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lated, loses none of its power. That livings Word of God, which is now translated into about four hundred languages, is converting men, en­ lightening souls, comforting the sad, awaking the dead, healing the sick. Once more, I would suggest earnest prayer that the Church may know what it is to have “living” messengers. It is no use men and women going out to the mission field if they are not alive in Christ Jesus. “Because I live,” said Christ, “ye shall live also,” and it is only when we are in constant and close touch with Him that our life is sustained. We want, therefore, to pray more A HEAVY air makes a heavy ear Christians are trustees of the Gospel. God Urges but He never coerces; He woos, b u t He n ev e r forces. Ignorance of spiritual realities is due not to man’s inefficiency but to his unregenerate nature. The real test of a sermon is what it makes you say, what it makes you be­ lieve, what it makes you do. God is Good Will, but our wills may stand in the way of His Bless­ ing us as He wishes. Doubt your doubts and believe your beliefs, but never believe your doubts nor doubt your beliefs. . Most of us are worse than we seem to be. It would be impossible to tell the truth about sin and its awfulness in the sight of God. God’s restraint is as deep and as great as His being and His power. He never breaks down or breaks through the human will. He re­ spects our individuality.

for a fuller reception of the living Lord in the Church; for a vision of Christ as our ruling, mighty King, to whom all authority has been given; and we want to know more of the power of the Word in our experience in dealing with souls. Those who have to carry that Word must be “live” men and women, full of the Holy Ghost. Let us pray that this may come more and more in our Mis­ sionary Societies and throughout the whole Church. The troubles and anxieties and sorrows which meet us in a great deal of our Christian work would all pass away if we got these three facts impressed upon the Chris­ tian conscience of England. Let us never think that we can for­ mulate divisions that are big enough to cover the bigness of Christ. The Word of God is not a Dead Sea in the man of God, but a living fountain that cannot be suppressed. It is safer to pray to Christ than to the Virgin Mary. Mary at one time lost the Christ for three days, and how do we know that it won’t take her three days to find Him now ? Revelation is the illumination of the mind by the Spirit of God. In­ spiration is the guidance of the Holy Spirit in writing down the revela­ tion, or in writing a compilation of records. “The power that worketh in us” is the power of Jesus Christ’s life. It. is not a mere figure of speech. As truly as my life shows the character that is behind it, so truly is the life of Jesus Christ in every one who knows Jesus Christ. In the impar- tation of life, Jesus Christ gives spiritual understanding.

Grains of Wheat Picked Up at the Bible Institute of Los Angeles By JENNIE M. DAY

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