crowley Scott G. Culley Tracy L. Cummings jessica G. Curatolo Michael F. Curley Laurie A. Curtis'' Vincent M. Cutrona Ronald C. Cycon Corinna L. Czyz ]abulani M. Danisa Charles E. Davis Jr. Gary N. De james Christina F. Dejesus Sandra L. Cuniowski••• Donald C. Cunningham• • Karla A. DeSpirt Christina M. Dean Daniel J. Delaney Daniel M. Della Vella Stacey Delprince-Mejak Elizabeth A. Derbecker jennifer M. Desiderio Heather A. Desimone Melissa Dewyer Paul D. Diebold Rodney C. Dietrich Stacey C. Dirzuweit Jennifer C. Dobstaff Michael P. Doherty Ronald J. Doherty Jr. Erich J. Dixon Joseph Demarco JeffreyS. Dennee

jonathan M. Fedrick Carrie A. Feeley Heather A. Ferrizz Madonna /II. Figura• •• Christina Fonseca Edwin L. Frazier Shanita M. Freeman Edwin H. Fritz IV WilliamS. Garlapo Amerique J. Garvin Dennis M. Gaspar janice Flynn· ·

Michael Krisk

Anthony C. Boncore

Timothy M. Kubiak StephenS. Kucera Elizabeth C. Kukoda· Daryl P. LaMoy"' Kathryn M. Lafferty Paulette A. Laporta Kelly A. Kyle

justin S. Booth

/llichael V. Booth• Michelle A. Booth' · • Mark]. Botticello Paul G. Bowers Racheal E. Bowers Diana L. Bradley'" Laura]. Brandt Kristen H. Brave t Terri M. Brennan Kathleen E. Brock Michelle F. Brodhead Andrew). Bronstein Stephanie A. llrooke Cynthia L. Brown Gregory R. Brown Marvin S. Brown Ryan D. Brown· Ricky 0. Brown Jr. Tisha D. Bruno· Trishawnda D. Bryant Amy M. Bujnicki Kirk L. Bullard··· Rachel M. Bunch /llichael G. Burgess Mollie R. Burgess· Susan L. Burghardt.. ' Kari ]. Bridges

Ebony E. Prophet-Riley

Craig T. Wythe Jayne M. Yates

john F. Pulito

Kelly M. Leatherbarrow•••

Roland S. Rachinger

Kolleen M. Yuhnke

Michelle R. Leemer Ellen F. Lefort•"

jeannie Radu Kelly L. Ralph

Igor M. Yusim

Kimberly Zbieszkowski Kimberly S. Zcltman Derek A. Zimmerman

Amy]. Lembitz Roy 0. Lennon

Marvin J. Reaves Linda K. Reese Jeffrey P. Reisner Paul A. Renzoni jennifer C. Rick Mark R. Ricupito Mary M. Robillard Timothy K. Robinson

Ralph D. George jennifer L. Gerfin Soyenia Gibson Michael E. Glorioso

Sheri B. Levitsky** Robert P. Levy Allen]. Lewis Seth B. Links Renee M. Lippa Robert A. Long Ernest L. Lorson Kevin E. Lubkowski


Nicolette Acker

Christopher]. Goldstein

Patricia L. Ackerman Andrea M. Adams Michael D. Adams

Kelly M. Gomez

Stephen 0. Gooden Steven T. Graser Kathryn M. Griffith··• Courtney A. Gruttadauria•

John A. Rocco

Eric J. Adolf

Erik K. Ronhovdee

Lee E. Akers Jr. Karrie L. Alben Robert]. Alessi•

DavidS. Russo Stacy R. Ryan

Jason M. Lustig Dorothy T. Ly

Lisa B. Guenther

john A. Gullo

Kenneth J. Machelski

~largaret L. Salamone

Zobeida A. Almonte Ernesto A. Alvarez Richard W. Alvord•

Luke D. Salerno Islam K. Sallaj

jennifer A. llacker·" Scott E. Handschumaker

Kelly T. Mager

Loc B. Mai

Michelle T. Majchrzak Colleen M. Malone Michael A. Mangone Lorena L. Mantione Melissa A. Marlow Rico A. Marotto Carrie A. Marts• Paul F. Mathews Erik]. Mattoon Kerry A. McClure Marie E. McCrea Heather A. McDonnell Angela D. McDowell' Michael Mann

Steven P. Sammarco Michael G. Sarachman jennifer M. Sardone Elizabeth S. Schanbacher

Kymberly A.llarris

Terry C. Ameno Eric C. Amodeo

Erik J. Hauck''

Shannon K. Hayes Jeffrey D. Helmbrecht Mindy ].llemmelgarn Melissa J. Hcnnekey Justin F. llenning Christopher S. llcnry

Monique S. Anderson Tennille M. Anderson

jeffrey M. Burke'

Eric C. Schmidt' Andrea M. Selva · William T. Seyler Faina Shperling john R. Sicienski Aileen K. Smith' ·· jacqueline M. Smith Michael K. Smith ]utta V. Soeder" Sarah B. Sigeti

LatOnya C. Burroughs

Carissa L. Angelo

Eugene II. Busch

Penelope S. Appenzellar Sarah E. Aquilina Tara D. Armstrong Terrance R. Arthur Carrie A. Ashcroft Kathryn N. Astran•" Christine A. Augustyniakn

Cynthia A. Cadwallader

Michael]. Calandra Mauhew J. Calhoun

Thomas F.llerr' Michael J. Hilliker Kristy L. llolm" Peter R. Hornbeck

B. Campbell

Kennette M. Carlson'"

James E. Donn

Ronald E. Carr Belinda Carroll· · jenny L. Carter

Mark N. Donohue Sara J. Dorman Stephanie A. Doty

Erica K. Horne

Mario E. Avila Leyah B. Aylay

jennifer A. Huber·


Paul L. Schaefer** Rebecca L. Schieffelin jason D. Schlesinger Ryan T. Schlotterbeck'' Kevin). Schmelzer ClaudineS. Schmitz Alan M. Schneider BonnieR. Schneider Brandy M. Schnell Michael P. Schuler Heather F. Schweitzer FrankiS. Scibetta Tina M. Scibetta Elizabeth M. Scibilia Dana R. Schultz'

Gregory P. Klein y Kenneth R. Kloss

Dina A. McGowan Alexa C. McGrogan Elizabeth L. McGuiree Laurie E. McGuire Patrice M. McKenna Dennis M. McNamara Patrick W. McParlane Randall N. McPhee jessica A. Mecklenburg Eric R. McNeil Mandy M. Metzinger Keith P. •'vleyers•• Alecia E. Michaels' Audrey L. Miller Jason M. Miller Susan A. Moloney SamuelC. Monaco joseph Monds Taryn A. Moore David W. Mordue jennifer j. Morris Sandra j. Mortellaro Cymhia L. Mroz'** jeanette D. Muck james P. Murphy Jr. jaclyn M. Mussehl* Jessica L. Musser Leeann Muszynski jessica L. Myrick joseph). Najuch David ). Nannen Eiad E. Muslch Michael E. Neeson Tammy L. Nellist Paula D. Newbury jane K. Nguyen Oanh H. Nguyen Robert j. Nice Vonetla L. Nix Ida R. Norton» Cristie M. Nowinski Eleanor R. Nuttle Phyllis K. O'Byrne Suzette M. Olhoeft Shannon E. Ormond Leroy II. Oswald Ill Rodney A. Owlett• Christopher Oxner Daniel). Oyler Randi L. Page Renona K. Page Sanchia S. Palmer Stacey L. Parisi Traci M. Parker Robert L. Parkes Kristin). Partis" julie A. Pascarella Tammy L. Pattison jennifer M. Paul Gina R. Parks Phillip j. Pawlukovich.. ' Myrtelle Mehu Lisa A. Meisenburg' Elisabeth M. Metro Lori j. Metzger Mark). Napora Gary j. Natale Jr. PatriciaN. Navarro-Alamo Stacy A. Neale Kevin O'Neill Leshawn A. Oates Michelle N. Odom Princess N. Odonkore Miki Ogata

jeremiah j. Perry Carla M. Persico

Christie L. Hammer William C. Harmon Monika F. Harrington

llridget S. Doyle Paul E. Drexler jennifer N. Droney

Mark L. Kloss

Rebecca A. Pfenninger

Kathleen A. Pfohl

Timothy M. Knight••

Amy C. Dueger

Tia S. Harrison Kelly R. Haskin

Simeon M. Konan

Chitsana A. Phanthavong

llarbara A. Duffett Clifton Durante' Meaghan D. Dwyer Courtney A. Eaton Kevin T. Edwarda Bradley K. Edwards'" Stan M. Emmordino

Lawrence). Kopec'*' RichardT. Kotowski Thomas S. Kozak Jr. joseph K. Krajcer Daniel Krautheimer Aaron T. Krehbiel Gretchen M. Kronbeck Leonard S. Krucenski"'

Erin R. Phillips Paul P. Piazza Jr.

Laurie A. Hasscnbohler

Donald A. Hauser Valerie A. Hays joseph S. Heary'

jeremy C. Pichany**

Richard F. Piza

Martin). Pizur"' Tracy L. Platter* Darren C. Pogue

Regina A. Heidemann Charla L. Heitmann Amy M. Hellman Donna M. Henault Bryan L. Henning Angclika M. Hennings Veronica A. Henry Alison M. Henseler Denise M. Herbert• Lara Heubusch Dean L. Hewson jonathan). Heyd* Dennis L. Hibit Carol M.llickey"'

Matthew j. Englert Cassandra Evans'

Rachel C. Pohl Anne Popovici

Colleen K. Krupski

Jamie F. Evans

Mary C. Kulak'

Kristin M. Prenatt Walter j. Pressley Thomas C. Prica james M. Pulito' Tammy M. Queena Eileen M. Ruderman Michael j. Radomski'"' Diane L. Randano Andrew j. Ranic Marci E. Rapaport Charles E. Reed Jr. Lakita T. Reeves Ashlene G. Regis Nancy L. Reichert Sharon S. Reigle Gary M. Reinhardt Donna F. Renier' Priscilla J. Reyer Priscilla J. Reyer Allison E. Reynolds Daniel C. Reynolds Kerrie A. Rich•• • Charles T. Riley Olga N. Rivera Anthony T. Rizzi Renee M. Robinson Tyonna M. Robinson Timothy Rodemeyer Tracy M. Rodemeyer Melanie Reed Keisha R. Reid Tiffany F. Reider'" james M. Rojek Alfred). Romus Erica T. Rose Gregory Ross Marie E. Roth* Matthew). Roth• Ann I. Rouleau David). Roy Jr. Melissa A. Royster Marie K. Ruda jennifer L. Rusch Barbara M. Russell Rachel E. Ruth'*' Dawn L. Rybariko William A. Ryder Rachel).Saeidi"' Wendy A. Saglimbeni Todd). Salomon Maurice V. Samuel jeffrey j. Sanfilippo Adam L. Savard.. Darren E. Saxon· Mary K. Scafetta Nicole M. Scalzo ' Charles). Scarpace Erin C. Ryan Nelida Sanchez Peter Rodrigo jennifer D. Rodriguez Bernadette L. Roesch

Teresa M. Facklam Shannon A. Fama janeen M. Fanti David M. Farkas

Rashone D. Scott Mark). Scudder

Frank E. Kurzweg William D. Kutis

james P. Kyte•

june R. Seaman-Knoerzer

jason D.Sears

Dawn M. LaMcndolaw

Amber M. Faulkner'*'

KitT. Lam

Shannon M. Seneca Melanie A. Shadle jonathan S. Sharp Christopher). Shaw jocclynn L. Shellum Theresa A.Shepard Ashley E. Sigrist' Erin L. Simmons Kelly L. Sirianni*'*

Chaka N. Felder Marie I. Felicetti

Donald). Lane

Clifford). Larivey*' Molly A. Laubisch Lisa M. Lawniczak Tauron R. Lawrence jeffrey W. Leach Lynn M. Leckey' William P. Lee Catina M. Lehman Martha A. l.ehn •• jennifer A. Lehtonen• Christina E. Lekopites Melissa Lemieux• Michelle L. Lemmo• Todd). Lesswing Michael W. Levey

Katherine L. Feltham" Marya M. Fiacco*"

Kerri j. Higgins

Christine M. Fike Daryl M. Filipiak Kenneth A. Filipski

Cindy A. Hildebrandt··•

D.j. Hill

Donna M. Finkenbinder-Velocci Brian M. Hillman

Lisa j. Hindriks.. Jamie M. Hoeltke Nicholas). Hoerner Thomas C. Hofftnan Patrick j. Holden jr.

jennifer Fioretto

Kathy j . Sitarek Louise A. Slon Nicole Small AmyL. Smith

Lori A. Fitch

Colleen A. Fitzgerald

Yhanihi T. Ford

Douglas P. Formaniak Jr. Heather E. Fralick Dorethea L. Franklin Lisa R. Frederick' Phyllis Frisicaro' joseph Galante Patricia Galettc Sherrie E. Gamble justin L. Garbacz• Pamela D. Gardner Aimee M. Garrett Lynette M. Gehring Michele S. Gembala' Robin). Gentzke••• Christopher C. Gersitz Christina M. Giardina Faith T. Gilliam jessica A. Gioia Gaen E. Glauser jennifer L. Gleed Sarah C. Gohn Vanessa Gonzalez Carrie). Goodman Robert j. Grader•** jeffrey C. Gramza•· jessie Granchelli Kristen M. Grandinetti jason L. Garrett Rebecca M. Garvey EricS. Gasper

Benjamin V. Smith Christopher W. Smith Douglas P. Smith''* jennifer L. Smith Mark R. Smith Melissa K.Smythe Liberty A. Snyder William F. Snyder Christy L. Sokalski Thomas).Sommer john C. Spagnvolo Anne R. Spaulding Christine A. Spencer"' Mark E. Sreniawski' Rimme St. George Christopher St. Vi! George M.Stamoolis Kristy L. Soda Gregory M.Stefanone.. Aron). Stelmach jennifer P.Stergion Melynda C. Stevens Phyllis A. Stevens Adam F. Stevenson Kevin M. Stockmeyer Kara L. Staub Delica L. Steele

Meghan Honan

Brian D. Hondzinski

LaToya N. Hood joseph R. Hoot

joy L. Horbachewski-Cary

Albert E. Lewis jennifer A. Lewis Michele M. Liebel

Elizabeth A. llorner• Nadiyah T. Horner Nicholas A. lloward' Ching-tzu Huang•

judithM. Lipa

Tony C. Liu

john T. Locurcio*'

Paul A. Huff

Cheryl A. Hurd" Cheryl A. Hurd'*

Keith X. Lorenz

David M. Lovullo••• Robert F. Lowery Michelle M. Luba*" Mary B. Ludennan

Sean A. Irwin Claudia lssa

Corey I. Jablonski Ann M. jackson

Thomas Lurz David). Lyman

Ankur Jain

jason). jelsovsky•• Dalone T. jenkins

Charmagne Macey

Nicole Macy

Willie A. joe

Nicholas M. Madelone Justin H. Majewski

jeffrey A. johnson Latasha D. johnson Lena L. johnson Da\'id ). jones' Janelle L. jones•' •

Richard Majewski

Melissa A.Malczewski• Nicole M. Malczewski

joel C. Malley

Kelley F. jones

jillian E. Maloney Carrie A. Mancuso Lila A. Mandzyk Nicole D. Marchese Nancy L. Marinelli Heather D. Marker Joy L. Maroon Regis C. Marrale Megan E.Martin.. Yashica B. Martin Michael R. Mason Melinda R. Massaro Anthony M. Mazur·• Donna E. McCalla Shelly L. McDonnell Regina B. McFadden Sara Matos Twila L. Mayo David J. Marcinkowski'"

Stephen A. jozefczyk Maryellen judasz

Laurie L. Stoll jess A. Stoller

joseph A. julian

jessica j. Stotz*'* jennifer E. Stracick

Karen M. Kaczorowski

james M. Gras• Naima S. Gray Gary V. Grecco

Glenn C. Kaifas

Roxanne L. Strassburg• Michael). Striejewske..

Erin A. Kane

Michael). Karpenko Dawn M. Keating Kelly L. Keiffer Kari L. Kibler·"' Kevin D. Kibler'· Kizzie M. King Debra L. Kinsey'"' Kathryn L. Kinsman" Kerronn S. Kitchen Ryan G. King

Mindy L. Greenauer janeen V. Greene EmmeL. Gregory"'

Mark C. Stykowski Flora M. Suazo Kristen M. Suto Sara E. Swain' Kelly A. Swank Alyson R. Swartz Derrick). Swartz' Sean 1'. Sweeney Katie M. Sylvester Rachel A. Sysman


Melissa L. Gruttaria•

Erica L. Gulas

Terrie A. Guldner Cheri M. Haberly Arthur H. Hackett

Carin L. Hale

Cheryl A. Peacock Christel S. Peacock

jessica M. Klaich• jessica M. Klaich'

Debra A. Haley-Weyer

Chad). Tag

Kelly M. Hamilton


' cum laude " magna cum laude '"' summa cum laude t dual degree

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