King's Business - 1913-10

Bible Institute of Los Angeles DR. R. A. TORREY, Dean Trains Men and Women for all kinds of Christian Service, as pastors, pastor’s assistants, evangelists, evangelistic singers, Foreign and Home missionaries, Sunday School and Endeavor workers. T h e School gives in a two years’ course a thorough, p ractical working know ledg e of th e w ho le Bible. T h e course includes th e study of th e Bible as books, giving their historical setting an d p re sen t d a y a p p lic a tio n ; a careful study of every ch ap te r of th e B ib le ; a tho rough inductive Biblical study of every doctrine taugh t in th e B ib le ; a study of th e Life of C h ris t; th e life and w ritings of th e A po stle P a u l; a study of how to construct an d deliver ser­ mons, Bible readings, Bible lessons, etc., a study of th e history a n d w o rk of th e S unday S ch o o ls; a study of th e Bible to know h ow to use it in dealing w ith individuals; a study of C hurch h is to ry ; a study of bo th hom e an d for­ eign missions, past, p re sen t an d p ro s p e c tiv e ; a careful study of all form s of aggressive Christian service; a study of G ospel music from every standpo in t. T h e cou rse is th o ro u g h an d th e exam inations rigid. L ocated in th e fastest grow ing city, w ith th e b e st all-the-year-round clim ate in the w o rld , th e Bible Institute of Los Angeles offers th e greatest possible o ppo rtun ity fo r bo th practical an d theoretical training. T h e te a ch ­ ing force is h e a d e d by D r. Torrey, w h ich in su res th a t it is safe, sane an d doctrinally sound. W rite f o r prospectus and applica tion blank. Tu ition free. Address T. C. HORTON, Superintendent, Bible Institute of Los Angeles.

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