DeepSea Obfuscator 2009

Obfuscation Reference 25

Obfuscation(Feature="control-flow /t:", Exclude=true|false)


The following attribute will prevent all control flow obfuscation in the entire assembly. [assembly:Obfuscation(Feature="control-flow", Exclude=true)]

Other attribute properties


If true, code in the assembly is not obfuscated. If false, code in the assembly is obfuscated. If true, this control-flow rule is also applied to members of the element. If false, this control-flow rule is not applied to members of the element.



All (without arguments) Assembly (with /type or /namespace argument)

4.1.5 Cleanup feature

Instruct the obfuscator to include or exclude elements in the cleanup process. The cleanup process removes all un-referenced types and member.


Obfuscation(Feature="cleanup", Exclude=true|false) Obfuscation(Feature="cleanup /namespace: [/strict:true|false]", Exclud Obfuscation(Feature="cleanup /type:", Exclude=true|false)

Abbreviated format

Obfuscation(Feature="cleanup /n: [/s:true|false]", Exclude=true|false) Obfuscation(Feature="cleanup /t:", Exclude=true|false)

Other attribute properties

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