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6:10, 18); by-the Word of God (Joshua 1:7) ; by exercising it '(Ps. 84:7) ; by con­ secrating yourselves to Christ’s service (Isa. 42:1). To get the power of Niagara men cut the channel (the race) to open the way, that is like consecration; they put in the turbine (the wheel) to be turned and in turn to turn the dynamo, that is like yielding the will to be moved, that it may move the powers of our whole being. With­ out fulfilling these conditions there can be no power for a city, or for a soul. Prayer is a great source of power, for it is said, “Prayer moves the Arm that moves the world.” Faith is. a great power, for Jesus said, “All things are possible to him that believeth” (Mark 9 :23). Read 1 Chron­ icles f i :-25, the stories of David’s mighty men, types of the soldiers of faith and Christ.. Sunday, November 9. Foreign-Born Americans—1 Kings 8:43. 1. Foreign-Born Americans. Four hun­ dred years ago all Americans but Indians were foreign-born. Recollecting this, Amer­ icans should keep open doors to all worthy foreigners who, like our fathers, seek a land of greater freedom and opportunity. About fourteen in one hundred of our pop­ ulation are foreign-born, or, immigrants. The earlier immigrants to America were mostly from the British islands and North­ ern Europe and were Protestant, now non- Protestant, even from heathen peoples. Ignorant, superstitious, with wrong ideas of liberty they must be Christianized and educated, or be a constant menace to our peace. But they must become to us a source of strength, wealth, and pride. They- are what we would have been but for God’s grace, and may be what we are by the same grace, through our ministry. 2. Their Condition. The mass are poor, live in crowded factory and mining towns, cities and construction camps. By their industry they are helping', to improve and enrich our country. We can study them in the Mexican, Slavic, Hindoo and Chinese Concluded on page 498

to meet him was told that if he saw a fine looking old gentleman helping someone it would be Sir Bartle. And so it was that he found him helping a woman with lug- gagd and little ones. 5. Facts About Kindness. It can be shown by anyone, for it cbsts nothing; but .where it costs it pays. It can be shown to anyone, for everyone needs and responds to it. It can be shown in looks, tones, words,' deeds. One is almost sure to get kindness for kindness. 6. Scripture Texts. 2 Peter 1:7; Gala­ tians 5:13; Colossians 3:10; Romans 12: 10; 2 Corinthians 6 :4-8; Luke 6 :31. Sunday, November 2. How Can We Become Strong Christians?—Eph. 6:10. CONSECRATION MEETING. 1. Strength. We all know what it is to be physically strong, to endure, to bear and lift, to resist and fight. Spiritual strength is seen in enduring temptation; standing fast in our Christian profession; in self-denial for the right, for the sake of others, in striving for the good and true. Spiritual strength is far mightier than phys­ ical. All the power of kings and popes failed to crush the will of the martyrs of Jesus, and small girls and boys have stood against all their might true to Jesus. Spir­ itual strength is described in Scripture as being “strong in faith” (Rom. 4:20; Heb. 11:34); “strong in the grace” (2 Tim. 2 :1) ; "strong in spirit” (Luke 2 :40) ; “strong in the Lord” (Eph. 6:10)'. The leader should have all these texts searched out. 2. Source of Strength. All power is from God (Ps. 62:11). The Niagara is a great source of power and Buffalo a city twenty miles away receives its electric power and light from that source unseen and far away. God is the source of spir­ itual power. Jesus said, “Without Me ye can do nothing (John 15 :5) ; and Paul de­ clared, “I can do all .things through Christ which strengthened me” (Phil. 4:13). 3. How May We Obtain Strength? By faith (Heb. 11:34) ; by praying for it (Eph.

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