King's Business - 1913-10

A Wonderful Bible for the English Speaking World W ITH MANY NEW AND STRIKING FEATURES THE ==- ■ SCOFIELD REFERENCE BIBLE With a New System of Connected Topical References to all the Greater Themes of Scripture, with Annotations, Revised Marginal Renderings, Summaries, Definitions and Index. TO WHICH ARE ADDED Helps at Hard Places, Explanations of Seeming Discrepancies, and a New System of Paragraphs, with Twelve Colored Maps and Index to Maps. The Ideal Bible for Pastors, Sunday School Teachers and Christian Workers. The Ideal Home Bible: Answers the Children’s Questions. Edited by Rev. C. h SCOFIELD, D.D. CONSULTING EDITORS : Rev. Henry G. Weston, D.D., LL.D. Late President Crozer Theological Seminary Rev. James M. Gray, D.D. Dean of the Moody Bible Institute of Chicago Rev. William J. Erdman, D.D. Author “The Gospel of John,” etc., etc. Rev. Prof. W. G. Moorehead, D.D. Prof, of Xenia Theological i Seminary Rev. Elmore? G. Harris, D.D. Late President Toronto Bible Institute Arno C. Gaebelein, Author “Harmony of Prophetic Word” Rev. Arthur. T. Pierson, D.D. Author, Editor, Teacher 2. Chain references, with final summaries, cover all the great topics of Scripture. 3. Every book has an introduction and analysis, thus facilitating book study—the true method of Bible study. 4. Helps at the hard places. 6. Apparent contradictions reconciled and explained. 6. The types are explained and illustrated by N. T. references. 7. The greater covenants are analyzed and explained. All scriptures gather around these covenants. 8. The prophecies are harmonized, thus becoming self-explanatory. 9. The text is the Authorized, or King James Version, with emendations in the margin where needed. 10. Type: black-faced, imported Clarendon. 11. Paper: the famous Oxford White and India Papers. 12. Binding: eight styles. Prices, $2.00 to $10.00. The Ideal Bible for Pastors, Sunday School Teachers and Christian Workers The Ideal Home Bible: Answers the Children’s Questions. WE MAKE A SPECIALTY OF THE SCOFIELD BIBLE Ask for Catalogue giving further particulars as to styles of binding, etc. Address Bible Institute of Los Angeles Auditorium Building FEATURES OF THE SCOFIELD REFERENCE BIBLE 1. All the great words of Scripture are clearly defined.

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