King's Business - 1913-10

The Bible Institute of Los Angeles


Farewell to the Missionaries. Berean Hall was filled to overflowing at the farewell meeting of the outgoing mis­ sionaries—Mr. and Mrs. Hannay, Harry Herdman and Hugh Walace, who .go out to British East Africa under the Africa Inland Mission. Some seven hundred peaple gave thoughtful attention to the stirring .words with which these friends told of God’s call and their joy in responding. There was a buoyancy and uplift in the messages which made a pro­ found impression upon the people. We believe that there were decisions that night that will result in .additions to the mission­ ary force upon the needy fields. We be­ lieve that the outgoing of these splendid Christian workers marks another epoch in the history of the work among the young people in the State and that it is the be­ ginning of a great missionary movement in California. Let us follow these beloved friends with our prayers. Arrangements have been made for the issuance of letters from the field, and those desiring the same can receive them by notifying Mr. Harry Seelig, Bible Institute of Les Angeles, Aud­ itorium Building.

There is no vacation in the work of the Institute. The services in the shops, among the Spanish people, on the street and in the Mission have gone along as usual. Three of our male quartette, Messrs. Hu- ling, Hill and Hampton, held a series of meetings in San Diego which resulted in the conversion of a large number of young people and in the quickening of the life of many -others. Messrs. Zimmerman, Vaus, Anderson and Morgan held tent meetings in Placerville, one of the most difficult fields in the State, and had the joy of seeing a number of people confess Christ as Saviour. Among them were three very old men. They were also greatly blessed in services, in Santa Cruz and Oakland. The Yokefellow’s work goes forward, under Mr. Mullen and his helpers, on Los Angeles street, indoors and out. Summer aver­ age for the Sunday school, forty-five. Others of our workers have been busy giv­ ing the Gospel. Mr. Roberts has been supplying Mr. Zimmerman’s place in the work among the seamen. Scores have been dealt with personally, for all of which we give praise to the Lord.

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