DeepSea Obfuscator 2009


DeepSea Obfuscator 2009

DeepSea Obfuscator 2009 will now create a project file ( .dsoproj ) for you which you can open later on. 2.6 Reading obfuscated stack traces If an exception occurs in your obfuscated program, the stack trace contains obfuscated type and method names. To make these stack traces readable, DeepSea Obfuscator 2009 generates a map file ( . dsomap ).

To de-obfuscate a given stack trace, do the following:

Click on the map file to open it. The Stacktrace de-obfuscator dialog appears.

Now paste the obfuscated stack trace in the top part of the dialog. The de-obfuscated stack trace will appear in the bottom part of the dialog.

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