DeepSea Obfuscator 2009

Obfuscation Reference 23

Obfuscation(Feature="rename /namespace: [/strict:true|false]", Exclude Obfuscation(Feature="rename /type:", Exclude=true|false)

Abbreviated format

Obfuscation(Feature="rename /n: [/s:true|false]", Exclude=true|false) Obfuscation(Feature="rename /t:", Exclude=true|false) Since “rename" is the default feature for all usages except assembly usage, you can also specify this as: Obfuscation(Exclude=true|false) Obfuscation(Feature="default", Exclude=true|false)

Other attribute properties


If true, the element is not renamed. If false, the element is renamed.


If true, this rename rule is also applied to members of the element. If false, this rename rule is not applied to members of the element.


All (without arguments) Assembly (with /type or /namespace argument)

4.1.3 Encrypt strings feature Instruct the obfuscator to include or exclude elements from the string encryption process. The string encryption process converts readable strings in the code to encoded strings that are decoded at runtime.


Obfuscation(Feature="encrypt-strings", Exclude=true|false) Obfuscation(Feature="encrypt-strings /namespace: [/strict:true|false]", Obfuscation(Feature="encrypt-strings /type:", Exclude=true|false)

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