King's Business - 1913-10

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w b re . ¡If they had lost that powerful arm *.htw woujd have fallen, into unfortunate fortune in those places,,•I know many mis­ sionaries had died in uncivilized parts for sake of their faith but I mean if they ha4 lost the kindness in their minds they must have died much more.” On the steamship The Empress of Korea was a returning missionary. He coughed a' good deal, but was very cheerful about it. “It’s nothing much,” he said. “I have a touch of tuberculosis; I had been fight­ ing smallpox, diphtheria, 'leprosy, and tu­ berculosis was all about us. I think I should have resisted it but for one case. It was an operative case, and the anes­ thetic went bad, and the patient coughed in my face. I could not stop to take care of myself ; I went ahead with' the opera­ tion. Oh, yes, he got well, and is a use­ ful mart. And I shall get well again. I shall go back of course. Nothing could keep me from it. Why, I make the lame walk, and cause the blind to see. And best Of all, I help them to a new hope and a new life.” Now, as then, He hath done all things: well, for it is His spirit that Still prompts to such service. One hundred years ago only about one college student in ten professed faith in Christ, even in this Christian country. To­ day about 50 për cent of all college stu­ dents are professed Christians. A hun­ dred years ago college students thought less about Christian missions than they did about the climate of Mars, or the rings of .Saturn. Today the Student Volunteer Movement enlists hundreds of bright, well- trained, educated young men and women for the missionary field. Yale University, through its students and alumni, is raising $200,000 for the equipment of a mission in Chang Sha, China, and other great educa­ tional institutions are giving like heed to the missionary cause. The Christianization of the world, by preaching, and teaching, and living the Gospel, is now a world prob­ lem, and sane men are everywhere giving heed to it.:— Miss. Rev.

Dr, Len iG. Broughton, of Atlanta, Ga., in an address at Northfield, gave an ac­ count of the vision he had of a- Christian hospital connected with his church work, then the vision of connecting by telephone every bed with the church pulpit, so that he might preach to every patient in the hospital. Since the opening of the work, when they found two sisters in a garret, punctured with morphine -needles from head to heel, and whom no hospital would take, they have developed their Christian hospital marvelously. They now have a building of their own, with seventy-five beds, and medical and' surgical- *depart- ments. In the nurses’ training school the Bible training is as earnestly insisted upon as any other branch. No nurse is allowed to enter who is not a Christian, and she must be taught to do Christian work among the sick. The result is, “souls are con­ stantly saved upon our sick beds.” Every number of Association Men gives ,us a page or more of building notes Which tell of movements for doing great things for the association. And here comes the announcement of a gift of $500,000 for the central branch of the association in Brook­ lyn! With it is to be erected the largest, best equipped, most up-to-date building in the world, with accommodations for more than 500 young men, in a new and most desirable location. The gift involves the securing of a somewhat smaller sum for purchase of ground. It is said to be the largest gift ever made to a single branch. The donor is Mrs. William Van Rens­ selaer Smith, a member of First Presby­ terian Church, Brooklyn, of which Dr. U Mason Clarke is pastor, and there is in it a new revelation of mother love, for it commemorates her son and carries out part of his own wish in helping young men. The splendid gift was made through the general secretary of the Brooklyn associa­ tion, John W. Cook, an elder in Lafayette Avenue Church .—The Continent. A new town has been opened to the mis­ sionaries by the extension of a Phillipine railroad. This is Bay, on the southern

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