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ing else than a machination, a malign spell, of the Prince of Darkness. “We state-the grave fact,” says a collective utterance of German pastors (1908), “that in the late [Tongues’] move­ ment in Cassel and other places, well- known Christians.have got a gift of prophecy and tongues that was not from the Holy Ghost. We must say that we missed in a highly deplorable measure the trying of the spirits, as the Word of God orders ; and we con­ fess this deficiency as guilt and blame falling on us, as on wide spheres of the Christian Church.” Out of this solitary neglect, culpable and inex­ plicable, have sprung Montanism, the Camisards, Irvingism, Spiritualism, and the modern Tongues’ Movement: OUT OF IT ALSO IS TO SPRING THE g r ea t A p o s t a s y . “The Spirit saith expressly that in later times some shall fall away from the faith, giving heed to seducing spirits” (1 Tim. 4:1). “Beloved, pr ov e t h e s p ir it s ” (1 John 4:1) : “despise not prophesyings; pr ov e a l l T h in g s ” (1 Thess. 5:19).

C h r is t ia n h a s a n y r ig h t t o h a r ­ b o u r THE SUPERNATURAL, OR A SPIRIT FROM, ANOTHER WORLD, UNLESS AND UNTIL IT HAS SOLEMNLY AND SUCCESS­ FULLY PASSED THESE TESTS OF GOD. The Holy Ghost gave the tests; He therefore Will not resent their reverent application; that they should be ap­ plied is His own command: when He comes—or a good spirit or angel suf­ fered by Him—He will point to His own tests: therefore a spirit which evades them is from the Pit. An un­ tested spirit must be shunned and banned at all costs. “It is of the last importance,” in the words of Mr. G. H. Pember, “that the full meaning of this declaration (1 Cor. 12:1-3) should be understood by the believers of our days. For again demoniacal manifestations are multiplying among us, and that with a subtlety, sufficient to deceive any­ one who neglects to apply the pre­ scribed tests.” The failure, or obsti­ nate refusal, to use the tests, care­ fully and solemnly, can itself be noth­

“The Souls that Believe” Q » J. GAMBOLD.

The souls that believe In paradise live; And me’ in that number will Jesus receive; My soul, don’t delay, He' calls thee away; Rise, follow thy Saviour and bless the glad day. No mortal doth know What he can bestow, What light, strength and comfort; go, follow him, go. Perhaps, with the aim To honor His name, I may do some service, poor dust tho’ I am. And when I ’m to die, Receive me, I’ll cry, For Jesus hath lov’d me, I cannot tell why.

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