DeepSea Obfuscator 2009


DeepSea Obfuscator 2009

4.2 ObfuscateAssemblyAttribute

This attribute is used specify private assemblies. Private assemblies are obfuscation entirely (even elements visible outside the assembly).





4.3 Obfuscation in Silverlight or .NET 1.1 The two standard obfuscation attributes (Obfuscation and ObfuscateAssembly) are introduced in the Microsoft .NET framework version 2.0. However they are not available in Silverlight and .NET 1.1. Since DeepSea Obfuscator 2009 relies heavily on these attributes, DeepSea Obfuscator 2009 comes with replacements for these attribute for use in these frameworks. These replacements are located in the Attributes folder in in DeepSea Obfuscator 2009 program files folder. You can freely use these replacements. 4.4 Smart Protection DeepSea Obfuscator 2009 uses several attributes and elements to prevent common obfuscation problems. This is called Smart Protection. The set of Smart Protection rules is expanded with each release of DeepSea Obfuscator 2009.

The set of rules include:

Application settings

Application settings protection prevents renaming of all properties with an ApplicationScopedSetting or UserScopeSetting attribute (in the System. Configuration namespace)


Serialization protection rules prevent renaming of Serializable types and members. It also prevents renaming of private implementations of IEnumerable.GetEnumerator.

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