Cairo, Egypt


Times Square New York City, New York

As time zones welcome the new millennium on January I, theworld celebrates with grandeur, pageantry and spectacular fireworks. President Clintongives ahopeful speech in the minutes before midnight at the Washington Monument, and 2million people gather inTimes Square to watch the specially built 1,000-pound Waterford crystal ball drop at midnight.

The Eiffel Tower __. Paris, France

~ Space Needle

Seattle, Washington


..!. Fearing thecollapse of the world's banks, utilities ....- and transportation systems, thousands of people stock up on food,water, money, ammunition and generators. After midnight, it soon becomes apparent that the preparations wereunnecessary.

1._ Asurprising number of people, appalledby the ...- exorbitant costs of travel and events, decide to stay home on NewYear's Eve. Many companiesand performers drasticallyslash prices as alast-minute lure.

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