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IMO Certified Carpet Underlay Ideal Carpet Underlay for Installation onboard Cruise Ships at Cabins, Public Areas, Restaurants, Entertainment Areas

Marine Protection Materials

Flame Retardant (FR) Twiinshield Protection Boards Ideal for protection of Panels, Wallcoverings, Bulkheads, Doors, Furniture Vertical and Horizontal Surfaces, Indoor and Outdoor Flooring/Decking • Flame Retardant to LPS 1207 • Manufactured from Corrugated Twin Wall Polypropylene • Tough and Durable Boards • Impact and Chemical Resistant • Non-toxic & waterproof properties • Simple and Fast Installation: Straight, Curved or Creased • Reusable to more than one drydock

Cloud-9 FR6 IMO Carpet Underlay Thickness: 6mm Roll Size: 1.37m x 11 Run.M. = 15.07m2/roll Top Surface: Printed Corona Treated Polymer Film Bottom Surface: Corona Treated Polymer Film Core Density: 160 Kg/m2

Product Density: 167 Kg/m2 Impact Sound Index: 28 dB Thermal Resistance: 1.8 Tog Certification: IMO Certified


Board Size

2 mm sheets

3 mm sheets 4 mm sheets

2400x1200 mm

Available upon request at thickness of 4mm & 8mm

IMO Certified Carpet Protection Film Ideal for protection of Cabins, Corridors, Public Areas, Staircases, Open Spaces • Wheelmark IMO Certified • Manufactured from Heavy Duty Polythene Film • Special Studied Tack Adhesive Backing • Embossed Surface to enhance with antislip properties • Easy Installation

CAST-IRON IMO Carpet Underlay Thickness: 6mm Roll Size: 1.37m x 11 Run.M. = 15.07m2/roll Top Surface: FR Spun Bonded polypropylene Bottom Surface: Thermoplastic Film Core Density: 140 Kg/m2

Product Density: 151 Kg/m2 Impact Sound Index: 32 dB Thermal Resistance: 1.4 Tog Certification: IMO Certified


Roll Size

IMO Carpet Film

1200 mm x100 m

Official Distributor:

IMO Carpet Film

800 mm x 100 m

Official Distributor:

IMO Carpet Film

600 mm x 100 m


600mm or 800 -1200mm universal

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