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Obfuscation Reference 31




Assembly 4.1.13 Disabling features

All features that are default on can be disabled completely. If disabled the feature will be skipped during obfuscation. This means that even if you do specify an attribute elsewhere to include the feature, that attribute will be ignored.


Obfuscation(Feature="disable-rename") Obfuscation(Feature="disable-encrypt-strings") Obfuscation(Feature="disable-control-flow") Obfuscation(Feature="disable-cleanup") Obfuscation(Feature="disable-optimize") Obfuscation(Feature="disable-make-internal") Obfuscation(Feature="disable-seal")


Assembly 4.1.14 Common feature arguments

The following feature arguments are commonly used. Argument Description /namespace:

Applies a feature to all type and members in the specified namespace and it's child namespaces. Applies a feature to the specified type and its members. If set to true the feature is only applies to types and members in the exactly specified namespace. The feature is not applies to child namespaces.



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